Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1155

Volume 1 Chapter 1155 Without Haru On The Quest

After saying that they were ready, Korosensei, Tabane, Kuzuha, and Toshinori were teleported to Yajima's world.

Yajima had been waiting in his guildmaster's room when a bright light suddenly appeared and four figures appeared in front of him. He was about to greet them, but he heard a painful groan from the the four figures.

Korosensei, Tabane, Kuzuha, and Toshinori held their heads since their heads were quite painful after they were teleported to another world.

"Are you all alright?" Yajima asked and felt a bit worried.

"Yeah... I'm alright." Korosensei rubbed his head with his tentacles and had to admit that he wouldn't get used to this teleportation no matter how many times that he had tried it.

"Ugh..." Tabane took a deep breath and nodded.

"I'm alright too..." Kuzuha nodded after she became better.

Only Toshinori was the one who was the most uncomfortable since it was his first time teleporting to another world.

Everyone who had become better was also looking at Toshinori. They might have seen him on the Group Chat, but it was their first time seeing him right in front of their eyes. They had to admit that this guy was huge.

"Hero!" Tabane was surprised since Toshinori's appearance was similar to a hero in an American comic book.

Kuzuha also needed to look up since her stature was quite small. She looked up at Korosensei who was around 3 meters in octopus form and Toshinori who was at least 2,2 meters. She was wondering whether she could grow up soon.

Korosensei nodded and patted Toshinori's shoulder. "You'll get used to this teleportation soon."

"Yeah...." Toshinori also observed everyone since it was his first time meeting the members of the Group Chat in reality.

"N, nice to meet you all."

Toshinori had a light blush on his face and said, "My name is Toshinori Yagi. You can also call me All Might!" This time, his voice became very confident. He pointed at himself using his thumb while showing his bright white teeth.

Toshinori also decided to wear his hero costume since he knew that he was on a mission. He had read Fairy Tail and he knew his opponents which was why he needed to be serious since he knew the power of Tartarus was very strong.


Yajima, Korosensei, Tabane, and Kuzuha were wondering how the heck the ill.u.s.tration of this guy was different from them.

"Cough! Cough!" Yajima coughed to get the attention of all of them. "Well, since this is Toshinori's first time, let us introduce ourselves." He smiled and said, "My name is Yajima. You can call me Yajima."

"You can call me Korosensei." Korosensei moved closer and whispered to Toshinori. "If you need a p.o.r.n book, I'm the master. Everyone calls me the bookkeeper."


Toshinori was speechless. He knew that Korosensei was very perverted, but he didn't expect that Korosensei would be this perverted.

"Hello! Hello! I'm everyone's idol, Tabane-chan!" Tabane put her index fingers on her cheeks and introduced herself in a very cute way.

"My name is Kuzuha Doumoto." Kuzuha bowed her head slightly and said, "Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you everyone." Toshinori smiled and asked, "So what should we do now?" It was his first time on the quest so it was better to let them make a decision. He also didn't want to cause trouble either.

"Well, usually, we will go to the bar below and have a drink, chat about girls, then sleep until tomorrow," Korosensei said with a serious expression.


"Cough! Cough! That's true, but our situation won't let us do that since I won't let the Tartaros hurt everyone in the Magic Council," Yajima said with a serious expression.

Korosensei and Yajima had said with serious expression, but the difference between the two of them was very huge.

"So should I prepare my weapon? I can send my IS to attack them right away," Tabane said. She was thinking of going back early since Yajima was an old pervert, Korosensei was an octopus pervert, and Toshinori had different types of art. The only normal one was Kuzuha who also got closer to her since Kuzuha was a bit nervous with everyone.


Korosensei, Yajima, and Toshinori had to admit that the atmosphere was a bit awkward, especially when Haru wasn't here. The three of them except for Toshinori were perverted and even thought they could talk freely on the Group Chat, but it was hard to say such a perverted thing from their mouths directly.

"You don't need to either. I've prepared my spacecraft and we'll directly attack them right now," Yajima said. He thought that he needed to become the leader in this quest and it was better to solve this matter as soon as possible.

Everyone nodded and agreed.

"What about Crawford Seam? He's the one who holds the key to Face, right?" Kuzuha asked.

Crawford Seam was previously chairman of the Magic Council. He was also the traitor of the Magic Council that had caused destruction in this organization. He also held the Face's key, which was a weapon that could destroy all of the magic within the continent.

"Don't worry, I've prepared everything and right now with my signal, they should start to catch Crawford Seam," Yajima said with anger since Crawford Seam had caused a lot of damage and killed a lot of his comrades on the Magic Council. He even sent out two Dragon Slayers within his guild to help the Magic Council catch this Crawford Seam.


In the courtyard of his home, Crawford Seam was drinking tea with a relaxed expression, but suddenly he saw an army group from the Magic Council walking toward the direction of his house. He raised his eyebrow and wondered what they were doing. He had never thought that they were coming with an intention to catch him since he was the previous chairman of the Magic Council. When a group of army from the Magic Council were moving closer, he also saw the duo from Dragon Slayer's strongest guild, Infinite.

"Oh, what are you all doing here? Is there a mission around this location?" Crawford Seam stood up and walked toward them while asking this question curiously.

Everyone was looking at each other, at first, they had a disbelief expression, but after they saw the proof from Yajima, they felt angry since this person wanted to kill all of them.

"Crawford Seam! You're being arrested for colluding with the Dark Guild, Tartaros!"

The army group didn't hesitate and announced Crawford Seam's crime and they were ready to catch him.

"What?!" Crawford Seam was startled and didn't expect them to know about the matter of his betrayal. "Wait! Wait! This is a misunderstanding!" He moved back while trying to buy time to give a signal to the members of the Tartaros to help him.

"Tell all of that to all of the members of the Magic Council! You're under arrest!"

The captain of the Magic Council ordered and his subordinates hurriedly caught Crawford Seam.

"You bastard!!!" Crawford Seam tried to fight back, but Sting punched him and made him pass out directly.

"This guy...."

Sting also didn't have a good impression of Crawford Seam since this guy would destroy the Magic Council for his own interest.

"Rogue, tell Master that we have caught Crawford Seam," Sting said.


Rogue nodded and reported this matter to Yajima from the Lacrima communication device.

When they were done with their job, they went to the headquarters of the Magic Council since they needed to put Crawford Seam into jail.

Rogue and Sting also followed them back to the headquarters of the Magic Council since Yajima had told them that this matter wasn't over.


When Yajima received news from Rogue, he nodded and said, "Crawford Seam has been caught and we can start our plan right away."


Everyone nodded and they were ready to complete the quest.

"Right, Korosensei, if there is a trouble, you're the only one who can solve the Face," Yajima said.

"Don't worry, leave it to me," Korosensei said with a smile and wouldn't let themselves fail on this quest.

When everything was ready, they entered the Stealth Cruiser which was owned by Yajima.

Yajima had received a Stealth Cruiser in the past and this time, he was going to use it to destroy Tartaros for all.

Though, looking at this massive aircraft, Toshinori had to admit that this Group Chat was amazing.