Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 998

Volume 1 Chapter 998 Territory Battle 2

Haru had decided to create two teams. One with him, Tabane, and Fuuko. The other one was Charlotte and Sumire. The combination of Charlotte and Sumire might be underestimated, but they weren't weak.

Haru challenged the territory in the Suginami area which was owned by Chained.

Chained was quite famous Legion and it was led by Blood Chain. From the information which he received from Fuuko, he learned that Blood Chain was a fairly famous player with Level 8. There were also at least 10 players in the Legion which made it a medium size Legion.

Charlotte and Sumire went on to challenge the Prominence Legion in the Nerima area. There were a lot of areas in the Nerima area, but all of them were owned by Prominence, the guild which was led by the Red King, Scarlet Rain. Their area was pretty huge, and the Prominence Legion needed to scatter their members to protect their territory. It was also the reason why Haru decided to attack the Prominence since he wanted to trouble them.

Charlotte and Sumire also wanted to challenge themselves in this battle. Both of them were also wondering whether Scarlet Rain would come to fight them which made them wait in anticipation.

The challenge process was pretty simple since they could challenge themselves during this time.

The duel format of the "Territory Battle" is pretty simple.

During the "Territory Battle," there will be a "control point" nature - a number of footholds will appear. Footholds are basically big rings; whoever currently controls a Foothold can refill their Special Gauge by waiting inside one. In addition to this, a stronghold is set up in the middle of the stage, which is basically a bigger foothold with a higher recharge rate.

The victory conditions for "Territory Battle" are also pretty much simple.

Whoever is able to capture all the footholds and the stronghold, or annihilate the enemy team, is the winner. In order to hold on to a territory, the Legion must successfully defend it in at least 50% of the attacks it faces. Otherwise, the territory will be turned over to the attacking side's Legion.

No Burst Points are exchanged in these battles, even if a Duel Avatar were to be defeated.


Chained, which was being challenged, was surprised and didn't expect the one who challenged them to be three members of the Pets, which somehow made everyone feel a bit complicated. Everyone on the Chained knew that the Pets were pretty famous and even thought its members were only four players, all of them were elite, but at the same time, they didn't fear a challenge or rather they were very excited at this moment.

"Let's fight them! This time, let's bring all of our people!"


Hearing the bloody speech of their legion, the member of the Chained was very excited to face the Pets.

"If we can win against them then our name will be famous! So let's defeat them thoroughly without mercy!"

"YEAHHHH!!!!" 9x

Blood Chain didn't hesitate and brought all of nine members of the Chained for the "Territory Battle" including him to defeat the Pets.

This battle, they were going all out!


Haru, Tabane, and Fuuko were teleported to the Construction Stage.

The Construction Stage was pretty simple, but at the same time, it was very scary. The location was located in a group of high rise buildings which hadn't been completed. There was also a street below, but it would take a long time to get down unless someone could use a wire or had the ability to fly.

With the distance between buildings at this stage, it was better for them to jump to building after building.

Haru looked at the hologram map which appeared and showed the location of the players at this stage. There was a distance between them, but he could see all of the members of the Chained came to fight them.

"So what should we do?" Fuuko asked. It had been a while since she fought, but she was eager to do it.

"Let's just attack them quickly," Haru said. He felt that the faster they defeated them, the better.

"No defense?" Fuuko asked.

"No defense," Haru answered.


Fuuko smiled and said, "Let's do that."

"Good, we can go now."

"YEAH!!!" 2x


Sumire and Charlotte were also teleported and teleported to the Shopping Mall Stage.

The setting of Shopping Mall Stage was pretty simple and it was similar to a large shopping mall with two large buildings which were connected by bridge.

If Haru was here, then he would say that this stage was a bit similar to the Petronas Towers in Malaysia. Though, the size was twice as big.

Sumire and Charlotte knew that their opponent was on the other side of the building, but what made them felt a bit surprised was that their opponent was only one!

"One? Isn't there a mistake?" Sumire frowned.

"Well, if there is only one opponent, then it should be..."

Charlotte didn't finish her words since Sumire could tell who would be their opponent. Their expression turned into serious since it would become a very hard battle, especially inside this stage.

"I'll face her directly. You can shoot her when there is an opening."

Sumire gathered metal in her surrounding area and charged toward the other side of the building. She didn't break the glass of the building, rather she went to a bridge which connected the two buildings since she didn't want to let her opponent know the location of their stronghold.


Charlotte went to her sniper spot so she could shoot her enemy better. She looked at the large stronghold behind her which made her sigh. She was wondering whether she could move it away since it would be troublesome to keep this thing in this open space and right on the nearby glass of the building.


All of the members of the Chained were ready to fight against three members of the Pets. The members of the Chained were pretty much in balance with five members of the long range fighters and five members of the short range fighters. With the combination of the ten of them, they had won a lot of "Territory Battles" together.

"Let's do the usual strategy!"

"Yes!" 9x

Two long range fighters were waiting in front of the Stronghold and three of them went to other buildings to snipe down the enemy.

Five short range fighters also went out to face the members of the Pets directly from the front. They gathered together in an arrow formation to defeat their opponent quickly, but suddenly....


A powerful thunder was shot toward five of them.


The ground was scorched and crackling at the same time.


Even though the thunder was quite powerful, it wasn't enough to defeat the five of them. They looked at the three opponents which were 20 meters away from them and knew that their battle was about to begin!


Waiting on the spot which she had found a while ago, Charlotte looked at Scarlet Rain who had summoned her huge armament.

That's right!

Their opponent was Scarlet Rain, the Red King, the Leader of the Prominence Legion.

Charlotte was ready to snipe down the opponent, but suddenly she could see Scarlet Rain was about to shoot her down! She hurriedly ran away from her spot or rather she shot the the floor to escape.


Charlotte fell to the lower floor and she kept running since....

"Heat Blast Saturation!"

Scarlet Rain shot down the spot where Charlotte was sniping at her with a powerful laser beam.


That hole vacated a large hole on the entire floor of the shopping mall. The shopping mall had 23 floors and one of those floors was destroyed in an instant because of the attack.

Charlotte sighed in relief, but at the same time, she cursed the map feature since it showed her location.

"C'mon, Sumire..."

Charlotte knew that Scarlet Rain couldn't use such a large attack continuously and waited for a chance to shoot her down, but it seemed to be very hard since Scarlet Rain decided to ruin the entire building.




Scarlet Rain bombarded the opponent building with missiles, bullets, and lasers continuously. She wanted revenge against the Pets and this time it was a perfect chance for that, but suddenly there was a huge metal spear which was shot toward her.



Suddenly a huge armament disappeared and appeared 10 meters away from Scarlet Rain's spot before.


Looking at Scarlet Rain's ability, Sumire and Charlotte frowned and thought that it would be a very difficult battle.