Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 970

Volume 1 Chapter 970 Target And Learning In This World


Everyone in the Prominence was in shock when they heard Mihaya's story. They knew about "Four Beasts" who were the best new players in the Suganami ward, but they didn't expect them to come to Nerima ward.

"This is a provocation! Damn! We have to have revenge!"

The Red King, Scarlet Rain, was very angry when she learned both Blood Leopard and Cherry Rook had lost against both Ocean Stingray and Sunset Lop.

Everyone nodded and felt the same as their King since they were very angry when their members had been defeated right in their territories.

Both Ocean Stingray and Sunset Lop entered their territories then defeated their members without caring about the non-aggression pact.

The non-aggression pact is a pact that is created by Six Kings of Pure Color with the purpose of stopping the fighting between them and claiming a part of the land as their Legion territory.

Usually, no one would dare to attack a member of Legion of the Six Kings of Pure Color, but this time, someone dared to do it.

This was an open provocation for this non-aggression pact along with the Red King since the players who were defeated were part of Prominence.

"Leopard, can they really defeat you?" Thistle Porcupine asked.

In the Prominence Legion, there were three Legion Submasters who was known as Triplex. They were known as Blood Leopard, Thistle Porcupine, and Cassis Mouse. The three of them were the strongest members and were known under Red King, Scarlet Rain.

Of course, it surprised them when they found out that Blood Leopard had lost against the Four Beasts. Even though the Four Beasts were very famous, they were only level 2 at best and Blood Leopard was at level 6. There was a four level difference between them and they felt skeptical when Blood Leopard lost against one of the members of Four Beasts.

"Didn't they cheat? They were using cheat, right?" Scarlet Rain asked.

Blood Leopard shook her head and said, "No, they didn't cheat. It is their real ability, they are very strong."


Hearing Blood Leopard's answer, they were in shock.

"Cherry, how about you? You've faced them as well, right?"

Everyone looked at Cherry Rook who had been silent.


Cherry Rook felt depressed when he thought that he had lost against Ocean Stingray. Even though he had played this game for a long time, he had lost against Ocean Stingray who was only level 2 at that time.



Cherry Rook woke up when his name was called. He noticed that everyone was looking at him which made him sigh. Looking at Scarlet Rain, he felt quite embarrassed when he thought that he was the parent of the Red King.

"Yes, they're very strong...."

Cherry Rook didn't want to admit it, but what could he do in this situation?

"From today on The Four Beast is going to become our enemy!"

Scarlet Rain's small figure stood straight while looking at all of her Legion members.

"We're going to hunt them down! Let's show them why the power of Prominence is!"


Every member of the Prominence shouted at the same time.

Prominence has 34 members including their Legion Master.

This time they had declared that the Four Beasts were their enemy and they would hunt them down!


Haru and Tabane didn't know what kind of trouble they had caused and even if they knew they would only smile since they thought the "brain burst" would become even more interesting. After they came back from the cafe, they also joined both Sumire and Charlotte who were researching the virtual world, "Nerve Gear", "Atmosphere", "Soul Translator", "Augma", "Neuro Linker", etc.

Haru started to think that it was better not to go to middle school since he felt that it was useless and rather than go to middle school, it was better to go to university. With their knowledge, it was possible for the four of them to be transferred to the university right away.

"So we're going to stop our plan to enter middle school and enter university, is that alright?" Haru asked.

"Yes!" 3x

They thought that it was a waste of time to spend their time studying in middle school. Besides talking with the main character, what were the advantages of staying in middle school?


Then rather than spending their time with middle school students then it was better to spend their time studying virtual reality at the university.

The human brain is very mysterious, and humans can only use 10% of their brains in their entire life. Studying virtual reality also means studying the human brain.

There were a lot of things which made him a bit worried about virtual reality.

Haru knew that it was an advance of human technology, but he wanted to understand it fully since there was a lot of hidden danger when he accessed virtual reality from "Neuro Linker" such as "Neuro Linker".

To access virtual reality, his brain needed to be connected or scanned. During that connecting or scanning process, he was afraid for the information within his brain to be known. Even though Tabane had created a program to block any information within their brain from being accessed, he wanted to learn more about this virtual reality while he was in this world.

Haru felt that it was a good choice that the one who entered this world was Tabane, Charlotte, and Sumire since the three of them were scientists and they were very interested to learn about a lot of things in this world.

If the one who entered the quest was Esdeath, then he didn't think that she would stop playing "brain burst". If the one who entered this quest was Korosensei, then Korosensei would stay at home to play virtual reality p.o.r.n every day and Haru had a feeling that Korosensei would die from blood loss from watching virtual reality p.o.r.n every day.

'I've never tried to watch p.o.r.n in this world...'

Haru felt that it was such a waste to not try it, but at the same time, he felt that he shouldn't touch it since if he touched it then his libido would be very hard to control. He stayed with three beautiful women and he would be lying if he didn't have an interest in them, especially when they slept together every day.

The only thing which made him sober was because they had turned into a young girl which made his morals stop him.

If he wanted he could turn them older, but he decided not to do that since he had a feeling they would try to tempt him.

Then Haru registered their name on the famous university who had deep research on virtual reality in this country and did a quick test for their transfer exam. The test was a child's play for them and they were quickly accepted into the university. They could come to the university after a week and start their lesson.

After that, they spent their entire week raising their level to level 4 as quickly as possible.


Arata Haruyuki didn't expect the most popular girl in the school would talk to him and she also invited her to play a game which was known as "brain burst". He didn't know what game it was, but when he was in the middle of thought, the group of students who had bullied him came toward him.

"Oi, pig! How dare you not come!"

Haruyuki was startled, but then he heard the girl who had called him to say "burst link".

"Burst Link!" 2x

Then the story of "Accel World" began!