Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 987

Volume 1 Chapter 987 Training Session 1

In the past few days; Haru, Tabane, Charlotte, and Sumire used all of their time to train and rest. They suddenly understood the mentality of the Shounen manga characters who used their time to train an ability or became stronger.

"UWOOO, I'M FIRE UP!!!!" Tabane shouted.

"Fufufu, Bunny-chan is sure excited," Sky Raker said.

"Well, that's how she is," Haru said.

Spending few days together, of course, their relationship became better, especially when they stayed at Sky Raker's house. They learned that they could buy a lot of things from the shop inside the "brain burst" and Sky Raker's house and wheelchair were one of those items.

"So the four of you have a harem relationship?" Sky Ranker asked with a blush.



Haru was speechless and sighed when he thought about Tabane's mouth.

Tabane loved a cute girl and of course, Sky Ranker was also included in that category, especially when she learned that Sky Ranker had lost one of her legs.

Staying together, they also learned Sky Ranker's history. Sky Ranker's life was quite good and she was also a beautiful girl, but she wasn't perfect. She missed one of her legs from birth which was the cause of her trauma. In the past, she had also joined the Legion in the past with a Black King as her legion master.

There were a lot of things which they had learned from each other for a few days.

Charlotte had become stronger and her firepower had increased along with her shooting distance. She also bought the ability to change the ammunition within her rifle and drones depending on the situation. Though, she mostly used a beam attack since it was faster and stronger, but during their fight on the Stormy Stage, she learned that her attack power had decreased. If she could change her ammunition then she wouldn't be a burden for everyone.

Charlotte had also developed several abilities and Incarnate Systems that were able to help her during the battle and made her stronger. Her training was quite spartan, but the result was amazing. She could stay on the top of the pillar mountain and shoot down the Enemy which was few kilometers away, though, her damage was a bit too small for her liking.

Unlike Charlotte's dissatisfaction, Sky Ranker was speechless in Charlotte from what she knew Charlotte might be the player with the longest shooting distance. Charlotte's drones were also very powerful and could be combined with each other to create more powerful weapons.

Sumire also learned a lot of things in the past few days. She was able to create a magnetic force-field to protect herself in any situation and her defense might be only second to the Green King, Green Grenade. She could also fly without using a steel plate beneath herself which was more convenient.

Sumire's ability was already very dangerous since most of the things within the "brain burst" were made from metal and that meant, she could stop, attract, push, or control everything in the surrounding area as long as it was made from metal. She was also able to decrease the usage of Special Gauge when she used her ability which was her only weakness during the battle.

Sky Ranker had to admit that Sumire's magnetic force-field was very strong and it was also a very cheating ability. She had created a similar Incarnate System ability in the past known as Wind Veil, but compared to Sumire, her ability might be weaker.

Tabane might be the one with the most gain during this training session. She learned to control the terrain which she had changed which made her quite invincible as long as she wasn't attacked, but that wasn't all.

As long as the player was inside her terrain, then they could only say goodbye since she was going to play them hard. Her only disadvantage was her defense which was very weak or rather fragile, but she compensated it with her ability to do an air-jump. Her speed was very fast and her movement was very unpredictable. With her ability, it might not be wrong to call her a mage.

Sky Ranker had never seen a player with Tabane's ability since Tabane's ability was very strong. The only player who was able to face Tabane might be her who could move around the sky freely or the Six Kings who had a strong defense, attack, or illusion since Tabane's ability was able to affect the terrain which meant in every battle, Tabane had always an advantage, changing the terrain to her liking to support her during the battle.

But the one which made Sky Ranker surprise might be Haru since Haru's attack was very strong. It might be comparable to Blue King or Black King.

Haru had developed various sword techniques which were very strong and dangerous. Then he also developed an ability from Gryphon.

Using Gryphon, he was able to develop an ability to detect everyone in his surrounding area. Its function was similar to a Kenbunshoku Haki, but he used electricity or thunder which was generated from Gryphon. Even though he hadn't developed a thunder speed since his time wasn't enough, his power had increased so much to the very shocking result. Then lastly, the color of his thunder had changed from blue to blood red which gave a more ominous image.

Sky Raker thought that Haru's thunder might be even comparable to the Purple King and Purple Thorn, but with a more cheating combination. Thinking about Haru's ability from close combat, long-range combat, speed, and defense, she felt that Haru's Duel Avatar might be perfect. If he was able to fly then she felt no one would be able to face him, especially when she learned about his "physical permetation" ability. Even if he only had this one ability, she knew that he could conquer the "brain burst".

Her feelings were very hard to describe when she stayed with them for the past few days. The only thing which made her worried was that the Tokyo Tower might be titled or destroyed since it had been attacked by Haru for the past few days.

Luckily, the Stage Transition happened and the entire field was refreshed.

Transition refers to the overwriting and refreshment of the Unlimited Neutral Field by replacing what Stage it's set to. They happen at irregular intervals; the exact timing is thought to be random.

The next stage selected follows something of a pattern. First, the amount of time a Stage will be active can be anywhere from 3 to 10 (accelerated) days, but no longer than that. In addition, the stage selected afterwards always has a different attribute, so a Fire-attribute stage will never transition to another Fire-attribute stage.

However, there is also research that found that if the game rotates between the three nature-attribute stages for a long period of time, then a "powerful" Dark- or Light-attribute stage will appear afterwards.

The Fairy World Staged transited into Heian Stage.

Haru had to admit that this stage was quite unique since he could see various places with Japanese traditional houses. If he made a comparison then this place was a bit similar to the Wano Country in the world of One Piece.

"You sure are lucky to be able to see this scenery from this spot," Haru said.

Sky Ranker smiled and said, "If you want, you can buy a house in this place too."

Haru shook his head and said, "No. It's better to stay at your house."

"I've always welcomed you all the time," Sky Ranker said with a smile.

When both of them talked to each other, Tabane latched onto Haru's back and said, "Ha-- Stingray, let's develop a musical ability!"