Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 986

Volume 1 Chapter 986 Sky Raker

In the past, Sky Raker was known as the player who was closest to the sky, but suddenly there were three players who had the ability to fly which was why she was shocked at this moment!

"You're a Sky Raker, right?" Haru asked.

"Yes, do you need anything from me?" Sky Raker asked. She didn't know them, but it didn't mean know anything about them. She also got a feeling that they knew her name from the matching-list since she didn't think that she was very famous, especially when she had been missing for the past few years. She didn't know why they decided to come to this place, but if they came for a fight then she didn't mind fighting them. Even though she hadn't fought for the past few years, it didn't mean her ability had decreased.

"Sorry to bother you, but we're going to use this place for a week to train," Haru said.


The answer was unexpected, Sky Raker asked, "Training?"

"Well, the Incarnate System. You may have heard it since I can tell that you've been in the game for a long time," Haru said.

"I, Incarnate System!" Sky Raker was surprised since only some people in the "brain burst" knew about that thing. Even though it was a very powerful ability, it was very hard to attain. Even if some players were able to attain it, this ability was not without its consequences.

"Well, we won't bother you that much," Haru said.

"Hello, hello, I'm bunny-chan!" Tabane introduced herself cutely.

"Maroon Owl. Nice to meet you," Charlotte said.

"Lilac Deer. Our training might disturb you," Sumire said.

"Ocean Stingray."

Haru didn't talk much in this situation. Considering he really came to train himself to make his ability stronger and the heroines in this story were very young. His limit was high school, and he wouldn't touch a middle school student. Sky Raker, in front of him was a middle school student or maybe a high school?

Haru wasn't sure, but it was better to not have to do anything with her since there were three beautiful women beside him.

Then after their introduction, the four of them didn't waste their time and started their training.

Sky Ranker wanted to talk about the dangers of the Incarnate System, but decided to stop since she could tell that the four of them wouldn't listen to her, especially when the four of them were players who dared to fight against one of the Six Kings. She also felt quite bored to spend her days in this place and it was a good thing that someone came to her without an intention to fight.

'Well, I might not be bored for the past few days.'

Sky Ranker also wanted to see whether they were able to learn about the complicated Incarnate System.

There are four fundamental categories of Incarnate skills. These are: Firing Range Expansion, Movement Ability Expansion, Attack Power Expansion, and Armor Density Expansion.

However, a Burst Linker can only learn how to do two of these types. The two types they can learn are determined by the traits of the specific Duel Avatar - most importantly, the specific desire that gave birth to the Duel Avatar in the first place. For example, Scarlet Rain's main longing was to separate herself from the world for fear of getting hurt; that's why she can learn the Firing Range Expansion and Movement Ability Expansion types, but she can't use incarnation to power up her attacks or defenses.

The specific desire to give birth to a Duel Avatar can also be condensed into even more abstract terms, and this decides the color it will be.

Charlotte decided to learn Firing Range Expansion and Attack Power Expansion. She wanted to have a stronger attack and longer distance. Pondering for a while, she decided to start her training by floating in the sky while firing both of her rifles and drones at the target on the ground. She did it by repeating actions and somehow the distance of her attack seemed to increase even though it wasn't that much.

Sumire decided to learn Armor Density Expansion and Firing Range Expansion. She thought to become a tanker for everyone since her magnet manipulation ability was unique. She wanted to create a magnetic force-field out of magnetic energy, which could be expanded to protect large areas and could be used to defend the user against several things. Armor Density Expansion was necessary, and Firing Range Expansion was used to extend the distance of her ability.

Pondering for a while, Sumire decided to have a free fall from the top of the Tokyo Tower then protected herself with magnetic force-field when she dropped down. She didn't know how she could think of such a crazy training method, but she felt that it was the fastest way to become stronger.

Tabane decided to learn Firing Range Expansion and Movement Ability Expansion. Her "Terrain Change" ability was a very good control ability which was able to make the opponents troubled by the sudden change of terrain. She thought to expand the distance of this ability and also increased her speed. Then there was a question on her mind...

How was she going to train?

Tabane could only think about using her ability repeatedly without stopping. She also thought about controlling the terrain in which she had changed. For example, she changed the terrain into lava then she wanted to control that lava, morphing it into a giant fist or golem. She felt that her ability was too tasteless when she could only change the terrain without being able to control that terrain itself.

Haru decided to learn Movement Ability Expansion and Attack Power Expansion. Unlike the three of them, he had decided to become the sharpest spear for everyone. His stinger was very strong and one stab could decrease a lot of HP of his opponent. He wanted to make it stronger and also increase his speed. He didn't need defense and put all of his points into his attack which would make him a plastic player which had a very weak defense, however, he was alright with it.

His training was quite simple and that was to attack the pillar mountain several times.

Beside learning the Incarnate System, they also tried to create an ability and learned more about their ability since the Incarnate System had its own consequences when it was learned.


Haru knew that the thunder ability of this sword was very powerful and it would be wasteful to not use it. Raising his sword toward the sky, a cloud started to gather and a rumbling sound was heard. He pointed his sword toward the distance and thunder struck down.


Haru had to admit that the speed of thunder was very fast and the power of the thunder was also amazing.

'Wait, thunder speed?'

Haru thought that idea was feasible, but he wanted to turn it into a normal ability rather than an Incarnate System. He suddenly thought that this game was very dangerous, especially because it accessed the trauma of the the children. He was wondering who would make such a perverted game, but he didn't intend to say anything about it since his quest was clear.

'Level 10...'

Haru shook his head and decided to focus himself on training.

Looking at the four of them, Sky Raker had to admit, they would become stronger than her or rather might be stronger than the Six Kings in the future from their determination alone. She thought for a while and decided to enter her house to prepare a warm tea for everyone. It might be a good chance to get to know each other since she was quite lonely, living in this place alone.