Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 978

Volume 1 Chapter 978 Pets 1

The beginning all of this started when Haru and Tabane caused trouble in Nerima ward, the headquarters of the "Prominence". Both of them had defeated both Blood Leopard and Cherry Rook, who were among the strongest members of the "Prominence" right on their turf which caused a displease from the "Prominence".

After that day, the "Prominence" tried to get revenge against Haru and Tabane, of course, Charlotte and Sumire also included in that revenge, alas, all of the members which came to challenge the four of them had lost.

Tabane also often came to Nerima ward when the Red King wasn't in place and blatantly challenged them right on their turf, defeating the members of the "Prominence" without mercy.

It could be said that both the "Four Beasts" and "Prominence" had become enemies to each other. Oh, right, the "Four Beasts" were in the past and now, they have changed their name to "Pets".

"Oh-ho, your Legion name is "Pets"?" Scarlet Rain asked, seeming to mock them.

After Haru, Tabane, Sumire, and Charlotte returned to Ikebukuro, they saw a lot of players surrounding them. They knew those players very well since they had defeated those players several times in the past week.

It was Haru, Tabane, Sumire, and Charlotte's first time to see the Red King, even if they challenged the members of "Prominence", they had never met the Red King directly. Their first impression of the Red King was small.

The size of Red King, Scarlet Rain, was very small. Though they knew that her size was a deception, considering her ability.

Haru glanced at Tabane and she gave him a nod. He looked at Scarlet Rain again and said, "Thank you, and yes. Our Legion name is "Pets". Thank you for coming far away to congratulate us. How about we celebrate it together at the kebab stall in that intersection?"


They were speechless hearing Haru's words. They were wondering whether this guy was stupid or pretend to be stupid.

"Ha? Are you stupid? We're coming to have revenge!" Scarlet Rain looked at Haru with disdain.

"I see...."

Haru sighed in regret and asked, "So we can't celebrate together?"

"Of course not, duh! You've killed a lot of our members! So I'll take that life of yours now!"

Scarlet Rain folded her arms then her guild members started to get ready for the battle.

"So, we're the enemy?"

"Yes, we're the enemy! So now att--"

"Change Terrain!"

Suddenly the concrete ground started to transform into an ice ground that covered almost the entire street.

Blood Leopard frowned when she saw the ground started to turn into ice since she had a very bad memory of it.

If it was normal ice ground, then they wouldn't be surprised, but they heard a loud crack sound that kept resounding.

Scarlet Rain had a bad feeling about this ice ground, but suddenly everyone on the "Prominence" saw something unbelievable.

Haru, Sumire, and Charlotte stepped into a steel plate before floating from the ground.

"F, Fly?!"

In the "brain burst", there weren't any players who were able to fly to the sky. The closest one to the sky would be a "Sky Raker" who had disappeared from the game, but this time, it appeared once again, Sumire had brought a large steel plate from the dungeon before for a precaution and levitated it to bring all of them to a safe place.

"Hehehe, goodbye, everyone!"

Tabane's voice attracted everyone toward her before they saw her stomping the ground very hard.




Tabane hurriedly jumped into the steel plate and escaped from the ice ground, but the members of the "Prominence" weren't that lucky since the crack kept spreading to the entire street before it collapsed!


The majority of the members of the "Prominence" fall to the large hole below the ice ground.

After Gobel's self-destruct, it caused part of the earth to collapse and the ground became very thin. Tabane used that chance to change the hard concrete ground into fragile ice ground to trap all of the members of the "Prominence" since they were enemies, then no one would blame her for attacking them.

Not only the members of the "Prominence", but even the members of other Legions and all of the players who came to watch the fun were also startled when they saw all of the members of "Prominence" were destroyed easily by the "Four Beasts", no, it should be called the "Pets" now.

There were a lot of things which surprised them by how the "Pets" were able to fly, how they were able to stay calm when they were surrounded by all of the members of the "Prominence", and how there was a huge hole under the ice ground.

But one of the players with a sharp mind suddenly realized something.

"Was it that earthquake before?"

Hearing that question, some of the players also thought about the earthquake which had just happened before since it was quite a large earthquake. They thought that it was part of the stage, but it seemed that wasn't the case. It seemed the source of that earthquake was more complicated than they had thought.

Was it the Enemy? Was it one of the Special Moves of the members of "Pets"? Was it something else?

No one really knew that answer beside the "Pets" since they could tell that there was a huge hole below the ice ground.

Haru, Tabane, Sumire, and Charlotte observed the scene in front of them where all of the members of the "Prominence" fall toward the huge hole without being able to do anything.

"If there isn't any this trap, do you think that we can defeat all of them with the four of us?" Sumire asked.

"It's possible, but one or two of you might die in the process," Haru said. He didn't think that he nor Tabane would die if they had to fight against the entire members of the "Prominence", but it was different from Sumire and Charlotte.

"Owl-chan, shoot them down!" Tabane said.


Charlotte aimed her sniper rifle and drones, then shot members of the "Prominence" who tried to escape from their trap.

*Psh!* *Psh!* *Psh!*

In this heavy rain, Charlotte's beam had become weaker, but it was enough to destroy a piece of ice or earth where the members of the "Prominence" tried to escape from the trap.

The large hole below the ice ground was very huge and it was quite deep. It might reach 20 meters deep, but no one could confirm unless they asked the members of the "Prominence" who had fallen into the hole.


Scarlet Rain cursed loudly and to escape from their trap, she was being carried on the mood of Blood Leopard to escape from the trap. Besides the two of them, no one was able to escape which made her bad mood worse. She thought she could see them begging or squirming in pain before killing them to cause trouble to her Legion, but she didn't expect almost all of the members of the "Prominence" to die because of this trap. Luckily, most of them were still alive after falling from this trap, but they couldn't have their revenge since they were trapped on the ground and couldn't get out in a short time.

"What should we do?" Blood Leopard asked.

"Of course, we're going to kill them!"

Scarlet Rain was very angry and said, "I'm alone is enough! I'll kill the four of them myself!"

Blood Leopard nodded and followed her boss's orders. She knew very well about Scarlet Rain's power and didn't think that she would lose even against the four of them. The only problem was whether the four of them would stay or escape after this.

"Oi, don't you dare to run! I'll handle the four of you alone! Do you dare to fight me or not!"

Scarlet Rain shouted loudly toward the four members of the "Pets" who were only staring at her in silence.

"Just you?" Haru asked.