Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 994

Volume 1 Chapter 994 Accident 1

After his win against Ash Roller, Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime talked about Cyan Pile.

Cyan Pile was a player who knew Kuroyukihime's identity by accident.

Kuroyukihime thought that Cyan Pile was Chiyu, Haruyuki's childhood friend. Her reasoning was because Chiyu got angry when she was close to Haruyuki, but he denied it since he didn't think that his childhood friend would be Cyan Pile.

Then both of them talked about how to identify the identity of Cyan Pile. Their talk was quite long, and in the end, Kuroyukihime teased Haruyuki to use a Direct Wired Connection on Chiyu to confirm whether Chiyu was a Cyan Pile or not.

Kuroyukihime didn't think that Haruyuki would seriously listen to her tease and the next day, Haruyuki really did a Direct Wired Connection with Chiyu. Even though Direct Wired Connection was usually only used by lovers, Haruyuki did it with Chiyu to attest Chiyu's innocence.

Then today, Haruyuki told Kuroyukihime about his finding after did a Direct Wired Connection with Chiyu. He found a backdoor on Chiyu's Neuro Linker and testified Chiyu's innocence, but Kuroyukihime couldn't stay calm after hearing it.

Kuroyukihime didn't expect Haruyuki to really have a Direct Wired Connection with his childhood friend which made her very jealous. She left him behind to calm herself since she was very uncomfortable after hearing such a thing.


Haruyuki didn't understand Kuroyukihime's reaction and he also didn't understand why such a perfect upperclassman would care about him. He was really confused by Kuroyukihime's actions and he also didn't understand why she chose him out of every student in his middle school. For him, it was something unthikable when a perfect student and the most beautiful girl in his middle school would talk to him who was fat and short. He wasn't that smart and the only advantage he had was that he was very good at games. He didn't think that she would be attracted to him because of the game. If he was as handsome as Haru then he thought that it was normal, but he wasn't!

He was fat, short, and he also wasn't smart which made him very confused by her actions.

Then during the break, he was asked by the newspaper club about his relationship with Kuroyukihime. His thoughts had always been very negative since he had been bullied in his school. But suddenly the members of the newspaper club told him that Kuroyukihime might have feelings for him which made him dumbfounded. He couldn't believe in such a thing since he didn't think that he was worthy of it. In his usual spot, toilet, he screamed thinking that all the things which the members of the newspaper club did were nonsense, but the truth was in front of him.

If he was more confident then he might think that Kuroyukihime really loved him, but he wasn't. He suddenly thought that the reason why she got close to him was because he was imperfect or ugly. She was perfect and he was imperfect. He thought that her reason to get close to him was for physiological comfort. She was so perfect that she needed someone who was imperfect beside her. When he thought about such a thing, he started to become depressed about the thing which happened in the past few days was too good to be true and now, he understood why it was happening to him.

When school was over, Kuroyukihime thought to apologize to Haruyuki since her reaction might have been a bit too much earlier, but she was too embarrassed to apologize so she could only talk about Cyan Pile with him.

Both of them walked back together side by side while wearing a Direct Wired Connection, but somehow when she heard his words, she felt that he was angry for some reason.

"Are you angry about something?"

"No, I'm not. Rather than talking about something like that, let's talk about something more important."

Both of them were wearing a Direct Wired Connection and continued their talk about Cyan Pile.

Haruyuki's tone seemed quite plain and he seemed to be angry about something. He told her everything about his thoughts regarding Cyan Pile.

"Well it's up to you to decide whether you believe it or not."

Kuroyukihime also couldn't help but become annoyed and worried at the same time. She really didn't understand why he became angry all of sudden when in the morning their relationship was quite alright. She wondered whether he was angry when she doubted Chiyu's identity as Cyan Pile. "Do you really mean that?"

"Do as you wish. I'm at your service. A mere pawn to be discarded when you're done with me."

Haruyuki felt that this was alright and he felt that it was understandable when someone as perfect as her would use him.

"You're angry after all. I was in the wrong and I apologize, but I can't always control my emotions. And with you and Kurashima, I..."

Kuroyukihime was really jealous of Chiyu since she could see how close the relationship between Chiyu and Haruyuki was, but as a girl, there was no way that she could talk about that kind of thing easily.

"I mean..."

"Stop it."

Haruyuki cut her words.


"It's painful to watch."

"What do you mean?"

"You hate yourself, right?"


"You hate yourself for being too perfect. So you want to degrade yourself by pretending to like someone like me. But there's no need to do that since I'll do whatever you want. No need for thanks. Just order me about like a disposable toy..."

Haruyuki felt that this was alright and he also accepted it. He felt that everything was very logical and felt that it was the way it goes.



Kuroyukihime slapped Haruyuki with tears.


Haruyuki looked at Kuroyukihime in shock and dumbfounded expression when he saw her crying.

"Stupid.... Stupid...."


Everyone on the street stopped and looked at their interaction since it was too shocking when they saw the girl suddenly slap the boy.


Haruyuki didn't understand what was happening and why she cried.


Haruyuki and Kuroyukime heard a voice who seemed to call Kuroyukime's name, but their thoughts were filled with a lot of things. When they were standing in silence suddenly they heard the sound of a car which startled them. Then they saw a car which lost track and would crash into them.

"Burst Link!" 2x

Both of them shouted out unconsciously.

The time slowed down, but their problem didn't disappear.

Haruyuki didn't expect the one who drove the car which would crash into them was Arata, the student who bullied him in the school, but this person had been expelled two days ago. He thought that this person was Cyan Pile, but Kuroyukihime denied it and told him that it might be because of revenge.

They didn't expect that Arata would be this crazy, but Haruyuki thought that everything was too late.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you from harm."


Kuroyukihime told Haruyuki about a power which was able to save him, but he told her that he should be the one who used that power since that meant that she would be hurt by this car, worse case dying. She told him that everything was alright then confessed to him about her feelings. She was amazed by his ability in the game and she also realized that she fell for him. She understood that he felt inferior to her, but her feeling for him was the truth. She truly fell for him and she wanted to tell him that her feeling wasn't deceit.

Listening to Kuroyukihime's confession, Haruyuki was full of tears.

Kuroyukihime also realized that she saw her friend, Kurosaki Fuuko, who was panicked when she was about to be crashed. She didn't know whether she could stay alive after this and felt a bit regretful that she couldn't amend the relationship between the two of them. Then she decided to tell Haruyuki about everything and told him to help her to apologize to her friend.

"Senpai! Senpai! Senpai!"

Haruyuki tried to stop Kuroyukihime, but she didn't listen to him and used the ultimate power of "brain burst" to save him.

"Physical Full Burst!"

Kuroyukihime's body shone brightly before she started to move her body in this blue world. She pushed Haruyuki's body away to save him before the world continued once again.