Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 969

Volume 1 Chapter 969 New Ability 2

After Haru had leveled up, he had gotten an ability to change his shape. He had three shapes in total, the first was a stingray shape, the second was a humanoid shape, and the third was a mermaid shape.

This time, he had changed into his humanoid shape.

In this form, he had two legs, but in his lower body, there were two large fins that covered his lower back which was a bit similar to a stingray feature. He also lost his stinger and held that stinger in his hand similar to a rapier.

Haru thought that it was better to hide his "physical permeation" ability since in his opinion, even if he didn't use that ability, he was strong enough.

The sudden change of Ocean Stingray caused both Blood Leopard and Cherry Rook to feel a bit surprised. They hadn't watched Ocean Stingray's fight and thought that his stingray shape was only for a disguise or something.

"Then, I'll face you!"

Cherry Rook looked at Haru while holding his broadsword. Even though his color was red, he was a close-range fighter.

Cherry Rook raised his palm and sent out wire toward Haru.

Haru moved his head to the right slightly to avoid that wire.

But that wire wasn't intended to attack Haru, rather it was to catch the large debris behind him.

Cherry Rook pulled the wire along with the large debris to attack Haru, but Haru started to run toward him.


This action caused Cherry Rook to feel a bit baffled, but he quickly regained his calm and raised his large broadsword.

Haru quickly shortened the distance between the two of them and Cherry Rook slammed that large broadsword at Haru..


The power of that attack was so powerful that it caused the ground to be destroyed and there was a lot of debris that was scattered, but Cherry Rook was in shock since Ocean Stingray had disappeared.

Suddenly Cherry Rook felt something on his back and knew instantly that it was Ocean Stingray. He hurriedly turned to block him, but he was too late.

*Stab!* *Stab!* *Stab!*

Haru used his stinger to stab Cherry Rook several times.


Cherry Rook ignored the pain on his body and slammed his broadsword again, but Haru could easily dodge and kept harassing him with several stabs using his stinger.

Looking at his Special Gauge which had become full, Haru quickly used his special move.


Haru's stinger shone before he stabbed it right into Cherry Rook's solar plexus.


The attack was so powerful that it caused an air shockwave, but that attack wasn't over.

Haru twisted his stinger, adding force to his attack blowing Cherry Rook away.


Cherry Rook was blown away and hit the building behind him. His HP was quickly depleted and 3/4 of the HP had disappeared.


"Cherry Rook!"

Blood Leopard didn't expect Haru to win against Cherry Rook, but the reality was telling otherwise. She could see that Cherry Rook almost lost and Haru didn't even lose his HP during the battle. She knew that she needed to help Cherry Rook or her friend might be in danger!

"Change shape!"

Blood Leopard, who stood up before dropping her four paws to the ground, appeared more like an actual leopard. Half of her HP had been decreased because of Tabane, but it didn't mean she was going to lose against Tabane.

Blood Leopard had decided to help Cherry Rook and after that, she was going to defeat Tabane again.

"Bloodshot Cannon!"

Blood Leopard's special gauge was emptied and she used her special moves. Her special move was very powerful, she fired herself as a projectile, boasting a nearly guaranteed instant kill if she collided with her opponent. She was going to end Ocean Stingray right away when that guy wasn't looking at her, but suddenly...

"Terrain Change!"

The burning area along with the hard concrete suddenly turned into slippery ice.


Blood Leopard who was moving very fast, suddenly slipped and hit the wall of hardened ice.


Blood Leopard's HP was quickly depleted and knew that one more attack she would lose this battle.

"You sure are looking down on me~~"

Tabane said with a cheerful voice and walked toward Blood Leopard who couldn't stand up after Blood Leopard failed to use her special move.

"Yes, it seems that I really underestimated you...." Blood Leopard's tone was very bland, but she felt very bitter since she knew that she had lost.

"Then, goodbye~~"

Tabane raised her feet and stomped Blood Leopard's head.


Blood Leopard's HP was emptied and she lost the match.

Tabane smiled and looked at Haru.

"Stingray, Hurry up!"


Haru heard Tabane's voice and knew that her battle was over. He could feel that the temperature was a bit cold since Tabane had used her "Terrain Change", but he didn't care too much and walked slowly toward Cherry Rook.

Cherry Rook, who watched how Blood Leopard had lost, was surprised, but he didn't want to lose in this battle, especially when he thought about his children.

To become a "burst linker" someone needs to be invited by a player. The person who invites a new player is being called a "parent" then the person who is being invited is being called a "children".

Cherry Rook's child was the famous Red King, Scarlet Rain. He was her parent and he wouldn't lose against a mere level 2!


Cherry Rook roared and slashed down his broadsword, but...

Haru's movement was very swift and he dodged Cherry Rook's attack again before he sent out his counterattack. Raising his stinger, he stabbed it right into Cherry Rook's head and quickly decreased Cherry Rook's HP.

Looking at his HP which kept decreasing, Cherry Rook began to panic even more. He didn't want to lose, however, he couldn't do anything in this situation.


But Haru didn't give him mercy and ended the battle.

Cherry Rook was down and his figure disintegrated after he had lost the battle.

[The match is over! Ocean Stingray and Sunset Lop win!]

Haru sighed and said, "Don't you think that we have bullied a group of children?"

"Well, this is only a game. You don't need to think too much. Anyway, we have won, yay~~"

Tabane hugged Haru and buried her head in his chest. She couldn't do this action before since he was in stingray form, but this time, she could do it since his form had changed into a humanoid figure.

Haru patted Tabane's head and said, "Let's go back."



Haru and Tabane returned to the cafe as if nothing had happened.

Mihaya brought their cakes before looking at Haru and Tabane for a while.

"Is there anything else?" Haru asked.

"Nothing. Please enjoy your cake," Mihaya said and bowed her head before leaving them.

It was impossible to know the real identity of the player unless that player told his/her real identity in reality.

Mihaya had a feeling that both Ocean Stingray and Sunset Lop were both Haru and Tabane, but she wasn't sure and she felt that it was too rude to accuse the guests of the cafe as her opponents before. She sighed when she thought about why she had lost and decided to perform better next time.

'Ocean Stingray and Sunset Lop, I'll win next time.'

Haru and Tabane didn't know what Mihaya was thinking and they didn't care too much either.

"Hmm! It's delicious~~"

Tabane held her cheek while eating her cheesecake. Looking at Haru's coffee jelly, she smiled and asked, "Haru, I want yours!" She opened her mouth and waited for him to feed her.


"What is it?" Haru was speechless.

"Feed me! Aahh..."





Tabane glared at Haru since she felt tired from opening her mouth for a long time.

Haru sighed and fed Tabane his coffee jelly. If he didn't know that this woman was an a.d.u.l.t then he would really think that this woman was a kid.

"Is it good?" Haru asked.



Mihaya looked at the interaction between Haru and Tabane and somehow she felt quite jealous.

'Having a boyfriend is good....'