Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 973

Volume 1 Chapter 973 Unlimited Neutral Field 2

A light enveloped them and the blue world started to change into Stormy Stage.

At this stage, the weather was very bad, the rain downed them hard, thunder rumbled from time to time, and the world was very dark since there were hardly any lights within this stage.

The sun was covered by clouds and the fire died in the rain. The only light at this stage would be light poles and light on some buildings, but some of it was destroyed by the fight in this "Unlimited Neutral Field."

It was their first time entering this place, but they didn't expect it would welcome them like this.

Haru felt something might...

"It feels like something might happen when we're going to make a Legion," Charlotte said.



Haru was staggered when he heard Charlotte had raised the Flag for everyone!

"Charlotte, you've raised a Flag!"

Tabane looked at Charlotte with disbelief when she heard Charlotte's words.

"Huh? Flag? What is that?" Charlotte asked since she was confused.

"Well, Flag is a moment where an event or trouble is going to happen," Sumire said.

Haru looked at Sumire curiously and asked, "How did you know that?"

"In my free time, I usually try to play a dating game."

Sumire looked at Haru and seemed that she wasn't joking.


Haru didn't comment on Sumire's statement and felt that everyone was free to do whatever they wanted to do during their free time, but somehow, it was quite unexpected. He thought that Sumire would spend her time researching the human body, but it seemed that her hobby was cuter than he had thought.

'Maybe, I should change her world title from "Black Bullet" to "My Doctor Can't Be This Cute!'.'

"Did you think anything strange just now?" Sumire asked. She wasn't sure, but she had a feeling that Haru was thinking something stupid somehow.

"Well, I'm thinking of the name of our Legion," Haru said.

"Now that you mention it, where is the dungeon location to create a Legion?" Tabane asked.

"It should be Ikebukuro."

In order to create a Legion, you must first undertake a Legion Quest via the underground dungeon in Ikebukuro and four players are required to complete this quest.

"So what are we waiting for? Let's go!"

Tabane couldn't wait to start to create their Legion and said, "While we walk, let's think about the name of the Legion."

The four of them came down from the building where the portal was located and walked toward Ikebukuro.

The location was quite far, and they had decided to take a train on this trip since it would take a long time if they used their feet, especially when this place was free to battle place.

It didn't mean that they were afraid of trouble, but "free to battle place" meant every player they met along the way was their opponent and they didn't want to be troubled by small fries during this trip.

They were too lazy to fight the battle and thought about going to Ikebukuro quietly since they only wanted to create a Legion.

"What about the Corpse Party? Isn't that a good name?"

Sumire had thought of this name for the past week and felt quite proud of her idea.


"Rejected." 3x

"Why?" Sumire looked at them in disbelief since she thought that her name was simply original and perfect!

"How can you ask why? When that name is simply weird!"

Haru sighed at the name choice of Sumire.

Hearing Haru's refusal, Sumire started to sulk and looked away from him.


Haru was speechless and said, "I'm sorry alright? Don't sulk at me."

"I'm not sulking!"


Haru could see clearly that this woman was sulking, but women had always been unreasonable creatures and they couldn't fathom with logic. That was why never used logic, even though he knew that it wasn't his fault, but in this woman's mind, it was his fault.

"I'm sorry, alright? I'm starting to feel that this name is quite cool. Corpse Party. Well, a lot of players will become corpses after they see us. That's cool," Haru said, trying to make Sumire's mood better.


Sumire seemed to be smug when she heard Haru's words.


Looking at Sumire's reaction, Haru felt that this woman was too easy somehow.

"Rejected!" 2x

But Charlotte and Tabane couldn't accept such a name for their Legion since it was simply weird.


Sumire started to sulk again and drew a circle in the corner with her finger.

"I really think the Corpse Party is good, but it isn't that suitable for our Legion's name."

Haru patted Sumire's back trying to make her mood better.

"Then what kind of name is suitable for our Legion?" Sumire asked.

"I've heard that all of the players in the "brain burst" have called us the "Four Beasts", right? Why don't we use that name directly?" Charlotte said. She felt that name was quite cool in her opinion since four of them had an animal name on their name.

"Rejected!" 3x

Haru, Tabane, and Sumire rejected that proposal.

"Why?!" Charlotte couldn't accept it somehow.

"The name doesn't have originality and somehow it is too plain," Sumire said.

"P... Plain...."

Charlotte seemed to be in shock when Sumire, who had a proposed a very weird name, said something like that to her which somehow gave her a lot of critical damage on her frail heart!

"Enough of that weird name! I have thought of a good name for our Legion!"

Tabane proudly hit her chest and seemed to have a very good idea for their Legion name.

"Oh, what is it? Tell us," Haru asked curiously.

Charlotte and Sumire also looked forward to what kind of name Tabane would propose.

"It's Lop-chan and Her Friends~~ What do you think? It's a cute name, right?"

Tabane smiled and felt that her name was perfect.


Haru took a deep breath and said, "We're not in a hurry. We can think about the name later after we have reached Ikebukuro."

"Agreed." 2x

Charlotte and Sumire nodded in agreement.


Tabane wanted to complain but stopped when she heard Haru's voice.

"It seems there are a lot of players who want to welcome us," Haru said.

"Hehehe, welcome to "Unlimited Neutral Field"!"

"As veterans here, why don't we show you the way?"

There were eight players who walked slowly to surround the four of them.

"It's not free, right?" Haru asked.

"Yes! The price is cheap, it is your life! Attack!!!"

Eight players who all seemed to be close-range fighters ran toward their direction!

"This is surely a good way to welcome us." Tabane cracked her neck and said, "Terrain Change!"

Suddenly there was a large hole that almost reached 50 meters in diameter.

The eight players didn't have a chance to escape and dropped into that hole. The hole wasn't that deep, and it was enough to trap them for a while. They were about to get out of that hole, but suddenly something hit one of them.


"Long-range! Be careful!"

Charlotte used her sniper rifle along with her drones to shoot them down with a barrage of beams. In this rain, the power of her beams was lowered, but it was enough to make them panic.

Then suddenly a number of metals dropped into them and caused them to panic even more.

Sumire used her magnet manipulation to gather a lot of metals in the surrounding area and dropped it toward her opponents.

The HP of the eight players dropped very quickly, but some of them were able to regain their composure.

"Earth Wall!"

A large wall of earth was created and blocked the attack of Sumire and Charlotte.

Everyone sighed in relief and knew that they were alright, especially when Charlotte and Sumire's attack couldn't penetrate this earth wall. They gritted their teeth and waited for their chance to counterattack, but suddenly someone screamed!


The environment was very dark especially when the earth wall covered them. They didn't know what had happened, but they were familiar with the light circle indicating someone had died in the battle.

"Don't attack!"

"Who is it!"


The situation turned chaotic before they calmed themselves, they died without knowing who had killed them.

Charlotte, Tabane, and Sumire were waiting for a while before Haru slowly came out from the ground.

"We've received a lot of points," Sumire said.

"Yes, "Unlimited Neutral Field" is a good thing."

Haru sighed and looked at the number of points which he had received from the battle earlier since compared to the battle match that they usually did the points they received from this welcoming greeting was too much!

"Let's go."

The four of them entered the train and went to Ikebukuro.


"They've died?!" Scarlet Rain frowned, then smirked. "Then, it is good, I can deal with them directly."

Everyone nodded hearing Scarlet Rain's words.

"So where are they going?"


"Oh-ho? They're going to make a Legion, huh? So what are we waiting for? Let's deal with them and let them know why they shouldn't mess with the Prominence!"


It seemed that Haru's premonition was right since something was about to happen in the "Unlimited Neutral Field".