Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 991

Volume 1 Chapter 991 Pets Is Dangerous

"Damn, what was that?!"

Argon Array couldn't help but complain when she saw that Rust Jigsaw had come back alive once again after 60 minutes. Her ability "Transcend Ray" allowed her to use the lights on her hat to analyze the status, abilities, and inventory of any Duel Avatar, but in that attack, she was killed first during the battle which meant that the opponent might have an idea about her ability. It also scared her somehow since she didn't see the players who had killed her, but she/he/they knew about her.

"Shut up for a bit."

Rust Jigsaw was also annoyed after he was killed. He looked around and saw that Dusk Taker and Wolfram Cerberus hadn't been resurrected since it hadn't been 60 minutes for both of them.

"Don't you know our opponent?" Argon Array asked. She didn't care about Rust Jigsaw's snap at her since almost all of the players on the "Acceleration Research Society" had a very bad personality.

Shaking his head, Rust Jigsaw said, "No." He looked at Argon Array and asked, "How about you?"

Argon Array also shook her head and said, "No, I didn't see the one who had killed me but his speed and attack were outrageous." She thought for a while and said, "If I'm not wrong then the one who has killed me is using a sharp weapon."

"Sharp weapon?"

This sentence caused Rust Jigsaw to frown since he also didn't see the player who had killed them from the beginning to end! He didn't even know that there was an opponent who used a sharp weapon since the one who had killed him was a bullet.

"You didn't know?" Argon Array was a bit surprised since she thought that Rust Jigsaw should be able to see the face of the opponent.

"No, let's talk about this to Dusk Taker since this guy is almost resurrected soon."

Hearing Rust Jigsaw's proposal, Argon Array agreed since it was useless to talk when they didn't have that much information about the opponent.

Their hearts were filled with indignants and also awe since they didn't even know who their opponent was before. What they knew was that their opponent was using a sharp weapon, sniper, could manipulate swamp, sent out a thunder, then lastly an ability that was able to trap an opponent since Wolfram couldn't move when they were attacked.

From their analysis, it seemed the opponent knew about their information which made them confused. Their movement had always been secretive and they knew that it shouldn't be the players who had become their enemies had died several times and forcefully installed a "brain burst" by killing them until their points emptied then when that happened, the "brain burst" would make them forget everything which happened in the game.

Which meant that no one really knew about their identity, but this time the opponents seemed to know about them which made their hearts cold with a threat which was hiding in the dark.

They needed to tell everyone about this problem since there was a possibility there was a traitor among them. Even if there wasn't a traitor then their opponent might have a way to get their information.

Then Dusk Taker was resurrected and he was immediately asked by both of them, but his answer was as unexpected. Shaking his head, he said, "I don't know. I've been pulled inside a swamp and then I'm killed. I don't know anything besides one of the players has an ability to manipulate swamps and also swim inside it."

"Swimming inside?!" 2x

This surprised them since there was a player who had the ability to swim.

"Swimming really?" Argon Array became even more curious and thought about using her ability with her opponents when she had a chance.

"Yes, let's wait for Wolfram. I'm sure he may have seen the identity of our attackers," Dusk Taker said.

"How can you be so sure?" Rust Jigsaw asked.

"You know his ability very well, it takes a lot of time to kill him. This idiot might know one or two things about them."

Hearing Dusk Taker's explanation, Rust Jigsaw and Argon Array thought that it was quite reasonable.

In the end, the three of them put all of their hopes into Wolfram since they were also helpless against their opponents. If Wolfram didn't know who their opponents were then they couldn't even find the clue who their opponents would be. The only thing that they really hoped for was that there was no traitor beside their group or the opponent had the same ability as Argon Array.

Argon Array's "Transcend Ray" ability might have been rare, but it didn't mean that she was the only one who owned that ability. There might be other players who owned that ability and they also weren't sure about the number of their opponents since that attack was so sudden that they didn't have time to comprehend everything.

The only thing which they could do in that situation was to protect themselves and retreat as soon as possible.

"Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!"

Wolfram, who they had been waiting for a while, was also resurrected. He held his head and seemed to have a bad memory about his fight before.

"Wolfram, who is the enemy?" Argon Array asked directly.

"....Pets," Wolfram answered directly.

"Pets?!" 3x

The three of them were surprised since that meant "Pets" was stronger than they had thought. They didn't even know where they were and suddenly they had lost their lives which meant that the danger level of "Pets" had increased in their minds.

"How did you know about that?" Dusk Taker asked.

"Well, the leader of "Pets", Ocean Stingray faced me directly and I lost." Wolfram sat down on the ground and said, "I've also seen the other three members of "Pets", but they didn't help the leader to fight me." He looked at them and said, "I fought the leader in a duel."

"Then you lost?"


"What is the ability of the leader?"

"It's a sword. His attack was so powerful that my ability was useless," Wolfram said.


They were in shock when they heard Wolfram's words since they knew very well how strong Wolfram's ability was since physical attack was useless on him, but the leader of "Pets" could ignore Wolfram's ability which made them realize how strong the attack of the leader of "Pets" was.

"So what should we do now?"

Everyone was looking at Rust Jigsaw since this guy was their leader on this outing.

"Let's go back and tell this to everyone. I'm not in the mood to hunt now and it'll be dangerous if they suddenly attack us again," Rust Jigsaw said.

Everyone agreed. They didn't even know whether the "Pets" had left them, especially when the "Pets" had an ability to play them around. Even though they loved to kill, it didn't mean that they loved to be killed.

They knew that the "Pets" were dangerous, and they hoped that attack would just happen because they were on their way. This place was called "Unlimited Neutral Field" after all and it was normal for every player in this place to be attacked since they also did the same. They didn't want to make the "Pets" into their enemy considering how the "Pets" end the life of their opponents.

Then they went to the Portal to exit the "Unlimited Neutral Field" to tell everything which happened to everyone in the organization.