Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1152

Volume 1 Chapter 1152 Going To The Quest

Kouha had been very busy lately and he hadn't slept for a few days.

After Haru came to this world, the future had changed, but it didn't change much.

The only change in Kouha's world was that Matal Mogamett didn't turn into a monster because of Black Rukh and Hakuryuu didn't betray him and his brother. He felt that it was good, but he knew that there was another important matter which was an economic war.

After Haru had helped him to kill Gyokuen, Kou Empire was at peace, but Sinbad started his move and made a peace agreement so there wouldn't be any war in this world.

However, it didn't mean that the conflict was over since the conflict had changed from physical conflict to economic conflict.

Kouha and his brother had prepared, but they didn't expect that Sinbad's talent in business was very strong.

However, it didn't mean that they were going to lose.

Kouha could ask for Haru's help and the group of scientists on the Group Chat, but he didn't want to trouble them that much and soon this world would be reshuffled once again.

'One year again....'

Kouha knew that the climax of his world would happen next year and he had prepared everything. He was sure that Sinbad would start his move, but it didn't really matter since he believed that he and his brother could handle Sinbad.

Then when Kouha was about to take a rest suddenly he received a notice from the Group Chat about a quest. He was tired and he didn't really want to go. At least this year, he wanted to focus all of his energy on his world so in the end, he didn't go, though, at the same time, he was curious who would go for this quest.


Korosensei: "I'll go!"

Yajima: "Alright, Korosensei, then who next?"


Toshinori was in the toilet while reading the chat of the Group Chat. Reading the quest, he knew that it would happen in Yajima's world and he didn't need to worry that someone would notice his disappearance since the time on his world would stop.

Toshinori: "Is it alright for me to go too?"

Gintoki: "Why not? You're a new member and it is also a good chance for you to learn about Quest and Group Chat."

Teppei: "You're just too lazy to go on the quest, right, Gintoki?"


Everyone was speechless at Gintoki.

Gintoki: "Anyway, there are two more people. Who wants to go? Girls?"

Haru didn't go for this quest which made everyone feel a bit surprised, but in the end, they moved on and decided who would go for this quest.

Esdeath didn't have that much of an interest in Yajima's world since she wanted a more challenging world. Though, she was even more curious why her husband didn't have an interest in this quest.

Kuroneko, Shinobu, and Tsunade didn't intend to go on this quest since they wanted to give a chance to the new members.

Kuroneko: "Kuzuha, how about you?"

Kuzuha: "Eh? Me?"

Kuroneko: "You don't want to go?"

Kuzuha: "I, is this alright?" Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_48033207894992801 for visiting.

"Why not?"

Everyone answered at the same time. Even though Kuzuha might be a child, her strength was undoubtedly strong.


Kuzuha was in her room. She smiled and replied, "T, then I will go." Even though she felt a bit nervous since her teammates would be Toshinori, Yajima, and Korosensei. She didn't know much about Toshinori, but she knew that Toshinori was a hero and she felt a bit curious.

However, Kuzuha felt that Korosensei was quite dangerous since this guy was a pervert. Though, she didn't think too much since she didn't think that the three of them had an interest in her since she was only a child.


Yajima: "Tabane, Charlotte, Sumire, do any of you want to go?"

Charlotte: "I'm going to be a burden. I'm not going."

Sumire: "Same."

Tabane: "Then, I'll go." She didn't mind going and she also wanted to fight a bad guy since she felt that it was interesting.

Korosensei: "Good! Let's prepare before we start the quest."



Haru was in Erina's bathroom since Erina had forced him to take a bath since he had eaten a kiviak and he agreed since his clothes didn't smell good since kiviak's smell was too intense.

Haru was laying lazily on the bathtup while looking at his smartphone.

"Korosensei, Yajima-san, Toshinori, Kuzuha, and Tabane, huh?"

Haru felt a bit surprised by Korosensei's participant since he thought that it would be Teppei or Luffy.

Even though Luffy seemed stupid, he wasn't stupid, but it was very troublesome to bring Luffy.

Tabane: "Haru, what do you think that I need to watch out for?"

Haru, who received a chat from Tabane, smiled and replied, "Be careful of mind magic. Stay beside everyone. It's better to end the quest with a bombardment from afar so no enemies are going to attack you." He knew that he didn't need to worry about direct magic since an IS had a nigh-invulnerable shield that could protect Tabane, but he didn't think that it could protect her from mind magic which made him quite worried since their relationship had developed into that stage.


Tabane: "You're not going to tell me to fight fairly?" Though, she was laughing when she read Haru's chat and felt warm since she knew that he was worried about him.

Tabane was in her room, laying on her bed and started to move her legs happily.

Tabane: "When are you going back to my world?" She missed him, especially after she had tasted the forbidden pleasure. Even though Haru often went to her world from time to time, she wanted to stay with him all the time.

Haru thought for a while and replied, "Wait for a while, I'll go to your world."

Tabane: "Good! I'm waiting! It is best that you go before I go for the quest."

Haru: "Prepare yourself."

Tabane: "I'm going to win this battle!"

Haru: "Oh, I can't wait."

Tabane: "Do you want Houki to join?"


Haru was speechless and replied, "Just wait for me in your world." He put down his smartphone on the side and wiped his face with the water on the bathup. He laid lazily again and felt a bit worried.

Then Haru realized something and he was wondering whether the reason why he usually did the quest was because he was worried about everyone.

Quest was dangerous after all and no one knew what would happen when the quest failed.


'Or is it because of girls?'

Haru rubbed his chin and decided not to think too much. Thinking about Tartaros's power, he felt that Yajima, Tabane, Toshinori, Korosensei, and Kuzuha should be able to handle them.

"Haru! How long are you going to be in the bathroom! Hurry up and get out! Let's play a game!" Alice shouted.


Haru sighed and said, "Wait a moment..." But suddenly he heard another sentence which made him speechless.

Alice gasped and asked, "Are you drinking the water that is used by us when we have taken a bath?!"


Haru was a pervert, but he wasn't a maniac. Though, he felt a bit lazy to refute her.



"Erina, Haru is a pervert!!!!!"


Haru closed his eyes and decided to relax wondering when everyone on the Group Chat was going to the quest.