Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 989

Volume 1 Chapter 989 Antagonist Of The Story 1

It had been a week since they trained on the top of Tokyo Tower.

They didn't intend to stay any longer and went back to the real world, but before that they had an intention to hunt some players before they returned.

Sky Raker didn't stop them, but she told them that they could go to her home anytime.

In the past week, they had comprehended their abilities very well. They also learned various abilities and an Incarnate System. This time, they had intended to test their abilities on some players since they had only fought each other or fought against an enemy in the past week.

"Goodbye," Sky Raker said.

Everyone said goodbye and jumped out from the top of the Tokyo Tower.

Sky Raker looked at Haru's back and wondered whether she could meet him in the future.


The four of them walked together while looking at the scenery in their surroundings.

The Heian Stage was very unique to them and made them want to wear traditional Japanese clothes or hold a katana sword. One thing which made this stage beautiful was a cherry blossom tree which blossomed everywhere. Unlike in the real world where the cherry blossom had passed its blossom session and where the traditional house almost disappeared, at this stage, they had a feeling as if they were traveling to the past which gave them a novel feeling.

"It'll be good to play samisen here," Tabane said.

The shamisen or samisen, also sangen, is a three-stringed traditional Japanese musical instrument derived from the Chinese instrument sanxian.

Haru understood Tabane's feelings and he also thought it would be good to play a samisen in this place.

"If there's an opponent then it will be better," Sumire said.

"Opponents, huh? I can see some of the players from in that direction."

Charlotte pointed her finger toward the distance. She had learned a passive ability to see the distance better, that ability made it easier for her to use her fight.

Haru, Sumire, and Tabane also looked toward the distance and saw four players fighting against other players. Even though their vision was worse than Charlotte's, when Charlotte had pointed them in a direction, they also could see a hazy image few kilometers away from their location.

"Can you describe them?" Haru asked.

"The four players are very strong. It seems that the four of them are in one group. One of them has a very large arm with black color, one of them seems to be immune to physical ability, one with purple color, this one seems to be a support, and lastly, this one has saws as his weapon and his color seems to be similar to a rust?" Charlotte looked at the distance and said, "I've seen them in the story. If I'm not wrong, should they be the antagonist in the story?"

Hearing Charlotte's words, they were a bit surprised since they didn't expect to meet the antagonist of the story.

Haru remembered some of the antagonists of the "Accel World" and he had to admit that it was better for them to forget the "brain burst" since the antagonist of the story had a lot of trauma within them.

"So what do you think?" Charlotte asked.

"Can you shoot them from here?" Haru asked.

"I can do it." Charlotte confirmed Haru's question.

"So let's do it. Owl, you can search for a hiding place to shoot them down, and the three of us will go over there to strike them," Haru said.


Charlotte moved in search of a good place to snip them down.

"Let's go," Haru said.

"Good~~" Tabane couldn't wait to fight against the antagonist.

Sumire nodded and was ready for the battle.


Acceleration Research Society. It is a mysterious shadowy organization and the Legion of antagonists of the story.

The group uses illegal Brain Implant Ch.i.p.s, which allow them to appear on Accel World without being seen on any matching list.

When Haru, Sumire, Charlotte, and Tabane were about to return to reality, they didn't expect to meet four of the members of this organization.

Dusk Taker, Rust Jigsaw, Argon Array, and Wolfram Cerberus; the four of them were members of Acceleration Research Society. Each member knew each other's identities so no one would betray the organization.

The members often went out together to hunt a player to gain more points.

In their mind, "brain burst" was only a means for them to have a better future such as helping them to become strong there or having a better score on the exam. The fighting game was nothing for them since they only wanted to become stronger and gain more points without caring about the method, especially in the "Unlimited Neutral Field" when they could use "Endless Kill Mode"; then process to kill the players they met along the way until those players lost their points.

"Fuuh... We've hunted a lot," Argon Array said.

"Their ability is useless," Dusk Taker said.

"Well, you might get a good ability from the "Pets"," Argon Array said.

"Oh, I want to face them first!" Wolfram Cerberus said.

"Don't forget about the task," Rust Jigsaw said.

They had gotten a task to search for the "Pets" since the leader of their organization had an intention to invite Haru, Sumire, Tabane, and Charlotte into the organization. The "Pets" were very famous since this group had declared war against the Six Kings. Of course, Acceleration Research Society thought it was a good chance to inject new blood into the group and the "Pets" were perfect for that. They also didn't think that the "Pets" would reject them when the "Pets" knew about the advantage of joining this organization.

"Well, but we can test them first right? We'll see whether they're suitable to enter an organization or not," Dusk Taker said.

".....That's true. Let's test them for a while." Rust Jigsaw pondered for a while and said, "But if they're useless then let us convert them into points."

The three of them smiled and didn't say anything. In their thoughts, the players were nothing but points. Only the members of their organization weren't counted as a point since they needed to work with each other.

"But this 60 minute resurrection is very long. I'm too bored to stay here," Wolfram Cerberus said.

"We can attract an enemy or a player here," Argon Array said.

"Then I'll do that!" Wolfram Cerberus said.

"I'll wait here."

"Me too."

Dusk Taker and Rust Jigsaw were too lazy to move.

"Then, I'll accoman---"


Suddenly Argon Array's head was shot, and her HP quickly depleted.


Argon Array was about to say something but thunder suddenly struck her down.



Dusk Taker, Wolfram Cerberus, and Rust Jigsaw were moving away from their spot. They didn't care about each other and even Argon Array was very necessary in their team, but their lives were more important, right?

The surrounding area was covered in dust because of the thunder which made it hard for them to see their opponents.

Argon Array's HP had decreased and she almost died. She wanted to run away and used her Special Move right away.

Razzle Dazzle!

Razzle Dazzle was Argon Array's Special Move, which used the lights on her hat to blind a large area around her with a powerful strobe light. It was used for confusion and escaping. She was about to use it, but suddenly someone appeared right in front of her and ended her life.