Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1157

Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group Volume 1 Chapter 1157 - End of Tartaros 2

Inside the prison cell, Cobra, who was once part of magician Oracion Seis, moved slightly when he heard someone approaching. He had a superhearing ability and then he smiled when he realized what this person was about to do to the Magic Council.


However, suddenly his expression changed since the change was too abrupt.


The guard of the headquarters of Magic Council stood up with a fierce expression, but none of them realized the danger that stared at them.

After the destruction of the Magic Council's headquarters seven years ago, the Magic Council had rebuilt their headquarters to another place and this time the location was quite secretive. It wasn't exactly secretive, but it was hard to enter this place, especially after the last incident. And the undernearth of this headquarter, there was a large prison which was also one of the reasons why this place was being hidden for the public.

"Hehehe, strongest organization on the continent? What I see is a joke!"

One person leaped from tree after tree before stopping right at the top of the tree to watch the headquarters of the Magic Council from a distance.

He was going to watch this place for a bit before he destroyed it.

If someone from the Magic Council saw this person, they would be startled since his person was very familiar.

He wasn't a human, but rather an Etherious (a race of Demons that were born from the Books of Zeref).

Jackal, that's his name.

Jackal was a member of the Dark Guild Tartaros as well as a member of the Nine Demon Gates. As a member of Nine Demon Gates, his power was without doubt very strong and his intention came to this place obviously wasn't good.

Jackal grinned and felt that he had watched this place enough, then what he needed to do after this was to destroy it. He moved very fast and passed the security without trouble. He stretched his hand and was about to touch the building of the headquarters of Magic Council but suddenly.....


Suddenly there was change in the scenery, Jackal remembered that he was right in front of the headquarters of Magic Council, but suddenly he was moved to the beach.


Of course, Jackal was startled and quickly tensed all of his body ready to fight, before he found one figure in front of him.

"It's good that I'm not late," Korosensei said with a smile.


Jackal frowned, but he knew that the bipedal octopus in front of him was the one who had caused him to change his position.

"Jackal, I didn't raise you like that! How can you turn into a bad boy!"

Korosensei sobbed and he changed his appearance into Nobita's mother. He sobbed sadly as if his son had done something wrong.


Jackal raised his eyebrow and didn't talk too much. He dashed toward Korosensei and used his power.



A large explosion suddenly appeared and caused the sand on the beach to scorch.

It was Jackal's power, he might not be able to use magic, but he could use a special power of Etherion which was known as Curse and his curse was known as Bomb Curse.

Bomb Curse lies completely in the use of explosions, which can be triggered remotely or upon direct contact, and are usually on a very grand scale.

When the dust and smoke disappeared, Jackal saw that Korosensei's figure had disappeared. He snorted and thought that Korosensei was too weak.

"Tch! Now, I need to go back, huh?!"

Jackal's mood wasn't good and he wanted to end his mission as soon as possible, but he heard a voice which startled him and his shoulder was patted.

"Don't be in hurry, alright?"


Jackal was startled when he saw Korosensei's figure unscathed. "You!"

"What?" Korosensei asked with a smile.



Another explosion appeared, and this time, Jackal didn't do anything.

Korosensei touched Jackal's body automatically being cursed by Jackal's Curse Bomb and he should die after being destroyed by an explosion, but suddenly Korosensei appeared once again unscathed.

"Really? You can't say anything else besides, die?" Korosensei asked. He was tired of talking with a male and wanted to talk with a female. He was wondering why Tartaros didn't send out their female members and sent out this rascal.

"How?!" Jackal was startled since Korosensei was alright after Korosensei had touched him.

Korosensei smiled and said, "I'm not telling you." After he had touched Jackal's body, a symbol appeared on his hand and he knew that it was a curse. He knew that once he was cursed, an explosion would be detonated from his body, however he was very fast. When the explosion happened, he ran directly away from the explosion.

An explosion might have been very fast, but he was faster, that's all.

Korosensei knew that Jackal wouldn't understand that and he thought that it was better to end the life of this demon quickly. He took out his katana and changed into a samurai appearance. He held a katana in his hand and chewed a blade of grass.

"There's nothing that I cannot cut."

Korosensei was fast, very fast, but his attack was very weak. Beside the Quirk ability (Edgeshot's ability from BNHA) which he received previously, he also owned a very strong katana that he used in the battle. He was too lazy to use his Quirk ability and it was better to use his katana since it was faster.

"Ha?! You want to cut me down with that little knife? Don't joke around, you octopus bastard?!" Jackal said arrogantly. In his mind, as an Etherion which was being created by the legendary magician, Zeref. The existence beside him and other Etherion was nothing more than a mere bug that he could kill anytime.


Jackal swept his hand and caused a chain of explosions from the distance, however, suddenly Korosensei appeared behind him calmly.


It was so calm and the only sound that could be heard was the sound of Korosensei's katana which was sheated back to its sheath.

"Atomic Slash." Korosensei said calmly and walked away.

Jackal didn't know what had happened and he was about to reach Korosensei's back. He wanted to explode and pulvirize the hateful bipedal octopus in front of him, but suddenly he saw his hand had crumbled.


From his hand it then continued to his arm, shoulder, stomach, thigh, leg, neck, and lastly his head.

Jackal could only watch this situation happening in front of his eyes without being able to do anything. He only saw Korosensei's back and looked at his back fiercely. He was going to return and get his revenge soon, but he didn't know that the headquarters of Tartaros had been destroyed and it was impossible for it to be reincarnated again.


Blood and various things splattered from Jackal's body, turning him into small pieces.

Korosensei looked up toward the sky and he felt lonely for some reason. He sighed and thought about the Group Chat which made him smile.

"I've got to get more p.o.r.nbooks!"

Korosensei didn't waste his time and moved toward Yajima since he wanted to end this mission soon.


Tartaros's headquarters had been destroyed instantly, which made everyone suck a deep breath since they didn't expect this spacecraft would be this strong.

"How is it?" Yajima asked.

When the captain was about to say something...

"Thorn Garden!"

Multiple large thorns appeared so suddenly, ensnaring and piercing the spacecraft.

"You...! I won't forgive you!"

In front of the large screen, they could see a figure of someone floating in the sky and was about to do something.

This figure created a massive spinning sphere from his hands and said, "Dea Yggdrasil!"

"Watch out for the impact!"

Suddenly an immense wooden beam was fired at the Stealth Cruiser.