Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1153

Volume 1 Chapter 1153 Comrades

Haru had thought Korosensei, Tabane, Kuzuha, and Toshinori would go on this quest immediately, and he was right since his time was moving faster than their worlds, but because they wanted to prepare a lot of things, they would start to enter the quest tomorrow.

Even though their opponents in this quest seemed quite weak, they couldn't underestimate it since all of the members of Tartaros were the devil which was being created by Zeref.

After Haru returned from Erina's room, he went to Tabane's world to spend time with her before going to Esdeath's world to flirt with her, and lastly went to Shinobu's world since it seemed this girl had found a cure for Kagaya Ubuyashiki after she talked with Tsunade, Sumire, Charlotte, and Tabane.

His day was quite busy and the next day, even though it had been a while since he came to the school, he spent most of his time in the private room talking with Seri, Ritsu, and an executives of his business.

Haru had also developed a video communication software which he named Zoom.

Video communication software wasn't a new technology and there was also another video communication software beside his own.

However, his conversation was very important and he couldn't let anyone hijack it so it was the reason why he developed this video communication software by himself.

Haru knew that the prospect of "Zoom" was quite good, and might become a stable software. However, it wouldn't be that popular immediately since a lot of people communicate with each other by meeting each other.

Unless there was a condition which made them unable to meet each other then it was better to maintain a stable development since the target of this software was different from NicoNico who was an entertainment video hosting website.

Kirari was also busy since she had spent a lot of days with Haru in the hospital.

Both of them were quite busy, though, they had promised to each other to do that kind of thing after school.

Haru had heard that Kirari was going to invite a new member for the Student Council and it seemed that she was interested in an idol that recently became popular in Hyakko Academy, however, he didn't think too much since in this country, there were a lot of idols.

In this country, most people's dream was to work as an employee of a large corporation until the end of their life. It was also the reason why this situation in this country was slightly depressing since most people didn't have a dream and their dream was to have a stable life.

It wasn't something wrong if their dream was to have a stable life, but this phenomenon was being forced on them after all.

There was something called a "Herd Mentality" which described how people could be influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors on a largely emotional, rather than rational, basis.

If someone was different from other people, there was a chance that this person would be excluded and it happened from their childhood time.

In his middle school time, Haru often rode on a train to visit his girlfriends or go on dates. He saw someone in a suit that worked for some company. He tried to observe this person and he kept watching him from day after day when this person went to work and went back to him.

This person kept doing a repetition, from work then went home and such a cycle continued until he retired.

Haru could tell that this person seemed to be living, but he was dead inside.

It was what Haru felt at that moment and it was also the reason why he decided to become a novelist in the past and didn't want to go work as an employee of someone since it scared him to spend his life like that.

Luckily, it seemed that he didn't need to do that since he had become the third richest man on earth this year and soon he would become the first richest man on earth.

After his business had completed, he left his private room and changed the sign which told everyone to not disturb him. He greeted the members of the Traditional Culture Research Club and flirted with them for a bit before he went to the student council room to meet Kirari. He felt a bit tired and wanted to hug Kirari to recharge his energy.

Haru didn't move that fast and greeted some people that he knew along the way. He was also being stopped by a lot of girls, but he told them that he was a bit busy so he could run away from this situation, and at the same time, he was wondering why they kept chasing even though all of the people in this school knew that he was Kirari's fiance.

To be honest, Haru understood that even if they became his mistress, they didn't really mind since once they were being liked by him then their future life would be secured and it wasn't bad to have a handsome sugar daddy.

Though, there were also a a lot of people who wanted to become his sugar mama, but let's keep that a secret.

Haru entered the student council room and he saw both Runa and Manyuuda.

Runa also noticed him and smiled brightly. "Haru!!!"

Manyuuda, who was working on his laptop, gave a slight nod to Haru then pushed the frame of his glasses before he continued to work.

"Is your work done? Let's play a game!" Runa took another PlayStation portable, Nintendo DS, and a gameboy.

"You sure have something retro." Haru took the gameboy curiously then put it back. He sighed and asked, "Do you know where Kirari is?"

"Hmm? Kirari? It seems that she needs to observe some business and might not be done soon." Runa answered and asked, "You're not playing a game?"

"Hmm...." Haru pondered and suddenly remembered something. "That's right! I remember that there is a gambling den that makes their members wear a maid uniform, is that true?"

"Huh?!" 2x

Runa and Manyuuda seemed to be stunned by Haru's words.

Haru knew that if this continued then they would think that he had a maid fetish. They weren't wrong, but he didn't want to tarnish his reputation. "You know that I own a maid cafe, I need to do some research."

"Research, huh?" Runa stared at him suspiciously.


However, Manyuuda was in shock when he heard that Haru owned a maid cafe. He pushed the frame of his glasses and thought that this billionaire really knew how to enjoy his life. He definitely didn't feel jealous, but he was wondering where Haru's cafe was located. Though, he was too shy to ask.

"Do you want to go with me?" Haru asked.

"Noop!" Runa refused without hesitation and continued to play the game. She became a bit annoyed and pouted.


Haru shook his head and looked at Manyuuda. "Manyuuda, how about you go with me?"

"Huh?" Manyuu was startled when he was suddenly invited.

"I heard that you're a big fan of maids, right? How about we go to that place together?" Haru said with a smile.

"Where did that rumor come from?! And I'm not a big fan of maids?!" Manyuuda didn't expect that there would be someone that would tarnish his reputation by telling Haru that he had a maid fetish. He might have liked it, but he didn't have a fetish for it.

Waving his hand, Haru said, "Don't worry, don't worry, so you agree to come with me, right?"

"I'm not going!" Manyuuda was speechless before and continued, "I'm not free enough to spend my time watching a girl in a maid uniform."

"Oh? So you're interested in a guy in maid uniform?" Haru said with a shocked expression.

"Manyuuda... you?!" Runa, who was beside Haru, was also in shock.

"I'M NOT!!!"

"I see... I see..." Runa sighed and nodded. "It's alright. I'm not discriminated against you."



Manyuuda was stunned and wondering why he shouted, but then he heard the conversation between Haru and Runa.

"Have you recorded it?"

"Of course! I've recorded it perfectly!"


Manyuuda didn't expect that both Haru and Runa would play him.

"Anyway, let's go with me, Manyuuda. Think about it! A group of beautiful and cute high school girls in a maid uniform greeting you politely with a gentle smile? Don't you want to see it, Manyuuda?" Haru asked.

Manyuuda was a bit shaken since he would be lying if he didn't have an interest in a maid uniform. He pushed the frame of his glasses and said, "...I guess... as a member of the student council, we need to see whether this gambling den doesn't violate the regulation of our school."

Haru laughed and went to Manyuuda, wrapping his arm around his shoulder. "So what are we waiting for? Let's go!" He had a feeling that Manyuuda also loved maid uniforms so why not enjoy this beautiful scenery together, right?


Manyuuda was helpless, but he stood up since his legs were moving by themselves when he heard about maid. It was his instinct as a male to be attracted by a maid. Though, at the same time, it changed his perception of Haru and thought that this guy was a comrade.


Runa looked at Manyuuda and Haru with a speechless expression. She thought to tell Kirari about this matter after she had returned. Though, she felt lonely and decided to go with them.

"Wait for me!!!"

Then the three of them set their journey to the maid paradise... No, they set their journey to check whether this gambling den didn't violate the rules of the school.