Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1151

Volume 1 Chapter 1151 Korosensei's Dilemma

"Korosensei, good morning."

"Korosensei, do you want to marry my daughter? She's still single!"



Korosensei was popular, but he wasn't happy with it. Even though he looked like an octopus, he wanted to have a human as his girlfriend!

However, Korosensei couldn't say it outloud since he felt that it would be a racist. He looked at a group of children and said, "Good morning, everyone. I'll start the lesson later!"

"Yes, Sensei!"

Korosensei nodded and smiled. He talked with everyone for a bit before he went to the nearby stall to have breakfast. He ordered a ghost eye mantou and a hollow tea. His order was quickly received, even though the location where he ordered was a hundred meters away.

After the food was served, he started to eat his breakfast right away.

Korosensei had been staying at the Hex Food World for the past year.

Hex Food World is a mysterious village within Gourmet World that is run by the charismatic chief the Daruma Hermit. It is also one of the Seven Civilizations of the Gourmet World which still exists to this day in the Area 8 continent.

The Hex Food World is home to a wide variety of creatures, ranging from Onis, Kappas, Cyclopes, Travel Frogs and many more who all live alongside one another peacefully.

It was also the reason why Korosensei didn't accept the marriage invitation from the girls in this country since their appearance wasn't his type.

Korosensei tried to buy a p.o.r.n book in this country and he had to admit that it wasn't to his taste. Someone might have loved it, but that person wasn't him since the woman in this place was quite intense. He thought that he should send some of the p.o.r.n books in this country to Haru, Gintoki, Yajima, and Toshinori to surprise them later.

Korosensei thought about Group Chat and had to admit that with Toshinori the number of male members in the Group Chat had increased and at the same time, he was also curious about Toshinori's world since he was being invited by Toshinori after Toshinori found out that he was a teacher.

Being an octopus in Toshinori's world wasn't a problem, Korosensei was a bit surprised, but when he heard the explanation from Toshinori, Haru, and Tsunade, he became quite curious about Toshinori's world.

However, Korosensei didn't leave. He would leave, but not now.

In this world, Korosensei didn't waste his time buying a p.o.r.n book nor eating food. In this world, he was learning Back Channel and the World of Soul.

The Back Channel is an alternate realm between the physical world and the World of Souls, where time and space work differently. However unlike the World of Souls, time still flows in the Back Channel, thus allowing living beings to enter it without repercussions.

The World of Souls is the name of the afterlife in the world of Toriko. The only ways to enter this domain are either through the Food Spirit Doors or death; however, living beings cannot enter the doors for the world beyond because it does not have a flow of time like the living world.

Korosensei knew that it was impossible to enter the World of Souls, but it didn't really matter anyway since he was only curious. He didn't have the luck of Komatsu's food and he didn't want to bet his life to enter that place.

However, it was possible for him to learn Back Channel.

Korosensei knew that he needed to become strong. His speed was very fast, but his body was quite weak. However, it didn't really matter and once he learned Back Channel since after he learned it his speed would become even more incredible and no one would be able to attack him.

Eating his breakfast, some readers might be curious about Korosensei's purpose to learn about the World of Souls.

The purpose of Korosensei to learn about the World of Souls was because of Aguri Yukimura.

Aguri Yukimura is the former teacher of Class 3-E and the late older sister of Akari Yukimura in Korosensei's world.

It could even be said that Aguri Yukimura was Korosensei's lover in the past before his body was modified by a scientist.

Well, not exactly a lover, but Korosensei loved her.

In the past, Haru had invited Korosensei because he had told him that Korosensei might be able to resurrect Aguri Yukimura.

At first, Korosensei wasn't sure, but he knew that it was possible to resurrect Aguri Yukimura by using a Group Chat.

However, Korosensei felt conflicted about whether Aguri would be happy when he resurrected her. He knew that Haru also had lost both of his parents, but he didn't hear that Haru wanted to resurrect his parents since he also knew that to resurrect someone, it needed a lot of preparation, especially on mental health.

Korosensei wasn't sure, but suddenly when he was eating his breakfast, his smartphone vibrated. He took out his smartphone and saw a notice from the Group Chat.


Korosensei felt a bit surprised and checked the quest.

[ New Quest for Dimensional Group Chat ]

[ Quest : Defeat Tartaros ]

[ Participant : Five people (Including the people in the world where the quest is happening) ]

[ Reward : 2000 points and a random reward ]

[ System Note : The time will stop in the participant world ]

[ Countdown : Before the Face is activated ]


Korosensei nodded and knew who Tartarus was since he had read Fairy Tail. He knew that Yajima had made his preparation so the Magic Council wouldn't be blown up and no one would die from Tartarus. He knew that it would be a pretty easy quest, especially when Yajima owned a Stealth Cruiser.

"There are five participants...."

Korosensei wasn't sure, but he didn't feel like going out on this quest. He saw that everyone started to enter the Group Chat and talked about the quest.

The majority of the members asked Yajima since the location of this quest was in Yajima's world.

Yajima: "I've prepared everything. After you've entered this world, let's destroy Tartaros directly."

Yajima didn't like Tartaros, especially when this dark guild had killed almost all of his comrades. Of course, he wouldn't let that happen and had made up his preparation. He also told Org, Doranbolt, and everyone in his guild to start the war against Tartaros.

Even though Yajima knew the plot, he didn't start the war directly since he was waiting for this quest. He wanted to be sure to end the Tartoros and wait for the members of the Group Chat to help him. He also thought that it wouldn't be bad to receive a gift from Group Chat.

Yajima: "So who is going? Beside me, there are another four spots on this quest."

Haru: "I'm not going. So the rest of you can decide who is going, I'll help you to start the quest after you've decided."


Everyone was very surprised since they didn't expect Haru to not join the quest.

Korosensei was also quite surprised since Haru didn't join this quest.

Haru: "Don't worry, this quest is quite easy after all, but be careful about the "Face" since once it explodes then...."

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Everyone on the Group Chat turned quiet since they knew the consequences once the "Face" was activated the magic on Earthland would disappear.

Korosensei thought for a while and knew that his speed would be useful in this situation.

Korosensei: "I'll join the quest!"

Korosensei had a kind heart and it was the reason why he decided to join this quest. And at the same time, he was wondering whether he could erase the uncomfortable feeling in his heart. He let out a sigh and continued to eat, but when he was eating he saw the only human female in this country which made his eyes shine with excitement.

Waving his tentacles energetically, Korosensei shouted, "Atashino-chan! Let's have a date!"


It seemed he became energetic again.