Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 979

Volume 1 Chapter 979 Pets 2

There were a lot of pillars of light which came from the large hole. Those pillars of light were a sign of a player who had died in the "Unlimited Neutral Field". Those players couldn't do anything and could only wait for an hour before they were reincarnated once again.

There were a lot of players from the "Prominence" who had died after falling from the large hole, even the ones who were alright had their HP decreased quite a lot and they needed to find different ways to escape from that large hole.

The only players who were alright were both Scarlet Rain and Blood Leopard.

Haru and Tabane had faced Blood Leopard and they didn't think that this player was a threat, even if this player was quite powerful, but it couldn't defeat them, especially when they had four people on their side.

Even though Haru, Tabane, Sumire, and Charlotte had heard Scarlet Rain's taunts, they didn't think the Red King was able to give them a threat.

"Just you?" Haru asked. These words seemed quite arrogant, but considering he had never seen the Red King in a "brain burst", it was quite a normal reaction, especially when the size of Scarlet Rain was very small.


Scarlet Rain laughed very hard.

The dark sky was rumbling, the rain became harder, and Scarlet Rain's figure seemed menacing for some reason.

There were also a lot of players who came to this place to watch the show and even thought to become fishermen in their confrontation. When both "Pets" and Red King were tired from the battle, they thought to reap the benefit of killing both sides became famous quickly, but no one dared to move first. They had a feeling once they moved they would become a target of Red King. Beside the "Pets", everyone who came to this place knew very well what Red King was known for in the "brain burst". They didn't dare to get close and kept quite a distance between them.

Scarlet Rain looked at the four of them and became very annoyed.

"Then let me show you...."

Scarlet raised her hand and shouted, "Invincible!"

Then suddenly a huge armament with red color and five meters height suddenly came out of nowhere. She equipped herself with a huge armament and looked at the four of them.


The tiny player suddenly turned into a huge monster in a few seconds which made everyone dumbfounded.

Haru, Sumire, Tabane, and Charlotte also had watched the story of "Accel World", but even so, it quite surprised them when they saw such a huge armament being used by such a small player.

"You should get this kind of thing," Haru said while looking at Charlotte.

Charlotte nodded and said, "I'll get something similar." She also thought that it was better to add more weaponry to her character to strengthen her power and at the same time, she also thought to get a different weapon since a beam weapon was very weak during the rain.

"Well, we can discuss about that later, now, what should we do in this situation?" Sumire asked. She had a feeling that they were in really big trouble.


Scarlet Rain didn't give them mercy and shot out a missile, laser, and bullets to the four of them and even the spectator who came to watch their fight since she was also annoyed toward those spectators!


The group of players who came to watch the fun felt regret, especially when they saw a huge number of missiles, lasers, bullets moving toward them, but it wasn't over!

"Hailstorm Domination!"

Scarlet Rain fired off an entire fortress battalion of missiles all over the field with enough firepower to wipe out an army on the ground or any fliers in the air.


All the players who came to watch the fun all died because of Scarlet Rain's attack.

The Red King, Scarlet Rain, was known as a King who had the strongest firepower among the Six Kings. Her huge armament destroyed everything in front of her and in her surrounding area.


Haru, Sumire, Charlotte, and Tabane didn't change their expression since Tabane had done something crazier during the "Grand Magic Games" in the past.

"What should we do?" Sumire asked.

Unlike the "Grand Magic Games" where Haru had gravity magic to fend off all of those attacks, it was different in the "brain burst".

The four of them were only level 5 and had just leveled up after they had completed the quest before, but even so, they were in a dire situation.

"Use your magnetic manipulation," Haru said calmly.

"Oh, right!"

Sumire remembered and changed all of the directions of the bullets and missiles which came toward their direction. The bullets and missiles were made from metal and she could change the direction of those attacks. She could change the direction of those bullets and missiles to attack Scarlet Rain back, but she didn't do that since the consumption of her Special Gauge would be very huge. That was why she only changed the direction of those attacks toward the players who came to watch their fight since it also increased her group's points.

Charlotte also helped shoot down the attack that came toward them, especially toward the laser's attack which was shot by Scarlet Rain. The laser which was shot in this rain had become weaker and her beam was enough to shoot them down.


The four of them didn't move and all of those missiles exploded one after another beside them.

Blood Leopard didn't move and she stayed together with Scarlet Rain to protect her King. Even though her King had the strongest firepower, her King was quite weak at close combat, especially when the opponent was able to climb up Scarlet Rain's Invicible.

There were a lot of players who had died from this confrontation.

Scarlet Rain also had her points kept increasing and her Special Gauge full after she had killed a lot of players.

The surrounding area was covered in smoke and dust, but it was quickly erased by the rain.

Scarlet Rain and Blood Leopard thought that they had defeated the four of them, but they didn't feel relaxed, especially when they didn't see a pillar of light which came from their direction. Then when the smoke and dust dispersed they saw the four of them who seemed alright after that crazy attack.


"How?!" Scarlet Rain was surprised.

"Lilac Deer's ability is magnet manipulation," Blood Leopard said calmly, but inwardly, she was also surprised since she didn't expect the four of them would be alright.

"I see..." Scarlet Rain took a deep breath and said, "Then, I'll have to attack them using an attack without using a missile or bullet."

"With this rain? Your laser is useless," Tabane told Scarlet Rain.


Haru looked at Tabane who had raised a Flag. He sighed, but he didn't say anything since he knew that someone would say something.

"Lop, you've raised a Flag!" Charlotte said.

Tabane only realized it, but it seemed that she was too late.

"Is my laser useless? Then take this!"

The two cannons in Scarlet Rain's huge armament were aimed in their direction.

"Shit! Run!"

The four of them quickly ran in a different direction.

"Heat Blast Saturation!"

Scarlet Rain fired a powerful laser beam from her two cannons!


Even in the rain, this huge laser was so powerful that it reached a far distance and left a vacant hole through a building!


Sumire and Charlotte were a bit too late to run and both of them had lost one of their hands.

Haru and Tabane realized how powerful was level 9, but even so....

"Lop, I'll handle the King alone. Can you?" Haru asked.

"Okay dokey!"

Tabane raised her hand and shouted, "Change Terrain!"

"King, be careful!" Blood Leopard had a feeling that something was about to happen.

Then suddenly the 100 meters in the surrounding area changed, the building, concrete ground, light pole, and various things in this place drowned by the water. Out of nowhere a large amount of water changed this location into an ocean!

Tabane, Sumire, and Charlotte moved far away, but Haru looked at his opponent ready for a battle.