Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 997

Volume 1 Chapter 997 Territory Battle 1

Haru had returned to his condo and baked brownies since he needed to wait for the "Territory Battle". He wasn't in hurry since the "Territory Battle" would start from 4:00 to 5:00 PM in the real time world. Putting the dough inside oven, he sat down next to Sumire who seemed sleepy hugging her pillow.

Tabane, Fuuko, and Charlotte were in the bathroom taking a bath together and also made their friendship closer.

Haru was wondering whether it was alright to make such a friend since they would go back after their quest was over. Even though he could come back, he might not be back for a while.

"Are you sure it is alright to make friends with that girl?" Sumire asked with a sleepy expression.

"Parting is inevitable, but we can go back in the future," Haru said.


"Well, you don't want to go back to this world?" Haru looked at Sumire curiously.

"I don't mind, but there are also a lot of things which I need to do in my world." Sumire looked at Haru and said, "You too, right? You've got a lot of lovers after all."


Rubbing his nose, Haru wasn't sure what to say.

"Well, if you're a corpse then I might fall for you," Sumire said with a smirk.


Haru looked at Sumire for a while and asked, "Do you love corpses that much? Do you have necropillia?"

Shaking her head, Sumire said, "I don't have necropilia. I don't have a s.e.x.u.a.l attraction to corpses."


"But corpses are good. They don't babble. Only they can understand my feelings." Sumire smiled and said, "If you become a corpse then I might fall for you."


Haru was speechless and wondering whether this woman wanted him to die. But he didn't frown, rather smiled and said, "I can't become a corpse, but I can become a ghost, what do you think?"


Sumire was speechless and remembered that this guy could become a ghost. Pondering for a while, she said, "Well, if you can become zombie then I'll think about it."

"Why ghost can't?"

"Our bodies won't be compatible, right? You can't put it inside after all."


Haru shook his head and said, "Let's stop. If we continue then we might cross the border."

Sumire snorted and said, "Coward."

Haru raised his eyebrow and looked at Sumire.

"If you want me then chase me," Sumire said.


Haru looked at Sumire for a while before moving closer toward her. He didn't say a word and stopped only a few meters away from her. Both of them stared at each other and the air felt a bit ambigious.

Sumire looked at Haru and it would be lying if she didn't have a s.e.x.u.a.l attraction about him. She wouldn't marry anyone, but she wanted to play with this guy. Her heart thumped since this guy was so close to her. She could see his predatory eyes staring at her and his musky smell invaded her nostrils. She was about to move her arms and only needed to wait for him, but suddenly...

*Sniff!* *Sniff!*

"What smell is this?"

Haru suddenly remembered his brownies and hurriedly checked the oven.

"It's burnt!"


Sumire twitched her lips and shook her head. She looked at her body and wondered whether she lacked a charm or.... She turned her head toward the door to see whether there was something there.


Inside the bathroom, Tabane, Charlotte, and Fuuko were taking a bath together. The good thing about this condo was the bathtup was quite big. Even though the three of them took a bath together, it was wide enough for them to straighten their legs.


Charlotte felt very refreshed inside the bath.

Tabane was playing with a yellow rubber duck. If possible she also wanted to create a rubber robot in this place.

Fuuko also enjoyed the bath and felt quite relaxed with both of them beside her. She kept glancing at Charlotte which somehow caused her face to redden.

Fuuko then thought that it was good, bathing in this bathup with Charlotte and Tabane. She didn't take off her prosthetic leg since it was water resistant. Looking at the reaction of Tabane and Charlotte, she felt quite happy since they didn't pity her and treated her normally. Even so, the quality of her prosthetic leg was so good that it didn't seem that it was a fake leg.

Looking at Fuuko and Tabane, Charlotte drowned her mouth and felt very depressed. Fuuko was a high school student and her body was very good. Her b.r.e.a.s.ts were very large and her skin was very smooth. Tabane was the same and even though she had become younger, she had quite a curve on her body. Looking at her flat body, Charlotte sighed.

"I can't...."

"Huh?" 2x

Charlotte and Tabane looked at Fuuko curiously.

"Charlotte-chan, you're so cute!"

Fuuko hugged Charlotte tightly and spoiled her.


This made Charlotte feel a bit speechless and it was also hard to breathe when Fuuko hugged her so tightly into her b.r.e.a.s.ts. Her real age was several times older than Fuuko and it made her feel a bit depressed being treated like this by someone younger than her. She glanced at Tabane hoping to save her, but Tabane didn't do anything and felt that it was pretty amusing.

"D, don't hug me!"

Charlotte pushed Fuuko away since it made her sad when she thought about her body, but at the same time, she also didn't feel like changing it since she felt it would be quite troublesome.

"O, oh, sorry...." Fuuko realized her mistake and said, "I, I really love someone or something cute."

"I can see that."

Charlotte looked at Fuuko with a deadpan expression.

"Ugh, I'm bored! I'll go out first!"

Tabane stood up and showed her n.a.k.e.d body to everyone. She walked out from the bathroom and went to the living room.


Charlotte and Fuuko looked at each other for a while.

"Let's go out."


Even though there was a time before the "Battle Territory", it was better to prepare early since it would be troublesome if they were late.


In the living room, everyone stayed together talking about the strategy of the game.

"This time, we'll take two territories," Haru said.

"Two?" Fuuko was a bit surprised.

"It should be alright, especially when you've also joined us. Let's separate the team into two groups. One group with two people and the other group with three people," Haru said.

They didn't have an opinion and felt that it was a pretty good combination.

"So besides Suginami, where are we going to attack?" Charlotte asked.

"Nerima. This time, let's get one of Prominence's territory."

Even though the Prominence didn't challenge them for a while, they didn't feel good after being provoked by them last time. They could provoke anyone, but it didn't mean that anyone could provoke them.

It was pretty unreasonable, but "brain burst" was a fighting game and the stronger got everything.

Talking to each other for a while, it was the time for the "Territory Battle". They looked at each other before they nodded.

"Burst Link!" 5x

The world suddenly slowed down and the color of surrounding area turned blue. They didn't hesitate and went directly to start the "Territory Battle" to get their territory!