Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1156

Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group Volume 1 Chapter 1156 - End of Tartaros 1

Toshinori was inside the Stealth Cruiser with an amazed expression.

Tabane was also very happy and moved around the Stealth Cruiser with Kuzuha. She thought the size really mattered, she blushed when she thought about what she had done before she went on the quest. When she returned, she would ask him to go to her world again to do that kind of thing again.

Kuzuha was also walking with Tabane since it felt quite strange to stay with a lot of uncles.

Tabane and Kuzuha also brought Yukino with them since Yukino was more knowledgeable about Stealth Cruiser.

In the past, Kuzuha and Tabane didn't enter the Stealth Cruiser and they weren't being told that Yajima owned this spacecraft so they were quite curious about this spacecraft, especially Tabane.

Tabane recalled that Stealth Cruiser came from a world that could power-up a mecha using music. She wondered how it would work and at the same time, she wanted to go to that world too.

"Umm... Tabane-sama, Kuzuha-sama, where is Haru-sama?" Yukino asked curiously since the only ones who came on this mission were only Toshinori, Tabane, Kuzuha, and Korosensei.

"Hehehe, he's quite busy. Do you miss him?" Tabane asked with a smile.

"Umm..." Yukino blushed and felt embrassed since she missed a married man.

Tabane smiled and asked, "So do you know who Haru's girlfriend is in this world?"



Kuzuha only looked at them with an innocent expression, but her eyes perked and listened to their conversation with focus.

The girls were talking to each other, but Yajima, Kuzuha, Tabane, Toshinori, along with the members of Infinite were coming for this quest to vanquish the dark guild, Tartaros.

Yajima also invited the members of Fairy Tail since they were the main characters of this story. He felt that it was necessary to bring them since he was afraid something would happen. He had also asked Korosensei to wait at the headquarters of the Magic Council so if something happened, Korosensei could protect everyone.

Yajima asked Korosensei because he believed in Korosensei's speed. Beside Korosensei, he didn't think that someone could be as fast as Korosensei, unless that person mastered teleportation magic.

Korosensei didn't really mind and as a bonus, Yajima had given him a treasure book that Yajima had collected a decade ago.

Korosensei was very happy that he didn't expect to receive a vintage p.o.r.n book. He bowed his head respectfully and called Yajima an elder before he went directly to the Magic Council to protect everyone. He was wondering who his opponent was.

'Is it a Jackal?'

Korosensei thought before he left.

Yajima, Tabane, Toshinori, Kuzuha, and the main members of the Infinite said goodbye to Korosensei. They didn't go immediately and waited for the members of Fairy Tail that they had invited for this mission.

Yajima felt that it was too wasteful to not use his resources and it was better to be careful so he decided to end Tartaros directly from this world.

"Uwoo, what is this ship?!"

Yajima smiled at everyone and said, "Shall we go?"


Inside the headquarters of Tartaros, all of the main members or the leader of the Tartaros guild which was known as Nine Demon Gates gathered together with the leader and the creator of Tartaros, Mard Geer Tartaros.

Mard sat on his ivory throne overlooking everyone who kneeled in front of him. He relaxed his face on his right palm while holding a book in his left hand.

"Get up, let's talk about our operation."

Everyone nodded and started to sit down on the the seat which was prepared. They sat down and it seemed that not all of the members of Nine Demon Gates gathered in this place since one of the seats within this room was empty.

"Is Jackal on a mission?" Mard asked.


Mard nodded upon hearing their answer then noticed Franmalth who seemed to be very nervous for some reason.

"What's wrong, Franmalth? Is there something that you want to tell us?"

Franmalth's body tensed and he laughed awkwardly. "Sorry, boss. It seems that Gran Doma has been caught and the Magic Council has known that he has betrayed them. We've sent Jackal to get him back."

Mard smiled and waved his hand. "You don't need to worry. After all, Gran Doma is only a human. His existence is below us or rather below an insect. It is obvious that he's useless."

Everyone nodded at the same time when they heard Mard's words since in their minds the existence of human was very low and human was even lower than a bug in their minds.

The existence of Gran Doma was important to them since Gran Doma was the one who knew the location of Face, the mass-destruction weapons for a magician.

"Don't worry about Gran Doma, I can solve the matter of Face," Mard said. He was very calm and it seemed that nothing could cause him to lose his calm.

"Then what about Jackal, boss?" Franmalth asked.

"Let him destroy the Magic Council," Mard said without hesitation.

No one expressed their rejection and all of them agreed with Mard's decision.

Mard tapped the book with his left hand and couldn't wait for the resurrection of the E.N.D. in this world so that he could end the life of his creator, Zeref.

It might seem like something weird, but the purpose of Zeref to create a demon was to kill himself.

Zeref, who was known as an immortal, had one or two lost screws on his head and because of that, he had caused a lot of trouble to this world.

Then everyone continued to talk about their plan and Mard also sent some of the members of the Tartoros to assassinate the ex-members of Magic Council in this continent since they only needed Gran Doma to activate the Face.

While they were talking to each other, they didn't realize the danger of staring at them.


On the spacecraft, the members of Fairy Tail were quite excited since the size of Stealth Cruiser was very massive. They played around this place and didn't seem nervous about their battle with Tartaros.

Though Makarov, the leader of Fairy Tail, knocked down everyone who caused a mess in this ship since they were about to do an important mission.

Tabane, Kuzuha, and Yukino talked to each other with the female members of Fairy Tail such as Erza, Mirajane, Cana, Lucy, and Lisanna. The topic of the conversation was Haru's magic which was known as "pleasure magic" which was a very dreadful magic for every woman in this continent.

The girls seemed blush when they heard Erza's experience after she was attacked by that magic.


Yajima was speechless, but he didn't stop them until they had arrived at the location.

Their location was 30 kilometers away from the headquarters of Tartaros, however, Yajima decided to stop the spacecraft and told everyone to be ready to shoot down the headquarters of Tartaros.

In the story, the members of Tartorus assassinated every member of the Magic Council and this time, Yajima was going to assassinate them with a bombardment of his Stealth Cruiser.

The Stealth Cruiser has various weapons within it such as 2mm beam gun turrets, Twin 58mm beam gun turrets, 20mm twin beam close-in weapon system (CIWS), and anti-ship missile launchers (mounted within three ports per port/starboard side of the forward bow).

Yajima told the pilot to send out anti-ship missile launchers directly or the strongest weapon within the ship.

The pilot nodded and told his crew to be prepared to aim the anti-ship missile launchers toward Tartaros's headquarters.

When everything was ready, everyone was quiet and ready to watch this historical moment.




Mard wasn't sure, but he foreboded all of sudden. His expression became serious and he shouted, "Get out of here!"


Mard hurriedly escaped, but not all of them were fast enough.


A large explosion destroyed everything and a large mushroom-shaped smoke appeared within the after this explosion.