Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 996

Volume 1 Chapter 996 Hospital

Girl is a very mysterious being.

Even though lately their friendship was strained because of something, after what had happened earlier, Fuuko and Kuroyukihime had made up directly since they felt that they would regret it if one of them suddenly lost their life. They didn't want to have such regrets in their life and their friendship returned back.

Fuuko accompanied Kuroyukihime in her room since no one stayed beside her. She thought Haruyuki would stay beside Kuroyuki, but didn't expect him to stay with Haru which made her sigh.

"Is he your boyfriend?" Fuuko asked.

"B, boyfriend...?!"

Kuroyukihime blushed and her head was full of imaginary smoke showing how embrassed she was. She suddenly covered her face with a blanket when she thought about the confession which she had told Haruyuki when she was almost hit by a car.

"N, no, we're not in that relationship yet!"


Fuuko smiled and nodded.


Kuroyukihime looked at her friend and knew how dark her personality was. She recalled the boy who had saved her and asked, "How about you? You've got a boyfriend now, right?" Though, she had to admit that Fuuko had good eyes.

Fuuko sighed and said, "I've a lot of competitors."


Kuroyukihime wasn't sure what to say in this situation. Her experience with love was zero and she also couldn't say anything.

"And you also know about my leg...."

Fuuko couldn't help but feel belittling herself. Even though she knew that Haru seemed to be alright with it and didn't even mind, she couldn't help but feel it would be hard for her to get him, especially when there were a lot of beautiful girls beside him.


Fuuko suddenly blushed when her b.r.e.a.s.ts were kneaded by Kuroyukihime.

"W, what are you doing!"

Fuuko hurriedly pushed Kuroyukihime away and protected her b.r.e.a.s.ts.

"Hmm... I'm jealous of your size..."

Kuroyukihime looked at her airport which made her feel quite depressed. She shook her head and thought that she needed to comfort her friend first. She looked at Fuuko and said, "You've great weapons! Don't give up!"


Fuuko was speechless, but she also understood that her b.r.e.a.s.ts were her weapons. She looked at Kuroyukihime and nodded.

"Well, I'll go to his room now. Is it alright for you to be alone?"

"W, well...."

Kuroyukihime was a bit lonely, but she nodded. "Tell him that I'll meet him to say thank you."

"Alright, I'll also call your boyfriend here," Fuuko said with a smile.

"W, what are you talking about?!"

Fuuko smiled and walked out from Kuroyukihime's room, but when the door was opened, she saw Haruyuki who froze in front of the door.

"Oh my... are you looking for Hime?"

"A, ah, yes!" Haruyuki nodded.

"Then go inside, your princess has been waiting for you," Fuuko said and dodged the pillow which was thrown at her.


Thought that pillow hit Haruyuki who was right in front of Fuuko.

"H, Haruyuki-kun! I, I'm sorry!"

"I, It's alright..."

Fuuko smiled looking at their interaction and went to Haru's room since she had a feeling that Maroon Owl and Lilac Deer were also coming to his room at this moment.


Haru had to admit that he was a truly lucky guy. If it was a normal protagonist then they might want a calm day, but he was different. If he was alone in this world, then he might chomp down on Fuuko without hesitation, but it was different when there were three girls who also came with him in this world.

Sumire, Charlotte, and Tabane talked with Fuuko happily. The relationship between the four of them was very good and they seemed to be very close friends.


Haru didn't think too much and suddenly asked, "Is she your "brain burst" friend?"

When asked, Fuuko nodded and said, "Yes, but I won't tell you her identity."

Unless, he/she was someone that could be fully trusted, they shouldn't share their ID name with someone.

"Of course, I won't tell the identity of the four of you," Fuuko said. She was sure that there were a lot of people who were eager to know about the identity of "Pets", and of course, she wouldn't tell anyone about it. Besides, they were good friends and she didn't want to ruin their relationship.

Shaking his head, Haru said, "You don't need to worry about that. I believe in you after all."

"So do you need help? You're going to become Level 10, right?" Fuuko asked. She knew that their intention was to end the "brain burst" and decided to become Level 10. She had to admit that she would be lying if she wasn't interested in their plan.

"Didn't you say that you're part of a Legion before? Is it alright for you to join us?" Charlotte asked.

They didn't really mind for Fuuko to join them since they had to admit that Fuuko was one of the strongest players in the "brain burst", however, they also knew her situation after all.

"Well, my friend's Legion might continue in the future, but it might need time. I want to warm up for a bit since I've been in retirement for a while and... and I want to be with him..."

There was a light blush on Fuuko's cheek, but then she suddenly realized something and said, "Wait! Wait! That's wrong! Let me explain what my intention is..."

Everyone laughed since Fuuko was too cute, right?

"Why not? With your help, it'll be easier to defeat the Six Kings," Sumire said.

Haru, Tabane, Charlotte, and Sumire nodded and agreed with Fuuko to join their Legion.

They also didn't really mind for Fuuko to be a temporary member since they also wouldn't stay in this world too long.

"Good, I'll help you!" Fuuko was happy that she was accepted.

"Then you can prepare right away," Haru said.

"What's wrong?" Fuuko asked.

"We're going to do a "Territory Battle" tomorrow," Charlotte said.

"Territory Battle!" Fuuko was surprised, but she also agreed immediately since it was a perfect chance to train herself. She pondered for a while and asked, "Which location?" There was a lot of territory in Tokyo, and she was wondering which territory that they would try to get.

"It should be Suginami if there is nothing wrong with it," Haru said.

"Suginami? If I'm not wrong then the Legion leader in that area is Blood Chain," Fuuko said.

"Blood Chain?"

It seemed that their decision to invite Fuuko wasn't wrong since they could get a lot of information from her.


The next day, Haru was going to go back to his house together with Sumire, Fuuko, Tabane, and Charlotte.

Fuuko decided to stay with them for a bit, especially when she learned that the four of them were living together. She was a bit speechless when she learned that the parents of the four of them knew each other very well and that they didn't need to worry about their children living together. In her imagination, she wouldn't be surprised if they were engaged to each other, but somehow, she didn't want to give up. It was also pretty easy for her to get permission from her parents when she told them that she was going to stay with her friends, but at the same time, she felt that she had become a naughty girl.

Staring at this young man, she was just happy to stay with him even if their relationship didn't bear anything.

Haru didn't stay in the hospital too long and decided to go back right away.

Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime also said thank you to Haru again since he had saved Kuroyukihime from the incident yesterday.

Haru told them not to mind it and left both of them alone since he didn't really want to bother the relationship between Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime.

Looking at one boy and four girls beside him, Kuroyuki felt that she might have watched a harem anime.

"Is it only me or might he be a harem protagonist?"

"You're right, Senpai. He's a harem protagonist."

Even though Haruyuki didn't want to admit that he was pretty jealous of Haru. When he thought such a thing, he suddenly felt a pain in his cheek.

"S, Senpai, what are you doing??"

Haruyuki was speechless when his cheek was pulled very hard.


Kuroyukihime thought that their relationship might need time before they could become a normal couple.