Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 984

Volume 1 Chapter 984 Incarnate System

Haru, Sumire, Charlotte, and Tabane teleported to the "Unlimited Neutral Field". This time, their intention wasn't to hunt nor conquer a dungeon, rather their intention was to learn an Incarnate System.

The Incarnate System is a secret ability of the Brain Burst. It is the ability of a Burst Linker to use the power of will as a way to become faster and more powerful or to strengthen their moves in battle. Only a few Burst Linkers know about Incarnation, including the Six Kings of Pure Color.

Normally, a Burst Linker's Duel Avatar - and presumably any other virtual reality avatar they use - is controlled by the Neuro Linker reading the person's brainwaves. Essentially, it reads activity in the brain's motor cortex while piping information to the brain's sensory cortex. This style of control is dubbed "control via physical order".

However, there is a second, more difficult method to manipulating one's Duel Avatar - "control via power to image". Similar to willpower (though the Neuro Linker likely cannot read abstract feelings like willpower), it uses Burst Linker's ability to strongly picture something happening to bring about a change in the environment. As this is closer to using one's imagination, the Neuro Linker is able to read this information. The players of Brain Burst have named this the Incarnate System.

Depending on the strength of the pictured image, the Brain Burst program handles this irregular signal by producing physical particle effects. These have been called "Over Rays" by the Burst Linkers who have managed to acquire the technique. Most of the time, if the incarnation (pictured image) is strong enough to be used in battle, these Over Rays will appear.

There are two uses of the Incarnation System: using it as a proxy for something that could be more easily done physically, such as Raker propelling her wheelchair with incarnation instead of wheels, and using it as a means to bring about impossible phenomena. However, it generally takes a long time and a lot of experience to master the Incarnate System.

In addition, the system is not without its downsides. Using the Incarnate System draws power from the hole in your heart - your trauma. It is ultimately Burst Linker's decision whether to believe in something (the longing that created their Duel Avatar) or to despair. Each time a Burst Linker uses incarnation, it draws them closer to the darkness of their own heart. This is related to the coordinate plane system of describing the Incarnate System, explained below. It also causes heavy mental exhaustion if used recklessly.

The main use of Incarnate is in battle. By strongly picturing different ways to fight in your head, you can make that real. In pretty much all cases, however, these attacks are nothing that couldn't be done more easily by using the tools your Duel Avatar already has. For example, Silver Crow's ability to use Firing Range Expansion type incarnate skills is essentially useless, as his main characteristics are his speed and Aviation Ability; and Scarlet Rain's ability to use blast attacks of the same variety is rendered pointless by her Enhanced Armaments.

However, incarnate-powered attacks cannot be defended by normal means; they can only be defended by incarnate-powered defenses, or countered by incarnate-powered attacks. This is their main use in the Accelerated World. Because of that, most that learn how to use the Incarnate System obey a strict rule of not using it in combat unless it's used against them first.

As incarnation skills are used in a special way and that was by solodifying an image in one's head, most Burst Linkers that use it attach a name to specific skills as a trigger to activate the image more quickly. However, unlike Special Moves, using incarnation skills doesn't deplete one's Special Gauge.

After being teleported to the "Unlimited Neutral Field", they were quite surprised since the scenery in front of them was very beautiful.

The surrounding area was covered in lush greenery, giant trees which almost reached the sky, dark sky which was covered in glimmering stars, and there were also a lot of small things floating around the trees.

Tabane, Sumire, and Charlotte were curious what it was and couldn't help but scream in cute ways when they saw what these small things were.

"How cute!"

"I want to take it back!"

"Hmm, I wonder how their innards are."


Haru ignored Sumire's words somehow.


It might be the only way to describe these small things.

Fairy World Stage.

It was a very beautiful stage which was able to pamper their eyes. The trees and the greenery in the surrounding area could become a perfect place for them to hide since they didn't really want to fight that much.

Their intention in coming to the "Unlimited Neutral Field" was to learn about the Incarnate System and gain more ability through imagination.

Charlotte was thinking of strengthening her weaponry from distance, reaction and firepower.

Sumire thought to use her magnet manipulation better. Most of the weaponry in the "brain burst" was made from metal and she could steal it. There were also some players who were made from metal and frankly, her power was a bit cheating in this world. Then she also thought about Haru's new armament which might be combined with her ability.

Tabane thought to use her "Terrain Change" in a better way. She thought that there wasn't any limit to her ability and she felt that there was something more which could be done by that Special Move. She also thought to learn an "air step" since she was a bunny and of course, she wanted to be able to jump in the sky since it would make her power increase dramatically.

Haru wanted to develop more ability by using his stinger.

"Linear" was a very good Special Move since its damage was very strong, but he wanted to create stronger ability.

His stinger also had changed into a Gryphon. He didn't have time to learn more about Gryphon and knew that this weapon was very strong. He wanted to create an ability using Gryhpon since there were a lot of things which could be done by this sword beside its thunder manipulation. He thought to combine both swordmanship with thunder manipulation ability to strengthen his power further.

"So where are we going to train?" Charlotte asked.

They had declared a war against the Six Kings and of course, it would be hard for them to train quietly since the members of Legion of the Six Kings would come to target them. Even though they didn't feel scared, it was quite troublesome being attacked from time to time since they wanted to train quietly.

Pondering for a while, Haru said, "How about that place?" He thought that it might be a good place since it was very quiet.

"That place?"

"Tokyo Tower."

Haru remembered that Tokyo Tower was a location which was used by the main character to train "Incarnate System" and thought that place was a perfect location to train since there wasn't any player in that location.

"Tokyo Tower?" 3x

The three of them looked in the direction of one of the tallest buildings in Tokyo. They also remembered that it was a location which was used by the main character to train. They agreed with Haru's decision and decided to train on the Tokyo Tower.

"Then let's go!"

Without waiting any longer, they started their training arc!