Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 976

Volume 1 Chapter 976 Legion 2


It was the name of the last boss of the dungeon, rather than an octopus or something cliche such as a shark, the last boss had the shape of an angler fish.

Haru had to admit the creativity of the creator was quite good.

Gobel was a large enemy with a size around eight meters with an angler fish shape. It had sharp and goey skin which was somehow quite disgusting. It also had four legs with very sharp claws on each leg. Its mouth was very large and it also had very sharp and large canines. There was also a large round thing which connected to its head that emitted an electricity current.

It might be only his imagination, but he felt that the level of dungeon was harder than it should be, right?

Haru didn't think that it would be this difficult to create a Legion, especially when he thought about the traps which almost made him dead.

"Digusting!!!!" 3x

Three girls couldn't help but shout at the same time.

Sumire was better since she had often touched a human corpse, but Tabane and Charlotte couldn't physically handle this monster.


Gobel roared angrily since it could feel the disgust of those three girls. It looked at them angrily and had decided to eat them clean in its stomach.


Charlotte didn't waste her time and shot down the round thing on Gobel's head.


That round thing was quickly destroyed, but it didn't decrease Gobel's HP rather it roared loudly before its size increased twice.


Haru, Tabane, and Sumire looked at Charlotte with speechless expressions.

"It isn't my fault, right?" Charlotte sighed and kept shooting down her rifle along with her drones. It might be because of Gobel's goey's skin that the damage to her beam rifle and drones had decreased.

But because of that, Gobel's skin was quickly dried by Charlotte's beam. However, when its skin was almost burnt, it quickly returned to the lake and its HP returned to full once again.

"...This..?!" 4x

They didn't expect this last boss would be able to heal itself!

"Why is this quest so difficult?" Sumire complained.

They didn't think that a normal player in the level 4 would be able to defeat Gobel.

Gobel, whose HP had become full once again, came out from the lake again and shot out a pressured water toward them.

But the four of them quickly dodged that attack.

Gobel's attack was so powerful that it caused a lot of large stones to fall from the cave's ceiling.

*Baam!* *Baam!* *Baam!*

Some of the stones hit both Charlotte and Sumire that decreased their HP.

Looking at the large stones which kept falling, Haru knew that it was time for Tabane to use her Special Move. He looked at Tabane and she understood his meaning.

"Terrain Change!"

The stone cave turned into a steel cave and the water lake turned into mercury lake.


Gobel, which was inside the lake, roared in pain since the mercury lake damaged its body.

Tabane's ability was very cheating since she was able to change the terrain of the stage to her will.

In this situation, Sumire who had been doing nothing also started her attack. She controlled the lake mercury, creating a lance-like shape mercury attacking the body of Gobel.


Blood splashed from Gobel's body because of Sumire's attack, but her attack didn't end since she also sent out a large piece of stone debris which had been turned into steel to attack Gobel.

Gobel's HP kept decreasing at a very fast speed.

Charlotte also kept shooting down Gobel with beams.

*Psh!* *Psh!* *Psh!*

Haru didn't do anything but squat down while watching the scene with plain expression.

"You're not going to attack it?" Tabane asked.

"Noop," Haru said.

"If you don't then I'll do it," Tabane said, then jumped from her spot and sent out a powerful flying kick, sending Gobel toward Haru's direction.


Haru was speechless and activated his ability passing through Gobel's body. He glared at Tabane who gave him a peace-sign.

Gobel's HP was a lot and even if Sumire and Charlotte kept attacking it, Haru thought that they needed at least 10 minutes to end its life, especially when it had legs. Sumire and Charlotte looked at each other angrily and charged toward them.

But Haru entered Gobel's body using his ability and attacked it from inside.


Gobel tried to force Haru out from its body, but quickly gave up and changed its strategy by activating the acid within its body to melt Haru who was inside its body.

Haru emerged from Gobel's body and Tabane stomped on Gobel's spine, creating a large web-like crack in the ground.


It seemed that Tabane's attack also destroyed some bones within Gobel.

Gobel once again roared, but it was paralyzed because of Tabane's attack.


Haru thrust his stinger right into Gobel's right eye then put in a twist, adding more damage to his attack that punctured its eye.

Sumire also used her Special Move to gather all of the steel debris from her surroundings before smashing it right into Gobel's body.


Even though the cave had turned into steel, it was trembling because of Sumire's attack, but even so, Gobel hadn't died yet.

"This is very tough!"

Tabane complained since all of them had attacked Gobel several times yet this guy was very tenacious. They were lucky that she was able to change the terrain or else it would keep healing within the lake.


Gobel released a very loud roar once again and suddenly the round thing on its head regenerated. That round thing kept expanding and the yellow color turned red.


Haru wasn't sure, but he had a bad feeling. He used his stinger to puncture that round thing before it exploded.


The acid splashed from that round thing and caused a "sizzle" sound in the surrounding area. It wasn't just the surrounding area it was also splashed on Tabane, Charlotte and Sumire, but their reaction was quite fast that they had hidden behind a large steel protecting themselves from the acid.

Haru activated his skill quickly and he was unharmed from that attack. He sent out a Special Move once again in Gobel's eye.


Gobel became blind, and it knew that it couldn't run away. its movement became wilder and it tried to attack everything in its surroundings.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Sumire gathered a large amount of mercury, creating a bubble of mercury trapped down Gobel within.

Gobel kept roaring, but its HP kept decreasing!

Haru, Charlotte, and Tabane didn't do anything and only waited for a while before Gobel was dropped down on the ground lifelessly. Its HP bar had become red and it would die soon, but it would bring all of them with it.

Gobel's body suddenly expanded slowly like a balloon.


Haru, Charlotte, Tabane, and Sumire sucked a deep breath at the tenacity of the Gobel.

Gobel's body was covered in electricity and it was ready to self-destruct.

"Sumire, release the bubble," Haru said.

Sumire released the mercury bubble from Gobel.

Haru grabbed Gobel and activated his ability then both of them entered the ground together. He noticed that his Special Gauge was dropped like crazy, but he didn't stop his ability and dragged Gobel under the earth. Then he let go of his hand and quickly ran away from then returned to Sumire, Charlotte, and Tabane who were hiding behind a large steel wall.


His time was limited, and he tried to move as soon as possible since....