Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 974

Volume 1 Chapter 974 Unlimited Neutral Field 3

Ocean Stingray, Sunset Lop, Maroon Owl, and Lilac Deer, those four names had become very famous in the entire "brain burst".

The Four Beasts.

That was the nickname of the four of them since they had never lost a single match after in the past week. They didn't have a single loss on their record and each of their fights was very epic.

There were a lot of players who watched their fight since they could learn a lot of things from them.

Maroon Owl was a very good long range fighter and her fighting style was similar to a textbook style which was very solid and powerful.

Lilac Deer was very good at positioning. Her attack was quite powerful, but her defense was very fragile. An attack from a player could deplete a lot of her HP, but she was very good at her positioning, using terrain to her advantage so no one was able to attack her during the match.

Sunset Lop was a short range combat and each of her fights was very fun. Her movement was very nimble and her Special Move was very unique. Even though her battle couldn't help them that much, they couldn't help but be attracted to her because of how fun her battle was.

The last member was Ocean Stingray, he might be known as the leader of the Four Beasts and might be the strongest among them. His ability was the most mysterious and no one really knew what his ability was, but it was very rare for him to use that ability. Even so, his sword ability was very awesome which made almost every sword user try to learn one or two tricks from him.

A lot of players were wondering about their identity, and thought that the four of them were children of soldiers or police, some people also thought that the four of them were talented athletes, and some people also thought that the four of them were strong gamers or something. But one thing's for sure, they were very strong.

It had been known that the four of them had become level 4, and some people had a feeling that they would enter the "Unlimited Field Neutral" right away.

The Six Kings also knew about the "Four Beasts" since they had been keeping their eyes on them and when the four of them entered the "Unlimited Field Neutral", their people had been keeping their eyes on them, especially the Green King since he wanted to give the "Four Beasts" a warning. the Green King had a feeling that this "Four Beasts" would become a storm which caused a lot of chaos in the quiet "brain burst". Whether it was something good or not, the Green King didn't really know, but as a king, he wanted to maintain the peace within the "brain burst", especially when he had heard there was a conflict between the "Four Beats" and the "Prominence".

Not only the Green King; the Yellow King, the Blue King, and the White King were also interested in the "Four Beasts", but they weren't in hurry and decided to watch the show since they knew that something was about to happen later.


Haru, Tabane, Charlotte, and Sumire were inside the train to go to Ikebukuro to create a Legion. The trip was quite peaceful, especially after they had defeated eight players before.

Along the way, they had seen a lot of things from the players and the Enemy.

Enemies are non-player characters, usually taking on the form of some kind of animal, that wander around the Unlimited Neutral Field at will. When defeated, they give a small amount of Burst Points - usually less than is earned from winning a normal duel. Because of this, Burst Linkers often form parties for players to hunt Enemies for long periods at a time.

Enemies are separated into four distinct classes in order to denote their level of power: lesser-class, wild-class, beast-class, legend-class; eg. Though there are four classes, even lesser-class enemies are difficult for mid- to high-ranking Burst Linkers to defeat alone. Some use Enemies as a "rite of passage" for Burst Linkers to move into a ranking position within the Legion.

Enemies drop Burst Points by default, but in rare cases, they might drop Enhanced Armaments. This seems to be limited to very powerful enemies.

An Enhanced Armament is a piece of equipment or weapon that a Duel Avatar can obtain to use in Brain Burst duels.

There are four ways of obtaining an Enhanced Armament: by having one as part of a Duel Avatar's beginner equipment, earning them through level-up bonuses, using Burst Points to buy them in the [Shop], and taking them from other players (either through Direct Wired Connection or by trading/defeating an opponent).

Haru also thought about getting those Enchanced Armaments, but creating Legion was his first priority.

There were a lot of benefits to creating a Legion, but the most beneficial thing to create or join a Legion was to be able to own or log in "territory".

Each Legion has a "territory" within the 23 wards of Tokyo Metropolis. Whenever a Legion member's real identity is within his/her own legion's territory, the Burst Linker enjoys the privilege of being able to connect the "Neuro Linker" to the Global Net without being suddenly challenged to a duel by any "Burst Linkers" in the vicinity.

If Haru didn't have a program which was created by Tabane to hide their name on the match when they connected to the Global Net then they would be challenged every time which was very troublesome. But if they owned a "territority", they didn't need to use Tabane's program to hide their names.

Even if cheating was possible for them, they tried to refrain from using a cheat since using their own ability was more beneficial in the long term, especially for fighting.

Charlotte and Sumire weren't fighters and this game was perfect training for them to train themselves.

It took them 20 minutes to arrive at Ikebukuro, they met a lot of players, but they ignored them along the way and they wanted to create a Legion as soon as possible.

They only knew the location to create a Legion was in Ikebukuro, but they didn't really know the exact location.

Haru was the one who searched the location since his speed was the fastest among the four of them.

Charlotte, Sumire, and Tabane were waiting for him while fighting against some players and Enemy which they met by chance or came toward them.

Haru kept searching until he found an underground dungeon and knew that it was the location to create a Legion. He went back and called the three of them to follow him.

Following him, they entered the underground location and found an NPC which gave them a quest to create a Legion. They were told to clear the Dungeon in front of them as a requirement to create a Legion.

Four players are required to complete this quest, and their number was just right.

"Let's enter!"

Tabane led them and entered the dungeon for the first time.

Looking at each other; Haru, Sumire, and Charlotte also entered the Dungeon together after Tabane.


In another place, almost all of the members of the Prominence were on their way to Ikebukuro to start their revenge against the Four Beasts.

"Are you also going to attack them too?" Blood Leopard asked.

"No way! I'm not going to bully them! But of course, I'm going to teach them some lessons," Scarlet Rain said with a smirk.


Blood Leopard looked at Scarlet Rain for a while before shaking her head. She thought that her King was very cute for some reason, but it was also the reason why she followed her.