Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1154

Volume 1 Chapter 1154 Group Of Maids

Mary Saotome was the name of this girl.

Mary had realized how cruel this school was after she had stayed for a month, but there was a lot of chance within this school too. Her parents weren't rich and she was coming from a normal family. She didn't want to live the same as her parents and she didn't want to lick the butts of someone else to have a better life.

Mary had to admit that this school was very hard, especially last time, when she needed to join a "Coupling Party" gambling to pay that was forced by Aoi Miboumi. She had heard that this gambling was being invented by Kasugano Haruka. Even though she didn't really like that kind of gambling, she had to admit that Kasungao was a genius at business.

Though, at the same time, Mary didn't really want to meet other members of the student council since she felt that they always brought her a lot of trouble.

From Aoi Miboumi and Sachiku Jurako, the two of them had always brought her trouble.

The issue of "Housepets" was also being made by the current student council present, Kirari Momobami.

It was the reason why Mary didn't really like the student council, but at the same time, she had to admit that this organization was very amazing, especially when Haru was also part of this organization.

Unlike the other members, it was very rare for Haru to appear at the school and when he appeared, it was very hard to meet him since he always went to the student council room, Traditional Culture Club president, or his class.

Mary thought that it was also good to enter Traditional Culture Club since this club was being backed by Haru so all of the members of this club were being protected by him. Though, at the same time, it was very hard to enter this club and there were only some people who could enter.

However, Mary had her own ambition and she wanted to get a lot of money. It was impossible to get a lot of money by entering a Traditional Culture Club so the answer to achieving her ambition was to open her own gambling den.

Mary's gambling den was fairly popular. It wasn't that popular, and it might be below average since it was a newly established gambling den, but she was satisfied with the result.

The day was quite normal, but strangely enough Mary's gambling den was very quiet, but it might be because that everyone was still in their own classes since it was a break time.

Everyone needed to take a lunch before they went on a gamble.

Mary along with her little gang members, Yukimi Togakushi and Tsuzura Hanatemari stayed in their gambling den while wearing a maid uniform since it was the standard uniform which was being initiated by Yukimi Togakushi.

However, Mary had to admit that even though it was quite embrassing to wear a maid uniform, there were a lot of people who came to her gambling den, even though most of them were male students.

Togakushi sighed and complained. "The business is quite slow."

"This is normal since we have just opened, Togakushi-senpai," Hanatemari said with a smile, but then she noticed Mary frowning. "What's wrong, Mary-chan?"

"Nothing." Mary sighed and said, "I just have a feeling that something might happen today."

"Something might happen?" 2x

Togakushi and Hanatemari exclaimed at the same time since it was their first time to see Mary believe in such a superficial thing such as feeling or something since they knew that Mary's way of gambling was based on logic.

"Oh, is this the location of the maid?"

"It should be. I heard that this is the place."

"Let's enter."

Mari, Togakushi, and Hanatemari heard a voice from the outside of their gambling den's room. From the voice, they could tell that there were two male and one female students. They stood up and ready to greet them, but they were stunned when they saw the students who had entered their gambling den.

"K, K, Kasugano-kun?!" Togakushi blushed when she saw Haru.

"Oh? Do you know me?" Haru was slightly surprised.

"Y, yes!" Togakushi answered with a slightly nervous voice. She felt quite embrassed and she wondered whether she wasn't in a mess.

Of course!

Everyone wanted to say it at the same time since Haru was very famous.

"Of course, you idiot! Who doesn't know you in this school!" Runa reprimanded him.

Haru rolled his eyes and didn't think too much, but his eyes shone when he saw two girls in maid uniform. One of them was wearing a standard french uniform maid with a long skirt and the other one was wearing a localized maid uniform with a short skirt and beautiful white stockings which wrapped those smooth legs.

Haru sighed and thought that he should ask Kirari to wear a maid uniform later.

'Or Erina might be good...'

Mary was stunned since she didn't expect Haru to come to her gambling den. Though, she had to admit that this guy was very handsome, that wasn't the only thing which made him attractive.

Haru had this aura which made people feel attracted by him and his handsome face was only a bonus. Even if he didn't have a handsome face, it was possible for him to attract a lot of people to e attracted by him since his aura was special. Though, at the same time, Haru's presence made her forget that there were two members of the student council beside him.

Manyuuda nodded and seemed to be quite satisfied with the maid uniform.

"What kind of gamble do you provide here?" Haru sat down on the chair and asked the girl that had her legs wrapped in white stockings. He wasn't sure, but he felt that this girl seemed a bit different from the rest of the girls. It was hard to explain, but he could feel an ambition or something from her, but at the same time, naivety? Well, she was cute, it didn't really matter to him.

Haru's question woke Mary up and she realized that the person in front of him was a member of the student council and she felt a bit wary. Though, she explained to them kindly what was the gamble which was being provided in this gambling den and at the same time, she also limited the amount of money that would be played in her place since she had learned her lesson. She didn't want to have another debt again which made her shake in fear. It felt horrible to have a debt.

Haru nodded and had to admit that Mary was smart since she had stopped one of his ways to win the gamble.

"Runa, Manyuuda, are you going to play?"

Runa raised her eyebrow and asked, "Isn't your plan to see a girl in maid uniform? Why do you have to play too? Let's go back! Or do you want to spend your day with those maids?" She didn't have a good impression of the three of them since they had made her time to play with him decreased.

"I also have a job. I don't have time to accompany you on your hobby, Kasugano-senpai." Manyuuda pushed the frame of his glasses and escaped.

'This two bastard?!'

Haru twitched his lips since he had been betrayed.


Though, Mary, Hanatemari, and Togakushi blushed since they didn't expect Haru to come to visit to see them in maid uniform.

However, Haru didn't feel embarrassed and said, "Yes, my cousin owns a maid cafe (lie) so I'm a bit curious when I've heard that there are a lot of maids in one of the gambling dens within the school...." His bullshitting skill was awesome and he made the three of the laughed while giving them praise on how cute they were.


Runa, who was on the side, was speechless at Haru's skill at coaxing girls and at the same time, she thought that even if he didn't become a billionaire, she felt that he could work by deceiving a number of girls easily.

When Haru was talking with a cute maid suddenly his phone vibrated and saw a notice. He raised his eyebrow and read that Korosensei, Tabane, Toshinori, Yajima, and Kuzuha were ready for the quest. He felt a bit curious what would happen when the time on his world stopped and he pressed the "OK" button to send the five of them for this quest.

When Haru pressed, he didn't know what had happened, but he received another notice that everyone had succeeded in their quest which made him a bit bewildered.

"What's wrong, Kasugano-senpai?" Hanatemari asked.

Hanatemari's soft voice woke him up. Haru looked at Hanatemari and had to admit that this girl was very cute and she gave a feeling that she was ready to be pushed. He hurriedly erased all the perverted things within his head and entered "zen".

"Well, I need to go back. I've got something to do," Haru said.

"Good, let's go back!" Runa grabbed Haru's hand and pulled him outside. She needed to tell Kirari that this guy was flirting with the group of maids later.

Haru chuckled and said goodbye to the three of them before leaving the gambling den. However, at the same time, he was curious at the experience of Korosensei, Tabane, Kuzuha, Toshinori, and Yajima when they did this quest.

Though, when Haru went out, Hanatemari and Togakushi sighed.

Mary raised her eyebrow when she saw both of them and said, "You should give up. I've heard that his fiancee is the student council president." At the same time, she was curious how Haru was able to handle that fierce girl.

"I know but...." Togakushi thought to confess later, but when Mary reminded her... she knew that she needed to give up.

Confessing was something normal in this country so Mary didn't seem that surprised. Though, Mary had to admit that this guy was different from the rest of the student council members and if he came again then she would welcome him. She didn't realize that the corner of her mouth rose, but her expression turned serious once again when she saw a group of students enter.

Today... Mary was going to work hard.

Though, at the same time, Mary was wondering whether the student council members were free enough to visit her gambling den just to see her and her groups in a maid uniform.