Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 971

Volume 1 Chapter 971 Different Kind Of Main Character

"Virtual reality is the advancement of humanity. There are a lot of things which can be done by it such as....."

It had been a week since they had been teleported to this world.

Haru, Tabane, Charlotte, and Sumire had registered themselves on the famous university who had a deep research on virtual reality. They were in the classroom and sat down together while listening to the lecturer.

Tabane yawned since she had learned most of the lecture. She looked at Haru and whispered, "Haru, can you hack the research of that lecturer?"

"Well, it is possible," Haru said. He also felt bored listening to something which he had learned. He also agreed with Tabane and wanted to learn something advanced.

Sumire and Charlotte both looked at two criminals while rolling their eyes. Even though it was illegal, they didn't stop Haru and Tabane since they were also curious. They also felt bored listening to something which they had learned in the past week.

When the four of them had transferred into this university, there were a lot of people who were curious about them since they were very young, but it quickly dissipated when it was very hard to communicate with the four of them.

Haru didn't have a hobby to talk with the minor characters and he would also leave this world soon. He might talk with them to be polite, but he didn't talk with them too much, especially when there was a lot of shotacon in this university. During his introduction, he could feel predatory eyes from the female university students which made him speechless.

Charlotte, Sumire, and Tabane also had no intention of speaking with the rest of the students since they wouldn't stay in this world that long. Creating an unnecessary relationship was very troublesome, it was better to spend their time researching or leveling up their character on the "brain burst".

Four 13 year old teenagers entered the same university at the same time and all of them got a perfect score on their entrance exam without cheating. The university quickly accepted them since it was rare to have a prodigy, and there was more than one.

"What about hypnosis? Can you do that?" Tabane asked curiously. She knew that there was a lot of magic, skill, ability, etc on the "group chat" and she was wondering whether Haru bought or had gotten reward for an ability to hypnosis since she thought it was better to hypnosis the professor on the university then stole their research data.

"...I can probably, but I don't really want to use it."

Aquaman had a strong telepathy ability, Haru whose body had been changed into Aquaman's body also had gotten every ability of Aquaman.

Haru was able to do a telepathy and used it to manipulate someone's mind, but he hated using it rather he had never used it since he felt quite uncomfortable. He felt if he did that he would have a god complex which would turn him into arrogant.

"It's better to hack. I'm afraid to mess up his mind."

Tabane nodded and thought that it would be troublesome if that happened.

"Shh... listen to the lesson." Charlotte glanced at both of them.

Tabane and Haru nodded at the same time.

Looking at Tabane and Haru who were very close to each other, Charlotte suddenly felt slightly jealous. She knew him first, yet Tabane was closer to him.

Sumire didn't care about their conversation since she was sleepy. She closed her eyes and rested her chin on her hand. She opened her eyes slightly and yawned before she closed it again.

There were a lot of things which they had done in the past week, but one thing for sure, last night, their character on the "brain burst" had reached level 4.

In the past week, Sumire and Charlotte had also gotten used to the match on the "brain burst", especially with both Tabane and Haru who taught them together. They kept winning the match after matches and their nickname was the "Four Beasts" had become famous throughout the "brain burst" since they had never lost since the first time they had joined "brain burst". It was also one of the reasons why they could become level 4 quickly.

Even so, there were a lot of quests that needed to be completed on the "group chat" which they hadn't done.

Learning the Incarnate System, entering the "Unlimited Neutral Field", conquering the Dungeon, defeating one of the Six Kings, conquering the Imperial Palace, becoming level 9, becoming level 10, and lastly defeating Chrome Disaster.

There were sure a lot, but after this, after the end of their university, they would play once again and do the rest of the quest since all of them had reached level 4.

All of them were level 4 and they could create a legion after they had entered the "Unlimited Neutral Field".

But before they entered the "Unlimited Neutral Field", they needed to be careful since they had become an enemy of Prominence.

Prominence was the Legion which was led by Red King, Scarlet Rain. It might be because they had defeated both Blood Leopard and Cherry Rook that Prominence had become hostile toward them and had sent out some players to have a match against them.

But of course, they were defeated by the four of them. At the same time, they also thought to target the Red King for their quest since they felt that Red King was the weakest among the the Six Kings on the "brain burst".

Unlike the rest of the Kings on the "brain burst", Red King's firepower was very powerful, but her mobility was very low. She couldn't move after she had released her weapons and could only stay in place, shooting down her opponents. But at the same time, her defense was very weak and her body was very small. The other reason was because the territory of the Red King was close to their place.

While thinking about their strategy to reach level 10 on the "brain burst", the lecture was over and they quickly went back to their home since they didn't have anything to do in the university.

But before that Haru accessed the university's local internet and hacked the data within university about virtual reality and a lot more which he could get in this world. He thought that he also needed to copy some famous stories, manga, music, and games to be brought back to his world.

Haru, Tabane, Charlotte, and Sumire said goodbye to the lecturer and went to their car in the parking park. It might be impossible for a teenager to own a car in their original world, but it was alright in this world since artificial intelligence was the one who drove the car for them.

"Do you think the story has started?" Charlotte asked. She was wondering when the main character had played the game.

"It should be."

Haru had often talked to Haruyuki since they were neighbors and they often went out together from the condo building and he knew that Haruyuki had met Kuroyukihime.

"Can you make him slim?" Sumire asked.

"It should be possible."

Haru knew that there was nothing impossible and he knew that it was possible for him to make Haruyuki slimmer.

For the past week, Haru had known Haruyuki and also often gave Haruyuki healthy food since he knew that Haruyuki's mother often left him alone in his apartment since she was busy with her work. He wanted to say something to Haruyuki's mother, but in the end, he didn't say anything. He knew that Haruyuki had become fat after Haruyuki had heard about the divorce of his parents and both of his parents didn't really want him which made him depressed and food was his way to make himself better.

Haru knew that he didn't have an obligation to help Haruyuki, but he wanted to become Haruyuki slimmer before he returned.

After 30 minutes, they had arrived in their condo building and went inside, but they suddenly saw something round run very fast toward their direction.

Haru knew that he would crash, but he didn't dodge.


Haruyuki who had run while looking down suddenly hit into something and almost fell down, but his hand was caught by someone.

"Haruyuki, are you alright?"

"A, ah, Kasugano-kun..."

Haruyuki was a bit surprised then he bowed his head. "I, I'm sorry!"

"Be careful, alright?"

Haru then noticed a bruise on Haruyuki's cheek and asked, "Haruyuki, what's wrong with your cheek?"


Haruyuki was startled and his eyes were a bit dodgy. "It, it's alright! I, I just fell down the stairs earlier! Ah! I suddenly remembered something! I need to go back quickly! Bye, everyone!" He hurriedly went to the lift and left them quickly.


"It seems the story has really started," Sumire said.

"Well, let's go back first. Let's enter "Unlimited Neutral Field" after we have dinner," Haru said.

"Yes!" 3x

Haru thought to give Haruyuki a cake after he had gone back later.