Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 992

Volume 1 Chapter 992 Believe In Him

After coming back from their training session, Haru, Tabane, Sumire, and Charlotte went directly to their room to sleep. It felt quite weird since they didn't feel tired, even though they had stayed in the "Unlimited Neutral Field" for the past week. In their minds, they felt that they were staying in the "The Hyperbolic Time Chamber" from Dragon Ball. It might be good to use it once or twice, but it would mess up their minds when they used it all the time.

Spending a week might not be their limit, but Sumire as a doctor thought that it was necessary to limit the gaming time for all of them since the brain had always been a very mysterious organ in the human body.

Haru might be alright since his body was very powerful and Tabene might also be alright too since she was regarded as the ultimate human in her world, but it was different for both Sumire and Charlotte since both of them were only normal humans.

But at the same time, they also knew that it was necessary to test their limit to play "brain burst" since they needed to become Level 9 and Level 10 as soon as possible. From what they had learnt from playing this game, there wasn't any downside which would cause damage to the body, but they also couldn't say that they would be 100% alright for playing this game too long.

But compared to the children who played the "brain burst", their minds and bodies were stronger.

Haru thought that it was necessary to learn more about the human body, especially the brain part after he woke up from his sleep later.

They received a lot of gain after they stayed in the "Unlimited Neutral Field" and before they went back, they also had leveled up to Level 6.

To raise their level, a player needs to spend 300 points on each level.

For a normal player, it might be hard since they didn't have 100% rate of win, but the four of them were different since they kept winning every time, especially when they had become stronger after their training session.

Sleeping together in Haru's room, they slept soundly and thought about the rest of things later since they wanted to rest first.


Waking up the next day, they regained their spirit and ate the lunch which Haru had cooked for them.

After learning about the "Incarnate System", they got a lot of an ability and also completed their quest. But even so, they still had a lot of quests which they hadn't completed.

Discussing their next plan, they had decided to get territory in Suginami area since they felt that it was necessary to own a territory.

Legions may own territory across the Tokyo metropolitan area. The area is separated into a few dozen areas, and a Legion may occupy it and defend it from invaders. In addition, if Burst Linkers are currently in their own territory, they cannot be pulled into a duel via challenge.

Even though it wasn't that necessary, they felt that it was too shameful to not have territory.

To own territory, they needed to do a "Territory Battle".

Territory Battles are the team combat battles that decide a Legion's territory. It happens every Saturday and lasts for one real-world hour, from 4:00 to 5:00 PM. It pits a team of Burst Linkers from one Legion against a team of Burst Linkers from another. These battles determine the ownership of territories, each of which is called a Combat Area. Each ward in the Tokyo metropolitan area is made up of multiple Combat Areas. There are around sixty in total, and follow the naming pattern "Suginami Third Combat Area", "Chiyoda Second Combat Area", etc.

Today was Friday, they needed to wait until tomorrow before they could challenge a "Territory Battles" against another Legion.

They decided to take a break from the university to do their research since they had stolen some papers from lecturers around the world to learn more about the virtual world and brain related papers.

In this world, the virtual world might have been perfected, but nothing was perfect.

They needed to learn more since they were new in this area of research which made them stumped in some places. They might be geniuses in their own world, but it didn't mean they knew about everything. They weren't God and it was impossible for them to learn everything in a single glance.

Each day felt wonderful since they could learn about a new knowledge, but for Haru, he felt that there was something missing. During his stay in this world, the only time he spent was playing a game, learning a virtual world, flirt-- talking to three girls which came with him. The only character which he had made in this world was the main character who was their neighbor. Even though he had met a lot of characters in the game, he felt missing somehow.

Haru looked at the time and knew that it was time for his appointment. He felt that he needed to expand his contact in this world.

"I'll go out first, do you want to come with me?"

"Noop." 3x

Tabane, Charlotte, and Sumire didn't have an intention to go out since for them learning a new knowledge had always been something more interesting than playing around. It might be that they didn't know the forbidden pleasure that was why they made such an answer.

Haru was wondering what would happen when he taught them that there was something more fun than researching, but he felt that it would make the situation quite complicated in the future.

"Where are you going? Are you going to buy something?" Charlotte asked.

It wasn't a secret that Haru had bought a lot of things in this world from novels, anime, manga, movies, games, music, etc from this world since he loved it and he also had said to them that he could sell those things in his world or other worlds when he was on the quest for money.

They knew that Haru was very good at making money and they were wondering whether he was going to get something to make money in his world.

"I'm going to meet someone," Haru said.

"Girl?" Sumire raised her eyebrows.

"It might or might not be," Haru said. He wasn't sure whether he would meet a girl or boy since sometimes there was an unexpected change.

"Huh? Who are you going to meet with?" Tabane asked.

"Sky Raker," Haru said.

"Sky Raker!" 3x


The three of them looked at Haru with complicated expressions. They knew that it was very hard to know the real identity of the player in the "brain burst" without using a hack, rather it was a taboo for the identity of the player to be known on the reality since there might be something happening, but this guy, with one week time was able to ask Sky Raker out!

"Did you invite her?" Tabane's eyes turned sharp.

"I didn't invite her and I'm being invited." Haru looked at them and said, "And don't make judgements so early since Sky Raker might be a guy not a girl." He had read the story that Sky Raker was a girl, but there might be a change in the story, right?

Though, Haru secretly hoped that Sky Raker was a girl.


The three of them nodded and felt that this guy was even more skilled at deceiving a little girl.


Haru didn't say anything and looked at the three of them since their expression was quite serious for some reason.

The three of them knew that Haru didn't have a hobby to get close to someone who was in middle school. Thinking for a while, they felt relief, but at the same time, they were wondering if Haru's intention to make them into a 13-years-old teenager was to....

"I'm going out now," Haru said after he hadn't seen them react for some time. He might be late for his appointment if he didn't go out now.

Looking at Haru's back, Charlotte asked, "Are we not going to follow him?"

"Hmph! Soon or later, he's going to become Tabane-chan's!" Tabane said confidently. In her 13-year-old form, her chest wasn't that big yet and it was even quite small which somehow gave her a pretentious image when she raised her chest.


Somehow this sentence made them wonder whether Tabane forgot about Esdeath's presence. But in the end, they didn't think too much since they knew that Haru wouldn't flirt with a random girl, right?

"Wait, Haru, I'll come too!"

Tabane decided to go out together, leaving both Sumire and Charlotte behind.

"Shall we go?" Charlotte looked at Sumire.