Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 967

Volume 1 Chapter 967 Enemy's Turf

After they leveled up to level 2, they decided to take a break.

"Fuh... I want to eat, but it hasn't been 10 minutes in reality," Tabane said. She touched her stomach and could understand why a lot of gamers could get fat somehow, especially in this "brain burst" game when 1 second on reality was 17 minutes on "brain burst".

Haru was wondering whether it was possible to upgrade his "Time and Teleport application Group Chat" similar to the "brain burst" so he could increase the time difference in each world.

'Well, it might be possible...'

Haru knew that it was possible, but he knew that it needed a lot of points for him to do that.

"Say, what are you going to do with the bonus points you've received after you level up?" Charlotte asked.

Each level up grants the Avatar a higher maximum HP and gives them a choice of what Level Up Bonus they would like to choose.

Level Up Bonuses can also be used to acquire new Ability, Special Moves, Enhanced Armaments, or somehow powering up those three.

"Hmm, I'll strengthen my magnet manipulation ability."

Sumire looked at them and said, "It might be possible for me to fly using my magnet manipulation."

"Fly?" 3x

"Yeah, I'll stand on the top of the iron plate and elevate it. Then I can float and move around in the sky without trouble."

Sumire knew that there were a lot of things which could be done with her ability and she couldn't wait to level up as soon as possible.

"I'll also strengthen my "Terrain Change" too and I also want to develop a new ability!" Tabane said.

As stated before, abilities can be gained either through level-up bonuses or in the midst of battle. However, it is extremely hard for a Duel Avatar to pull off the latter.

They knew from the information of the story which they had read before they entered the quest, the main character was able to acquire a flying ability by "enduring great suffering". But they knew that wasn't the only way, there was another method such as imagination. They knew as long as their imagination was strong enough, it was possible to gain more abilities.

"What kind of ability?" Haru asked.

"Air Jump! I'm a bunny and of course, I want to jump in the air!" Tabane said, however, she suddenly felt that it would be interesting for all of them to be able to move or fly in the sky, but she wouldn't say it now.

Haru thought that Tabane would be even more powerful if she was able to learn that "air jump" ability.

"I'll do the same. I feel the drones on my back should have the ability to help me fly," Charlotte said. She wasn't lying since she indeed felt that was the case. She felt that she could develop an ability that enabled her to fly.

"How about you Haru?" Sumire asked.

"Me? I'll get a "Shape Change" ability. Even though my stingray shape is good, I also want to have a humanoid shape." Haru felt that his stingray shape had too many disadvantages rather than advantages.

"You're not going to fly?" Tabane asked.

"It doesn't matter whether I can fly or not, I can swim," Haru said.


Haru's answer made them sigh, even if Haru couldn't fly, but this guy was able to swim on any terrain as long as he wanted with his ability.

"We need to raise our level to level 4 quickly before we start school then," Charlotte said.

They nodded and agreed. They had a week and it should be enough time for them to raise their level to level 4 since everything had only begun when they had reached level 4.

"So what are we going to do after this? I don't want to play a game today," Tabane said.

"I'll go sleep," Sumire said and yawned.

"I'm going to do research on "Neuro Linker"," Charlotte said.

Sumire couldn't take a wink of sleep when she was in her original world and that was why she was very thankful when she was chosen for this quest since she was able to sleep as much as she wanted.

Charlotte was also happy to do this quest since she could learn more about the virtual world. She thought that she should make an appointment with a famous professor at the university. She felt that her idea was really good.

"How about you Haru?" Tabane asked.

"Hmm... do you want to accompany me to buy a vehicle?" Haru asked since he had a feeling that this girl wanted to go out.

"Yay~~ I want to go!" Tabane jumped up happily since she was bored staying at home.

"Right, can you help me to make an appointment with the professor who is good at virtual reality?" Charlotte asked.

Haru nodded and said, "Alright, I'll make that appointment." He was also curious and wanted to meet the professor who had developed "Virtual Reality". He was also wondering whether he would be able to meet "Kirigaya Kazuto" in this world, even though he knew that the chance was very limited.

"Let's go, Haru!"

Tabane pulled Haru's hand and took him outside.

"Alright, alright, don't be hasty."

Sumire and Charlotte looked at Tabane then looked at each other. They had a feeling that something might happen between the two of them.


Today was Sunday, it wasn't that strange for 13-years-old children to go out without going to school since today was a holiday.

Haru who came out from his condo didn't see Haruyuki and wondered what that guy was doing now.

"What kind of vehicle do you want to buy? And is it alright for us to buy it?" Tabane asked since she wasn't sure whether it was possible for them to buy it when they were in their teens.

Haru nodded and said, "All of the vehicles in this world have been using a new Auto-Drive system and which means, it is very hard for it to have an accident or simply impossible unless there is a human error such a driver so it is possible for us to buy a vehicle."

"Hmm... that's true..." Tabane said while checking the data about the new Auto-Drive system on her "Neuro Linker".

Haru really felt that the future of his world would be quite similar to this world. He was wondering how the movie theatre was in this world since, in his original world, he owned the largest movie theatre chain in the entire world. He knew that the movie theatre business wouldn't go down since the experience which was given by the movie theatre was different from watching a movie on television in front of a computer screen.

Haru talked about this matter and Tabane was happy since she thought that it was similar to a date.

Then they decided to buy a motorbike, watched a movie, then went to a cafe. It was a very normal date, but Tabane was happy since for her normal was expensive in her world, especially when she was known as the creator of IS. There were a lot of people who wanted to get her head, even though all those people knew that it was impossible.

"Hurry up, Haru!!"

"Yes, yes."

Haru didn't know what this girl was thinking, but he could tell that this girl was very happy.


Spending their entire days buying a motorbike, watching a movie, then lastly, going to the cafe, etc.

Haru thought that there would be a hovercar or hoverbike, but it seemed that type of vehicle would only appear a few decades in the future. Even though the hover vehicle was good, it took a lot of fuel and once that kind of vehicle became popular, the tire company would go bankrupt.

Haru bought a black motorbike with a futuristic design and the transaction process was very fast. Tabane sat down on his back and hugged his waist tightly. He sighed when he thought about the development of Tabane's body. Even though Tabane was only 13 years old, her bust was very large. Thinking about Houki who was in the world of IS, he felt that the genes of the two sisters were very good.

"Faster, Haru! Faster!"


Ignoring Tabane's voice, Haru went to the Strawberry Palace cafe which was located in Nerima ward which was only one ward away from Suginami.

Entering the cafe, they could see a lot of beautiful maids who greeted them and guided them to their table.

The appearance of Haru and Tabane attracted a lot of people since both of their appearances were very handsome and beautiful.

"I want a special cheesecake!" Tabane said while raising her hand.

"One coffee jelly for me."

When Haru ordered a coffee jelly, he suddenly remembered the main character with very strong ESP ability.

"One special cheesecake and one coffee jelly." The maid bowed her head and said, "Please wait for a while." She left them and prepared their order quickly, but didn't forget to glance at Haru since this guy was too handsome, right?

Tabane looked around and whispered, "Haru, this place is Prominence's turf, right?"

Prominence, also known as the Red Legion, was a Legion founded by the first Red King, Red Rider, and formerly led by the second Red King, Scarlet Rain.


Haru also realized it and knew the maid who served them was also a player.

Tabane smiled and asked, "Do you want to have a battle now?"

Haru smiled and knew how mischievous this girl was, but he didn't hate it. "Alright, let's do it."

Both of them connected their "Neuro Linker" to Global Net and joined a tag match to challenge the group members

"Burst Link!" 2x

They were on the enemy's turf, of course, they were going to challenge them in a fight!