Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 980

Volume 1 Chapter 980 Declaration

*Rumble!* *Rumble!*

The weather turned worse, thunder kept rumbling, sky turned darker, and the rain made it very hard for them to see the situation in their surroundings.

Scarlet Rain knew that one of the "Four Beasts" or "Pets" had an ability to change the terrain, but she didn't expect that this ability would be this outrageous.

100 meters in the surrounding area had turned into an ocean which meant that this place had become a huge trap, especially in this bad weather.

'If thunder strikes down at this location then....'

Scarlet Rain thought that she was in quite a bad situation, but she was quite lucky that she was standing on the top of the building. Half of Scarlet Rain's huge armament was drowned by the water and Blood Leopard had already drowned, but Blood Leopard quickly leaped on the top of huge armament's shoulder. Both of them saw Sumire, Charlotte, and Tabane had run away which somehow made them helpless since they couldn't chase after them in this terrain, but they didn't expect Haru to stay.

"You're not going to rain with your tail?" Scarlet Rain asked with a sneer.

"Well, I've a job teaching naughty kids. I'll spank that small butt of yours so you won't say something rude again," Haru said.

"Ha?! I'll be the one who will teach you a lesson, boy! I'll pull that weewee of yours later!" Scarlet Rain shouted.


Haru was speechless and didn't expect that this young girl would have such a foul mouth.

"King..." Even Blood Leopard was speechless at Scarlet Rain's words.


Scarlet Rain ignored Blood Leopard's gaze and shot down her missiles at Haru.

Haru doved into the ocean and escaped the missiles.



Scarlet Rain clicked her tongue and understood why Tabane had changed the terrain into an ocean.

'Is this guy getting stronger in the water?'

Scarlet Rain thought about the name Ocean Stingray, but even so, it didn't mean she would lose against him.

"If you can only run away then ---"

Scarlet Rain wanted to say something, but Haru jumped out of the ocean and raised his new weapon, Gryphon.


Haru moved in a flash and thrust his large rapier at Blood Leopard.

Blood Leopard's HP quickly decreased, and wanted to run away, but that attack wasn't over.

Haru put a twist on his attack and added damage into it causing Blood Leopard to be defeated in an instant.


Scarlet Rain didn't expect Haru to defeat Blood Leopard quickly. She aimed her vulcan toward Haru.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

Haru entered the ocean once again and escaped from Scarlet Rain's attack. He knew that Gryphon on his hand had another power and thought to use it.

'As long as there's an imagination then anything is possible...'

Haru thought and he was about to send out his attack to Scarlet Rain.

Scarlet Rain kept shooting out her vulcan, but her bullet couldn't penetrate the deep ocean which made her helpless. Her lungs were filled with anger when she thought about her subordinates who kept dying one after another.


Scarlet didn't move, and waited for Haru to come out from the water taunting him, but that guy didn't appear on the surface. The only thing which consoled her was that the ocean started to recede slowly.


But suddenly the building where Scarlet was standing started to shake.

"Don't tell me?!"

Scarlet wanted to run away, but it was too late. The entire building where she stood collapsed and made her drown in the water. If she unequipped her armament then she would lose and that was why she didn't do that. It wasn't that she was helpless on the water, but it was troublesome to fight within the water. She fell to the ground and saw Haru who was swimming while looking at her with a smile.

"You f.u.c.ker!"

Scarlet shot out a missile toward Haru.

But Haru quickly swam towards her direction while avoiding her missles.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Because of the explosion the entire ocean was full of shockwaves which caused the water to cause a lot of waves.

Scarlet also shot down a random location and realized that the ocean was starting to disperse. She calmed herself and knew that this ocean would disappear soon. Looking at Haru, she didn't think that Haru had the ability to kill her.

'When this ocean disappear....'

But suddenly Scarlet saw something inexplicable, Haru's body was covered in thunder which made the water boil and crackle in his surroundings. The thunder was so powerful that it also started to electrute herself.



Haru moved as fast as thunder and appeared right in front of Scarlet.


Scarlet wanted to curse Haru, but she also understood that Haru's attack was very powerful. Even though she didn't think that she would die in one hit, she knew that her HP would decrease a lot, but even so, she would die from another attack.

Haru was ready to stab Scarlet.


Haru's Gryphon was ready to take Scarlet's life.

Scarlet couldn't only see a blinding light and a life flashed into her head, but suddenly someone appeared between Haru and Scarlet.


Haru's attack caused a huge shockwave which crumbled the building in the surrounding areas and huge waves in this miniature ocean.

But Haru frowned when he saw the player in front of him.

"Old man!"

Scarlet didn't expect to see the Green King in front of her and this guy had decided to help her.

"Stop here."

The Green King, Green Grande, blocked Haru's attack using his large shield.

"What if I don't want to stop?" Haru asked.

"Then you'll also become the enemy of the Great Wall," Green Grande said.

Haru smiled and moved back slowly.


Green Grande didn't say anything, but looked at the HP bar which decreased slightly from Haru's attack earlier. He frowned when he looked at Haru since he had reflected back on Haru's attack, and even doubled it back. Yet Haru was alright and didn't seem to be hurt by his attack, rather his body was a bit paralyzed because of that thunder.

"Change Terrain!"

Suddenly the ocean disappeared and the surrounding area changed into a metal material from building, ground, and everything.

Green Grande and Scarlet Rain frowned since this place had become even more troublesome. Even though the ocean was troublesome, it was better than metal since Haru's ability was able to use thunder.

Charlotte, Sumire, and Tabane came back and stood beside Haru.

"Become the enemy of the Great Wall? We're not afraid! Rather, we want to challenge all of the Six Kings in a "brain burst! We're going to become Level 10!"

Haru pointed his sword at Grande and said, "I'll come again and take your life, Green Grande!" Suddenly he felt a bit embarrassed to say such shameful lines, but it was alright since he was inside the game.

Scarlet Rain was in shock when she heard Haru's declaration since this guy dared to oppose the peace treaty in a "brain burst" to become level 10.

"You too, Scarlet Rain. I'll smack that small butt of yours later."

Haru hugged the three of them before they disappeared.


Scarlet Rain was angry and shameful. She was ready to shoot them down, but she saw them disappear. Then she noticed the Green King who started to walk away.

"Oi, old man, where are you going?"

"I'm going back," Green King said.

"I don't need your help!"

Scarlet Rain felt shame when she thought she would be killed by Ocean Stingray. "But... thank you..." Her voice was very low when she uttered those words.

But Green Grande kept walking since he felt a big trouble was coming to the "brain burts".

'Who are they?'

Green Grande thought that he needed to send someone to get the information about the "Pets".

Scarlet Rain looked at the back of Green Grande before sighing, looking at her subordinates which were almost annihilated by Haru, Charlotte, Tabane, and Sumire.

There was also a still a player within the surrounding area, and they were in shock when they heard Haru's declaration.

Then the name "Four Beasts" changed into "Pets" as the Legion dared to challenge the sovereignty of the Six Kings in a "brain burst"!