Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 972

Volume 1 Chapter 972 Unlimited Neutral Field 1

Haruyuki was inside his room covering himself with a blanket thinking about his inferiority. His mother stayed at work and he didn't have anyone who could console him. Thinking about his childhood friends, he felt betrayed by Chiyu since she had told Taku what had happened to him.

(Chiyu and Taku are Haruyuki's childhood friends).

Haruyuki had decided to throw away his school life and he was alright with it since he didn't have a friend in the school, but when he was outside the school, he wanted to have the same standing as his childhood friends, he didn't want any pity nor contempt from them. He only wanted to be treated the same and play a game together with his childhood friends.

Haruyuki was quite depressed and thought to sleep quickly, but then someone pressed the bell of his apartment. He wanted to ignore it, but it seemed this person wouldn't stop pressing the bell no matter what. He sighed and got up from his bed to see who had bothered him.

Walking out from his room, Haruyuki looked at the screen inside the corridor near the entrance door to see who had pressed the bell of his apartment, however, he was a bit surprised when he saw that it was his new neighbor. .

"K, Kasugano-kun?"

Haru noticed Haruyuki who was right on the door and quickly said, "Haruyuki, have you eaten dinner? I've cooked too much, do you want some?" He showed a plate of mapo tofu in front of the door camera of Haruyuki's apartment.

Looking at Haru, Haruyuki sighed. He had known him a few days ago since Haru's identity was very unique. He had seen Haru's parents who had a harem and also Haru's siblings which made him quite speechless. He also knew that Haru was also studying at the university and meant that Haru was very smart. He didn't understand why Haru cared for someone like him.




Haruyuki had to admit that the food which was made by Haru was very awesome. He recalled when Haru had given him food and couldn't forget the taste at that time.

"Hello Haruyuki? Are you there?"

"Ah, ah, yes!"

Haruyuki opened the door and he was hit by a sharp aroma from the mapo tofu.


Haruyuki's stomach was rumbling very loud which made him blush somehow. "I, I'm sorry..."

Haru smiled and said, "Well, it's alright. It means that my food is good enough for you to anticipate it." He gave the mapo tofu to Haruyuki and said, "I've got something to do now. You can give me the plate tomorrow." He knew that Haruyuki didn't really want to be bothered and decided to give him some space.

"Thank you...."

Haruyuki sighed in relief when he heard Haru's words. He also didn't really want anyone to see his state right now. He took the mapo tofu and looked at Haru who went back after saying goodbye to him. He closed the door and walked to the dining room to eat mapo tofu and white rice which Haru had given to him.

Placing the dish on the table, Haruyuki took a chopstick and sat down. He clapped his hands and said, "Thank you for the meal." He started to eat mapo tofu with gusto since he was very hungry.

"It's spicy!"

Haruyuki felt that his tongue was burning, but he didn't stop and tears flowed down from his eyes. He wasn't sure why he was crying, but he kept eating the mapo tofu even though it was very spicy yet it was delicious.

"It's delicious..."

Haruyuki didn't have a sibling, but somehow he felt that Haru was similar to an older brother even though their age was similar.

'Sibling, huh...?'

Suddenly Haruyuki also wanted to have a father who had a harem since he felt that it was better than a father who had abandoned him after all.


Haru went back to his condo and knew that cake was a bit strange to be given to someone when they were depressed, especially when he wanted to help Haruyuki on diet. Then he thought to give him mapo tofu since it didn't have that many calories and it was very delicious but spicy.

Spicy food had a good benefit to fasten metabolism and that meant it would also promote weight loss.

Even though Haruyuki didn't realize it, he had entered Haru's plan to lose weight.

Lastly, spicy food could release the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain that alleviated depression and boosted the mood.

Haru knew Haruyuki's mental state and that was why he didn't bother him that much since he didn't want to impose himself. He also knew that it was better to leave the encouraging job to the girls in Haruyuki's surroundings. He had to admit that Haruyuki was very popular and this guy had a lot of girls around him.

It might be because of Haruyuki's inferiority complex that he didn't think those girls would be interested in him.

'Well, I guess I need to ship him with Kuroyukihime...'

Coming back to the living room, Haru saw everyone watching a movie together and looked at the dinner which hadn't been eaten. He felt warm since he knew that they were waiting for him.

"Let's eat."

"Yes!" 3x

They stopped watching and hurriedly took their dinner before eating with gusto since it was such torture that Haru's food was right in front of them yet they couldn't eat it.

Haru took his dinner and watched the movie.

'Romance movie, huh?'

Haru thought that he should make a romance movie after he had come back. His two movies would be released soon at the movie theatre and he was wondering how many box office that his movies could create. He was sure that Utaha would be happy if he created another movie.

Thinking for a while, Haru decided to write down a story since there was a time before they went to enter the game again. Taking out his laptop, he started to write down a script at a very fast speed.

"Haru, you know, I can give you a hologram computer," Tabane said.

"If I use a hologram computer in my world, then it will cause a lot of trouble," Haru said. He also thought that it was better to use a hologram computer, but he knew that his world wasn't that advanced yet and something as sophisticated as a hologram screen hadn't been developed into something which could be used by masses.


Haru thought that he should buy a company that manufactured optics and reprography products. He got a target for that and thought to eat them first before he grabbed them.

"What are you writing?" Charlotte asked.

"Movie script."

"Movie script?" 3x

They became curious and looked at the title of the movie script which was written on his laptop.

"Crying Out Love in the Center of the World?"

It seemed to be a romance movie and that was why they were a bit curious. Reading the script very quickly, they suddenly wanted to see how this movie would appear on the screen.

Haru stopped and could feel Tabane, Charlotte, and Sumire's soft bodies on himself. Their sweet smell also entered his nose which somehow made it very hard for him to calm down.

"Why are you stopping?"

"We should enter the game first. We have a lot of things that need to be done in the game after all," Haru said to change the topic of conversation while also trying to calm himself since they didn't realize the harms of their bodies on him.

Haru was a lewd beast, and not that dense protagonist who would do nothing when there were beautiful girls who tried to chase after them.

They nodded since they would go to the "Unlimited Neutral Field" to hunt an enemy then created their own Legion!

Pressing the "brain burst" icon on their "Neuro Linker," they shouted, "Burst Link!"