Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 988

Volume 1 Chapter 988 Training Session 2

Tabane remembered how Haru had increased everyone's ability to use music during their quest in the world of Fairy Tail. In the shop, she saw a musical instrument and thought that they might able to develop a similar ability since an ability to boost the overall ability was a very good thing.

There might be a limit if they wanted to increase their speed, strength, and defense. Unless they develop a new ability, it was the reason why someone with a support ability was very popular among the group of "Burst Linker".

Haru wasn't sure whether there was support ability to develop overall stats for the Duel Avatar, but he knew that there was a Duel Avatar who had an ability to heal another player. Thinking for a while, he also felt that this idea was feasible.

"It might be possible, but it might be hard to develop that ability," Haru said. He didn't think that it was very easy to develop such an ability since none of them were a "Duel Avatar" with green color.

From every color in the "brain burst", only the green color which had an ability to support. Oh, there was another color such as white, but that color was even rarer than the green color.

"Well, it's alright if we don't develop the ability but don't you think it's cooler if we can use BGM when we're fighting," Tabane said excitedly.


All of them were familiar with BGM or background music. In movies, tv shows, or anime, to create better scenes; music was necessary, during a battle there was intense music, during a romantic scene there was melodic music, etc.

Tabane thought that it was possible to create a BGM since they were in the virtual world and inside the game. She thought with BGM she could make the game better and more fun.

"Owl is a keyboardist, Deer is a bassist, Stingray is a guitarist and vocalist, and I'll be a drummer," Tabane said. Her heart also trembled when she remembered how Haru was able to sing during the war of magicians against dragons which excited her and made her horny somehow. She was a lump of excitement and of course, she loved something which was exciting.


Haru, Charlotte, and Sumire looked at each other and nodded. They didn't really mind creating a band inside the "brain burst" since they felt a bit bored during this training session. The feeling of getting stronger was a very good thing, but they also wanted to have fun since it was quite boring to develop an ability.

It also wouldn't take that much time every day and they could train during the resting time after they had done with their training.

"Why not?"

"Good, let's buy those musical instruments in the shop!"

Tabane was very excited and couldn't wait anymore.

"Wait! Wait! Wait! Are you really going to make a band?" Sky Ranker was dumbfounded when she heard their conversation.

"Yes." 4x


Hearing their answer, Sky Ranker became even more dumbfounded since she had never heard about such a thing before. If they wanted to become a Level 10 or even challenge the Imperial Palace, then she wouldn't be this surprised, but she heard them wanted to make a band. She let out a sigh and thought that a whim should have a limit, but she didn't stop them since she was also curious about their bands. If this band was made then it would be the first band in the "brain burst".


Sky Ranker thought that their legion's name wasn't that bad and it could be used as a band name.

Haru, Tabane, Sumire, and Charlotte bought a guitar, microphone, keyboard, bass, and drum from the shop. Those musical instruments were a bit special since they could be folded into something small. The four of them tried to play it for a while and it seemed that it was easier than they had thought, but it didn't give a boost effect.

"Try to sing something," Charlotte said.

"Hmm... I wonder what kind of song we should play." Haru looked at Tabane and asked, "Say, why don't you be the one who is singing?"

"Eh? Me?" Tabane was surprised.

"You've always said that you're everyone's idol. This time, you've got a chance to realize that to reality," Haru said.

Tabane's eyes brightened up when she heard it. She knew that she had always thought of herself as an idol, but she had never thought of becoming one, but she had a chance to do it now which was a very good thing.

"Yes~~ I'll do it!"

"How about the two of you?" Haru asked Charlotte and Sumire wondering whether both of them were interested in becoming vocalists.

"No." 2x

Sumire and Charlotte didn't really have an interest as singers.

Haru nodded and didn't really mind before changing his position with Tabane. He was sitting on the drum seat and Tabane was holding a guitar with a microphone in front of her. She looked at him and asked, "So what song are we going to perform?"

"Let's play a rock song," Haru said. He felt that rock was the genre of music song with the most suitable to play since it seemed it would create a better BGM. He took a piece of paper and wrote down the song which they would play after this, but it was a bit difficult to write it on the top of drum so he changed his location and wrote down the lyrics and music notes on the table.

Everyone was looking at him curiously and saw the title of the song.

"Crossing Field?"

It didn't take him 10 minutes before he had written everything and gave the copies to Sumire, Charlotte, and Tabane.

"Here, train for a while."

The three of them nodded and started to train.

"Stingray, what song is that? I don't think I've ever heard of it."

Sky Ranker was quite knowledgeable about the song in this country, but she had never heard a song with the title "Crossing Field".

"It's my original," Haru said.


Sky Ranker was surprised and asked, "You're a singer?"

"Well, I've had that experience in the past," Haru said.

Sky Ranker became even more curious about Haru's identity. Even though it was taboo to know each other's identity in reality, she couldn't help but become curious, especially when he didn't really mind about her lost leg.

Haru didn't know what Sky Ranker was thinking and also started to train with everyone.

It took them 30 minutes before they perfected everything.

"You're ready?" Haru asked.


Tabane was excited and couldn't wait to perform.

"Then 1, 2. 1, 2."

Charlotte started with the keyboard during the intro before another musical instrument also entered the song.

"Cloudy memories

"Of the way it used to be

"Searching for answers I can't see

"Looking back in time."

Tabane's voice was very suitable for this song, or this song might be specially made for her because the resonance between the lyrics and her voice was very good.

Sky Raker closed her eyes and thought how wonderful this song was. She felt that this song might describe her very well. In the past, she was too obsessive to reach the sky that she forgot about her important people. Closing her eyes, she started to reminisce about a lot of things when she was active in the "brain burst".

"I gotta break free and escape this endless nightmare

"I won't stop."

The song was over, and the four of them suddenly had a feeling that it was possible to create an ability using a song. They already had a clear image in their minds and the only thing which they only needed to do was to polish this ability to be able to perfectly used in the battle.

Looking at the four of them, Sky Raker felt a bit jealous. She glanced at Haru then smiled since she knew that she would meet him soon.