Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 981

Volume 1 Chapter 981 Baptism

"I'll come and take your life, Green Grande!"

Tabane stood up on the top of table while uttering the words which came out from Haru's mouth last night.


Haru felt his face was hot when he heard Tabane repeat what he had said last night since it greatly embarrassed him.

"We're not afraid! We're going to challenge all of the Six Kings! We're going to become Level 10!"

Tabane didn't stop; rather, she became even more outrageous, trying to mimic Haru.


Haru gave up and took Tabane's breakfast.

"You don't need to eat, right? Then I'll have your breakfast!"

"NO! Forgive me!"

Tabane stopped and jumped into Haru. She hugged him and cried. "No, don't eat my breakfast!"

"You can buy bread at the convenience store later." Haru snorted and didn't show mercy.



Charlotte and Sumire ignored the thing which happened in front of them and kept eating their breakfast, however, secretly they were glad that they didn't laugh when Tabane mimicked Haru earlier.

"It's delicious." 2x

Haru nodded hearing Charlotte and Sumire's words, but his face frowned when Tabane smeared her tears and snotted onto him.

"It's disgusting, don't get close to me!"

Haru tried to push her away, but Tabane's power was quite powerful.

"How rude! How could you say such a thing to a girl!" Tabane cried harder.

"Then stop crying, I won't take your breakfast."

Haru didn't have a hobby to enjoy woman's snot and decided to forgive this woman.

"Yay~ I love you, Haru!"

Tabane smiled and hugged his neck. She moved around on the top of his lap showing how happy she was.

Haru sighed and felt lucky that this girl's face was quite ugly because of her tears and snot, her 13 year old appearance also made him calm down. If it was the usual then his anaconda was going to berserk.

Haru took a tissue and wiped Tabane's face.

Tabane used this chance to blow her nose which made him grimace.

"Ah, what's with that expression! You should be happy that you have a chance to help such a beautiful girl like me blow her nose!"

"I don't have such a strange hobby!"

Haru didn't have a snot fetish and picked Tabane up. "Sit down on your own chair."

Tabane glanced at Haru and smiled secretly. She sat down while moving her legs happily and ate breakfast.

For today, Haru was cooking Nasi Uduk. It seemed to be quite an unfamiliar dish, but it was a traditional dish from Indonesia.

Nasi uduk is an Indonesian Betawi style steamed rice cooked in coconut milk dish. There are also various side dishes such as crackers, omelette, tempeh stir fried with vegetables and soy sauce, chicken, etc.

It was Charlotte, Sumire, and Tabane's first time to eat such a dish, but they wanted to eat more; at the same time, they realized how lucky Esdeath was to have such a husband which made them sigh.

"Today, Haruyuki is going to play "brain burst" for the first time?" Sumire asked.

Haru nodded and said, "He should have installed the "brain burst" yesterday". He knew that the story had started, especially after Haruyuki came back with a bruise yesterday.

"Then what is our plan?" Charlotte asked.

"Hmm... we've completed five quests so far, and we need to complete six more."

Haru rubbed his chin and said, "The easiest one should be learning about the Incarnate System, how about we learn that ability since it is necessary ability to fight the Six Kings, leveling up further, and conquering Imperial Palace."

Hearing Haru's plan, they nodded and thought that they needed to learn more about the Incarnate System.

"So we're going to stay in that world for a few days or so?" Tabane asked.

"It can't be helped, if we can learn it in a day then we can go back quickly, but if we can't do that then let's stay there for a week," Haru said.

The longest time they had stayed in the "brain burst" was a day, and they had never stayed in that world for more than a day which was somehow quite an amazing feat to reach level 5 even if they didn't stay that long.

Haru somehow had realized that the time difference in the original world and the "brain burst" was a bit strange. Even if 1 second in the original world was 17 minutes in the "brain burst", it could somehow change depending on the situation.

Staying a week inside the "brain burst" seemed to be quite a long time, but it wasn't that long in the original world.

However, if they kept staying on "brain burst" for a long time their perception of time might become weird in the future so they didn't stay in that place too long.

After eating their breakfast, they went out to go to the university.

Along the way, they met Haruyuki who seemed quite down for some reason.

Looking at Haruyuki's waist, Haru knew that this boy had lost some weight after eating his food, but there was still a long way to go before Haruyuki became slimmer.

"Yo, Haruyuki, you seem down, what's wrong?"

Haruyuki was startled when he heard this voice. He turned and saw Haru, Charlotte, Sumire, and Tabane. Looking at the four of them, he felt that they were blazing in his eyes.

"I, I'm alright. I, I only have a bit of a nightmare."

Haruyuki thought for a while and suddenly remembered something. "K, Kasugano-kun, t, thank you for the dinner last night. I, I'll give back the plate later!"

Waving his hand, Haru said, "You don't need to worry, but are you really alright?"

"Yes, I'm alright. Th, thank you for asking," Haruyuki said with a smile.

Looking at Haruyuki; Sumire, Tabane, and Charlotte became curious how this boy would change after becoming slimmer.

"Well, you don't need to worry, do you want to go with us? I'll take you to your school," Haru said.

"No, it's alright. I can go by myself!" Haruyuki quickly shook his head.

"Is that so? Then I won't force you, but be careful, alright?" Haru said.

"Yes." Haruyuki nodded.

They walked together out of the condo building.

Haru knew that Haruyuki was connected to the Global Net and soon, this boy would receive a baptism from the "brain burst".

When they stepped outside suddenly the world turned blue before it started to crumble. The sky turned dark, various buildings broke down, and the only light in this place was a fire which was located in various places in the surrounding area.

Haruyuki didn't know what had happened, especially when he didn't see Haru, Sumire, Charlotte, and Tabane beside him. He walked to the pool of water and he was surprised when he saw his appearance had changed into a humanoid figure with a metallic body.

"W, what is this?"

Then suddenly a bright light came behind him and the roar of the vehicle could be heard.

"It's been so long since I got to the End of the Century stage. Lucky me! And a fresh newbie opponent to boot. Mega lucky!"

Haruyuki looked at the skeleton who rode a motorcycle in front of him which made him confused.

"And you are...."

The skeleton pulled the grip and raised the speed of his motorcycle crashing it toward Haruyuki.




Haruyuki stood in place and wasn't sure what to do until his body was hit by the motorcycle.