Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 990

Volume 1 Chapter 990 Antagonist Of The Story 2

A pillar of light suddenly appeared within the dust which shocked Dusk Taker, Rust Jigsaw, and Wolfram Cerberus. From that pillar of light, they could tell Argon Array had died from the opponents who had attacked them so suddenly.

"Damn, where is the sniper!"

"Where's the Bullet Line!?"

"Shit, let's retreat for now!"

The Bullet Line is a defensive system assisted in "brain bursts" that allows the player's targets to see the trajectory of the bullets that are being aimed at them. It takes the form of a thin, light-red, half-translucent light from the target's viewpoint. It is quite a nonsense system which gives a disadvantage to the long range fighters, but it is also necessary since if there isn't Bullet Line, then the sniper on the "brain burst" is invincible.

Charlotte was a very skillful sniper and she didn't need the system's help to shoot down the enemy from few kilometers away. Unlike other sniper type players, she could count the air pressure, the distance, speed, etc to her calculation in very fast speed and shoot down her opponent in a very swift manner. She had tried to erase the "Bullet Line", but it seemed that it was impossible to be erased since it was fully integrated with the game.

Dusk Taker was the one who panicked the most among them. "What should we do? What should we do?"

"Shut up! Just focus on the opponent!" Rust Jigsaw was annoyed and shouted, "Wolfram, get ready to face the opponent!"


Then suddenly they noticed the ground had turned into swamp.

"Swamp? Since when?!" Dusk Taker felt a sweat drop from his forehead, even though he knew that it was impossible to sweat within the game. But he felt a fear since he didn't even see the enemy from the beginning.

Wolfram who was in the fighting stance suddenly felt that his body felt very heavy then he dropped to the ground before sinking into the swamp.

"What's happening?! Why is my body heavy!"

"Rust Order!"

Rust Jigsaw corroded the surrounding area and the swamp which troubled everyone started to crumble because of rust.

Dust Taker sighed in relief, but Wolfram felt that his body was very heavy and even if the swamp had disappeared, Wolfram couldn't move his body.

Rust Jigsaw's mind was calmer and suddenly he had an idea who had attacked them, but the smartest usually died the fastest. He was about to say something, but...


Rust Jigsaw's head was shot without mercy and his HP was quickly depleted. He was about to say something again, but three continuous bullets shot his head mercilessly.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*


Rust Jigsaw's HP quickly emptied and he turned into a pillar of light, dying from that attack.



Charlotte took a deep breath after using the ability she had developed during training.

Triple-burst shot.

Charlotte developed a "triple-burst shot" with the intention of defeating her opponent quickly. She shot down three consecutive shots toward her opponent right into their heads which could end the life of her opponent swiftly. It was a very powerful ability, but it also needed a lot of time to prepare and she couldn't use it continuously which was quite troublesome when she was surrounded, but she didn't need to worry about that, especially when the she could shoot her opponent a few kilometers away and she had a reliable team who could protect her.



Dust Taker and Wolfram were taken aback when they saw Rust Jigsaw was defeated in an instant.

"Damn! Who is it! Who is it! Come out! I'll deal with you!"

Dust Taker shouted, but suddenly he felt the swamp return to his legs before trying to sink him inside.

"Damn, what the heck is this swamp!"


Wolfram had already given up and ignored Dust Taker's shout since he knew that it was useless to fight back, especially when he couldn't move. He knew that they had lost, but he was wondering why he didn't sink that deeply into the swamp, yet Dusk Taker had sunk very deep.

Dusk Taker kept shouting, but his body kept sinking into the swamp. His head was the only thing which didn't submerge into the swamp.

"F.u.c.k! Don't you dare to fight against me in a fair manner! You fu-- ARGGG!!!!"

Dusk Taker suddenly felt that his body was attacked and his HP had decreased. He kept moving his body around, but the swamp started to pull him inside again. His movement became slow and he was trapped inside the swamp. He tried to fight back, but he couldn't since this swamp was very troublesome.

"F.u.c.k, I can't die yet! Dusk Claw!"

Dusk Taker enveloped his hands in a dark purple energy that allowed him to slash through everything.


The swamp exploded and he could move his body, but when Dusk Taker thought that he had escaped from the swamp and he could run away, suddenly his body was attacked several times mercilessly before he died.


Dusk Taker was very frustated since he didn't even see the face of his opponents. He cursed loudly, but his fate had been decided and he turned into a pillar of light. He needed to wait for an hour before he could revive the world.


From the beginning to the end, Wolfram didn't even see his opponents, but then his body could move which puzzled him.

"What's wrong? You're not happy that you can move now?"

Wolfram turned his head and saw four figures who came toward him.

"The "Pets"?!"

Wolfram knew them very well since the four of them had become the main discussion on the "brain burst".

"Why did you let me go?"

Wolfram was confused as to why they didn't trap him again.

"Well, because I want to have a duel with you since I can see that you have quite a special ability." Haru looked at Wolfram for a while before saying, "Say, how about we have a duel and if you can win against me then we will let you go."


Wolfram looked at the four of them and knew that he couldn't fight the four of them at the same time, but looking at Haru who was in stingray form, he felt that he could win against this stingray bastard.

"Good, let's have a duel!"

Haru nodded and transformed himself into his humanoid form. "Then let's start!" Then suddenly he appeared right in front of Wolfram.

Wolfram was surprised, but he quickly calmed himself and used his ability to fight Haru.


Haru looked at Wolfram's HP and saw that his HP didn't decrease that much.

Wolfram was a bit surprised that Haru's attack was able to damage him since his ability made him invincible against a physical attack. He had Physical Immunity, which granted him near-total immunity to all incoming physical damage. It was an activation-type ability.

Energy attacks could still affect him in this state, and extremely high amounts of physical damage - such as those utilizing terrain against him - could still hurt him.

But from what Wolfram could tell, he could see that Haru didn't use an energy attack and only used his physical damage to attack him, so he had a chance to win against him!

*Clang!* *Clang!* *Clang!*

Wolfram's HP depleted very quickly which made him quite panic, but Haru was quite unsatisfied with this speed.

Haru jumped back several meters away then put his sword into his sheath for a while.

Wolfram didn't know, but he felt something bad was about to happen. He decided to attack Haru and killed him quickly, but his speed was too slow.

"First Form: Thunderclap and Flash!"

Haru dashed forward and slashed at Wolfram with incredible speed and thunder in his surroundings.


Wolfram saw that his HP was depleted more than half in an instant which shocked him, but Haru's attack wasn't over since he could hear words which came out form Haru's mouth.

"Six Folds!"

Haru attacked him again six times with a thunderous slash in an instant. The ground crumbled and there were scorch marks on each location where he stepped.

"What a good attack! Let's have a fight next time!"

Wolfram was defeated in an instant turned into a pillar of light,

Out of the four of them, only Wolfram was one with a decent personality so it was also one the reason why Haru decided to have a duel with him.

Haru sighed in relief and felt quite satisfied with his ability.

"Let's go and hunt again!" Tabane shouted.


Haru felt that it wouldn't take that much time for them to become Level 9.