Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 975

Volume 1 Chapter 975 Legion 1

Entering dungeon, Haru wasn't sure what kind of dungeon it was since there wasn't any information about this dungeon in the story. The only thing he knew that the main character's Legion was Nega Nebulus, and it was quite an old Legion which was led by Black King, Black Lotus.

In the story, there also wasn't that much Legion beside the Legion which was led by the Six Kings along with a small Legion which was led by some elite players.

Even though Haru was confident in his strength, he also needed to be careful. Walking along with everyone, he observed his surroundings carefully.

The moment they entered the dungeon, they were greeted by a large passage which was made from stone material. The only source of light in this passage was a torch which was located on the wall of passages.

It might be only his imagination, but he felt that the wind was quite strong and he also somehow smelled something fishy.

"Is it only me or do any of you smell something fishy in this place," Sumire said.

"It's not your imagination. I also smell something fishy," Haru said.

"Fish, no, sea? It seems to be similar to the smell of the sea."

Tabane's house was located on a remote island with a sea surrounding its surroundings. She was quite familiar with this fishy smell since she smelled it everyday at her house.

They kept walking until the end of the passage. They were led into a place that was similar to a large cave with a lot of large stones around the surrounding area, but that wasn't all since they could see an Enemy which appeared in front of them.

"It seems that we need to defeat those enemies to complete this dungeon."

There were four Enemies in front of them and each of them was larger than them, but even so, they were only lesser-class enemies. Each of them had a shape similar to a crustacea species such as crab, lobster, woodlice, and hermit.

Charlotte, Sumire, and Tabane shuddered when they saw those enemies since they were a bit disgusted by the Enemies. Even though they often ate crab or lobster, when they saw a crustacea species which was giant in size, they couldn't help but feel goosebumps since it was a bit creepy.

"Haru, can you handle those fours alone?" Tabane asked.


Haru was speechless and said, "Turn the terrain into ice, I'll handle them myself."

"Ok, ok, thank you."

Tabane sighed in relief and changed the terrain into ice.

The surrounding area started to freeze from Tabane's spot and it kept spreading until 50 meters in the surrounding area. After she had leveled up, she kept adding a point into her Special Move since her Special Move had a lot of effects. For example, this icy terrain would have the effect of slowing down the enemy along with freezing some parts of their bodies if they didn't jump when the Tabane's ability freeze the area.

Then after the area was frozen, Haru's job was very easy. He walked toward the enemies and stabbed them until they died.

*Stab!* *Stab!* *Stab!*

Haru kept stabbing the enemies since they couldn't fight back and the process was quite fast since his power attack was quite powerful.

When the enemies had been defeated, the four of them got bonus points before continuing the trip.

Somehow it was very easy and very anticlimax.

"Is it really this easy?" Charlotte asked.


Haru looked at Charlotte with a speechless expression. He was wondering why this woman loved to raise a Flag so much.

"Jeez! Jeez! Why do you love to raise a Flag so much?" Tabane couldn't help but complain to Charlotte.


"Eh? I've raised a Flag? Really?" Charlotte was startled. She looked at Haru to ask for confirmation.

Haru nodded and said, "Yes, you've raised a Flag again. I'm not surprised if there's a bigger enemy in front of us."

"Well, what kind of enemy is it?" Sumire asked.

Haru rubbed his chin and said, "Our stage is a beach or rather the sea? Then the last boss should be a sea creature."

"Sea creatures, huh? Then a shark?"

"Well, a shark is possible, but I guess it should be an octopus," Tabane said.

"...Octopus?" 3x


They were speechless when they heard it, but didn't think that it was quite weird since along their way to this dungeon, they saw a lot of enemies with a lot of tentacles on their bodies.

But if it was octopus, then Haru would look down on the creator of the "brain burst" since he felt that this creator was pervert and lolicon.

'Wait, lolicon?'

Haru felt that possibility since only a child that was able to become a player inside the "brain burst" and even the oldest one was only 15 years old. He suddenly felt dillusioned by the creator of the "brain burst" and felt quite disappointed.

If the creator of "brain burst" knew what Haru was thinking then he/she would cry in tears thinking that Haru was too rude.

Haru, Tabane, Charlotte, and Sumire continued their journey and it seemed that this dungeon wasn't as easy as it seemed since there were a lot of traps which appeared along the way. They were lucky that Haru's ability was able to pass through everything and he had activated all of the traps along the way so no one got hurt.

Haru also understood that having a partner with green color was very useful since that player would be able to tank them in this dungeon.

While inside the dungeon, they didn't know what had happened outside. But even if they knew, they would only say one or two words before starting to fight right away.


Scarlet Rain brought her Legion members to Ikebukuro. Along the way no one dared to stop them since "Prominence" was one of the most powerful Legions on the "brain burst" and the Red King was also present on this group.

Some random players had heard the rumor that the "Four Beasts" had caused trouble to the "Prominence", but they didn't expect that it was the truth. They knew that it was the end of the "Four Beasts" since they didn't think that the "Four Beasts" would be able to handle the Red King with all of the Prominence's members.

"Hehehe, I'll give all of you a gift after you've successfully created your Legion."

Scarlet Rain laughed when she thought at their reaction when they received her gift.


"Hehehe, I don't think that Red King will be so serious."

"Hmm... well, but the "Four Beats" are going to end soon."

"Really? I'm quite optimistic about them."

"Eh? Really?"

"Just watch, we're only spectators after all. If they lose, then that is."


"What? Why are you looking at me like that?"



They kept walking until they had arrived at a dead end. They saw a large lake with crystal clear water, but they knew very well that inside this beautiful lake, there must be something inside.

Then there was a vibration on the ground and something came out from the lake that caused a large wave.


Then a roar sounded and it was so loud that it almost burst into their ears.

But Haru somehow sighed in relief that the last boss wasn't an octopus.