Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 977

Volume 1 Chapter 977 Legion 3

"Terrain Change!"

The steel cave transformed into an earth cave once again.


Gobel exploded in self destruction!

The explosion was very large and it also released a powerful electricity current on the surrounding area.

If Tabane didn't change the terrain then they would die, but luckily, she had changed the terrain before it was too late.

The earth splattered everything, the ground shook, and the cave almost crumbled before the explosion.



Scarlet Rain along with her guild felt the ground shake.

"What happens?!"


They didn't know what had happened, but some of them fell down on the ground and their legs were shaking from the explosion.

Some of the high-ranking players on the "Prominence" had their expression changed since there was no way for an earthquake to happen then the answer was because of a very powerful attack which was capable of shaking a hundred meters in the surrounding area.

They weren't sure what it was, but it alerted them.

"Is it the Four Beasts?"

They thought that the "Four Beasts" were the source of this earthquake, but they quickly dispelled that thought since it was impossible since the "Four Beasts" didn't have an ability that was able to cause an earthquake.

The earthquake quickly stopped and everyone sighed in relief when it was over.


Everyone looked at their King waiting for her order.

Scarlet Rain felt quite weird because of this earthquake, but she quickly said, "Don't worry, it might be because of the stage's effect. Our plan continues, we're going to gift them the greatest gift after they have created their Legion."

Everyone nodded and waited on the spot where the "Four Beasts" would appear after they had completed the quest.

In their minds, no one thought that explosion was caused by a dungeon which was being explored by Haru, Tabane, Charlotte, and Sumire.


"...Is it done?" Charlotte was hugged by Haru. She looked around and sighed in relief.

The ground was crackling because of the electricity and some parts of the cave were scorched because of that explosion.

The large wall of the earth which they used as a hiding place was destroyed and they were exposed to the explosion, but Haru's activated his ability to make everyone safe from that explosion.

Haru's Special Gauge was almost emptied at that time and he knew that it wouldn't be enough to protect everyone so he smashed his head into the wall of earth and quickly recovered some of Special Gauge then hugged Tabane, Charlotte, and Sumire giving him a few seconds activating his ability.

But the explosion was longer than they had thought, and it decreased a quarter of their HP.


Charlotte wanted to say something but stopped.

Haru and Tabane sighed in relief when they heard Charlotte stop talking since they were afraid for Charlotte to raise another Flag!

"Let me check it."

Haru stood up and checked the large crater in the middle of the earth cave. He saw a large burnt corpse from the Gobel and touched it with his stinger to check whether it had died or not.

"It's dead."

Haru said then suddenly Gobel's corpse dissipated into the air.

"This is..."

"What's wrong?"

"It seems that Gobel has dropped something."

In the spot where the Gobel disappeared, there was a sword that stabbed into the earth.


"No, it is rapier."

Haru could see that it was rapier but its size was bigger than normal rapier. He touched it and suddenly a hologram screen popped in front of him.


Gryphon: A durable and powerful sword, that is capable of generating thunder.

"You should take it since you're the only sword user in our group," Charlotte said.

Tabane and Sumire also agreed since they didn't use a sword.

Haru nodded and kept the Gryphon then he changed the stinger that he usually used on battle with Gryphon since it had a better status then his previous stinger.

Haru tried to change the shape of Gryphon into his stingray shape and his stinger had become larger and longer to match Gryphon's size. It also seemed able to generate thunder from it. He knew that it wasn't his only ability and felt that he could develop more ability from it.

[Ding! Congratulations on completing the dungeon! You've successfully completed the quest! Please name your Legion then you'll be automatically teleported outside of dungeon!]

Looking at the announcement in front of them, they sighed in relief and sat down on the ground since it was very tiring battling against that last boss.

Haru changed his shape into his humanoid shape again and also sat down with everyone.

"So do any of you have any ideas about the name of our Legion?"

Haru wondered whether they had a good idea after coming to this place. Though, he didn't have high expectations of them considering their naming sense wasn't very good.

"Copse Party!"

"King of the Heavenly Beast!"

"Tabane-chan is Cute!"


Haru looked at Sumire who didn't give up then looked at Charlotte who seemed to have delusional tendencies. He didn't look at Tabane since this woman was clearly telling a joke.

"I'm not joking!"

Tabane frowned when she saw Haru's expression since she felt that her name was very good.

Then it was even more of a problem if she thought that "Tabane-chan is Cute!" was a very good name for their Legion.

"Do you have any good ideas?" Sumire asked.

Haru thought for a while and said, "Then how about "Pets"?"

"Pets?" 3x


It somehow felt quite contradictory to their nickname, which was known as "Four Beasts," but at the same time, it was a very interesting name.

Haru didn't use his head that much when he thought about this name since he wanted to exit from this dungeon as soon as possible.

"What do you think?"

"I think it is quite good." Charlotte felt that it was cuter than "The King of Heavenly Beast".

"I don't mind." Sumire somehow loved how it was being pronounced in her mouth. "Pets, huh?"

Haru nodded and let out a sigh of relief when he saw both Charlotte and Sumire were alright with it.

'Then there's only one problem...'

Then the three of them looked at Tabane.

"Well, even though it is worse then my "Tabane-chan is Cute", I agree with it."

Tabane's naming skill was quite good since she also named Houki's Infinite Stratos with Akatsubaki, but it might be because she with something that she could trust upon that her naming sense became quite goofy.

"Then it has been decided."

Haru quickly decided to name their Legion, "Pets". He also told them later that they also needed "territory" and agreed to have a "territory battle" after they returned.

Then the four of them were teleported outside of the dungeon and returned to Ikebukuro. They were downed by a hard rain once again, but this time, they were twitching their lips when they saw a lot of players had suddenly gathered in front of them.

"Oh, congratulations that you've successfully completed the Legion Quest!"


Haru looked at a large number of players with mostly red colors in front of him. If he didn't know that they were their enemies then he would really think that they were his friends who were coming from far away to celebrate their success.

Though he knew that wasn't the case.