Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 982

Volume 1 Chapter 982 Tera Unlucky


Haruyuki sighed when he thought about what had happened in the early morning. Sitting down in a special area within the cafeteria which was specially arranged for the upperclassmen. He was a freshman, but he had a special ticket that allowed him to sit down in this place because he knew one of the most popular girls in the school.


Holding true to being "the most beautiful girl in school," Kuroyukihime is a very attractive and slender young girl with long black hair that has two strands of hair extended from the top of her brow, resembling the antenna of a butterfly and large hazel eyes.

Both of them had known each other after Kuroyuki introduced a "brain burst" to Haruyuki after she knew his dextrious reflex on the one of the social game. She also had helped Haruyuki expel the bully who had caused Haruyuki's life in the school to become hell.

Haruyuki was very grateful toward Kuroyuki, but he didn't understand why she wanted to help him, but he told her what had happened in the morning to the girl in front of him.

Both of them used "Direct Wired Connection" so no one would hear their conversation.

Direct Wired Connection, more simply known as direct connection or wired connection, is a very personal method of communication between Neuro Linkers, achieved by plugging in a cable directly into the Neuro Linkers.

Unlike usual wireless connections, 90% of the security measures are invalidated during wired connections such as firewalls that protect users from harmful files.

It is usually used by people who can trust each other, family members and lovers. They are also capable of sending each other software or are evenly checking back-up files from another person. For Burst Linkers, Direct Wired Connections can be used to transfer Enhanced Armaments or have Private Battles for Burst Points.

A commonly believed myth among teenagers is that the shortness of the cable that a pair uses indicates their emotional closeness.

At first, Haruyuki was a bit shy and in disbelief when Kuroyukihime asked him to use this "Direct Wired Connection", but he had gotten used to it.

Kuroyuki chuckled hearing Haruyuki's story and said, "You got beaten already?"

"It's not funny! I thought I was going to die!" Haruyuki complained.

"It's because you didn't keep your promise, boy."

"It was my fault to connect to the Global Net without thinking..."

"Now I don't need to explain what's going on then." Kuroyoki sipped her tea and said, "But you were lucky to meet Ash Roller, rather than meeting the "Pets"." Remembering what had happened yesterday, she shuddered with excitement when she thought about that group.

"Uh.. Yes, his name is Ash Roller." Haruyuki nodded, and asked, "The "Pets", what is that?"

"It's a group of the strongest newbies in the "brain burst"."

"Strongest newbie?" Haruyuki's eyes were a bit skeptical when he heard it. He had played various games in his life, but he knew that even if newbies were powerful, they couldn't defeat the veteran in the game since a newbie didn't have a powerful gear or skill.

"I can see that you're skeptical, but "Pets" is a very powerful Legion. It consists of four players who have slain a lot of players becoming Level 5 in a week."

"Level 5 a week? Is that fast?" Haruyuki didn't really understand the game after all.

"Of course, it is very fast. You were defeated the morning before and I've also been defeated in the past, but the "Pets" have never had a loss record in their history."

"WHAT?!" Haruyuki was in shock when he heard that information. "S, Senpai, who are they?"

Sipping her tea, Kuroyukihime took a deep breath and said, "No one really knows who they are, but in one day, they've taunted a lot of players from high level players to the one of the strongest players in the game."


Haruyuki became even more speechless when he heard it.

"You're curious why I'm trying to tell you this?"

Haruyuki nodded in response.

"It's because their headquarters are in Suginami." Kuroyukihime smiled and said, "Right, it is near your home."


Haruyuki couldn't comprehend it for a while before he was in shock.


Haruyuki suddenly became scared when he thought that there was a scary player who lived beside him which made him quite depressed thinking about his future.

"Calm down. They won't attack a newbie like you," Kuroyukihime said with a smile and seemed quite satisfied with his reaction.

Haruyuki sighed in relief when he heard it.

"But it is better for you to log into the school rather than your home since Suginami is quite a dangerous spot right now."

"Why is that?"

"Last night, the "Pets" declared war on everyone in a "brain burst" and they're ready to finish the game."


Haruyuki became even more speechless when he heard it. Hearing that story, he couldn't help but ask, "S. Senpai, do you know those four players?"

Shaking her head, Kuroyukihime said, "No, I don't know, but I guess I need to remind you of their name so you won't challenge them by accident."

Haruyuki nodded his head very fast since he didn't want to challenge the "Pets".

"Well, the first is Maroon Owl. She might be the weakest among everyone on the "Pets". She is a long range fighter with a sniper rifle and drones as her weapon. The second is Lilac Deer. Her ability is magnet manipulation and it is quite a troublesome ability. She can also fly using that ability."

"Fly?" Haruyuki was attracted by this word.

Kuroyukihime nodded and said, "Lilac Deer might be the only player who can fly in the entire "brain burst" by manipulating the steel plate beneath her. The third is Sunset Lop. This player might be the most troublesome among the four of them."


"Yes, Sunset Lop's ability to change the terrain of the surrounding area. Lava, ocean, ice, mud, etc; she can change the terrain into anything as long as she wants."


Haruyuki thought that Sunset Lop's ability was very cheating. He gulped and asked, "T, Then who is the last one?" After hearing the three players, he became curious about the last one.

"The last one is the strongest among the four of them. His name is Ocean Stingray."

"O, Ocean Stingray?"

Haruyuki understood why the four of them were called the "Pets" after he heard their names.

"No one really knows about Ocean Stingray's ability, but one thing for use of his swordmanship is superb and he has the strongest attack among the four of them." Kuroyuki sipped her tea and said, "It might be my speculation, but Ocean Stingray's ability is intagibility."

"I, Intangibility? Isn't that invincible? Strongest attack and strongest dodging ability! Who can defeat him?"

Haruyuki felt that Ocean Stingray was the most cheating player in the "brain burst".

Shaking her head, Kuroyukihime said, "I'm not sure, but every ability must have its limit, but one thing for sure that will never challenge them for a while. Before they were known as the "Four Beasts", but after they have successfully created their Legion, they are known as the "Pets". So from now on, remember those four names."


"Let me explain to you more about "brain burst".


"Enter the game so I can explain it better."

Haruyuki nodded in response.

"Burst Link!" 2x


Ash Roller was very happy after he had gotten a free point from a newbie. He thought to continue his hunt, but suddenly he noticed a footstep sound coming in his direction.

"Hehehe, I'm very lucky to ha--"

Ash Roller stopped when he saw a familiar player and this player wasn't alone.

"Y, You----!!!!"

"Yo, you have a tera-luck."


When Ash Roller saw the player in front of him, he knew his fate very well.

"T, Tera-unlucky...."