Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1158

Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group Volume 1 Chapter 1158 - End Of Tartaros 3

Minerva stared at the battle which was unfolding in front of her. Her entire body was hurt since she was affected by that explosion before, but she was lucky enough to be outside of the headquarters before the explosion happened.

However, even if her body was hurt, she felt very satisfied since her nightmare had disappeared.

After Sabertooth lost the Grand Magic Games a year ago, Jiemma took her away from the guild to become even stronger. Even though she didn't like her father, she feared her father and could only follow him.

In the end, Minerva, along with her father, had joined Tartaros. Her day was quite good since she loved to see someone who was weaker than her, but her day wasn't good after she had been stared at by Kyouka, who was one of the members of Nine Demon Gates.

Kyouka was very sadistic and she loved to torture people. She also had a bad hobby of turning a beautiful woman into a demon and Minerva was also one of them.

Minerva couldn't forget the pain that day and she swore to have her revenge, but her power was pitiful in front of the group of demons. Her father had also launched an attack before, but he was quickly killed by Mard Geer Tartaros, the founder of Tartaros.

After that Minerva didn't have anyone and she stayed with Tartaros for a long time, waiting for someone to help her since she knew how hopeless her situation was. The only thing which could calm her down was the medicated oil which she had always brought with her. The smell of this oil was a bit strange, but it had a lot of good effects and was very good when it was placed at that place.

It might be because her days were full of pain that she longed for pleasure and happiness.

Minerva became excited when she thought about both Haru and Shinobu. She wanted to meet them, but she couldn't find them. She only saw them during the Grand Magic Games and when she was about to meet them, they had disappeared.

When Minerva returned, she was being punished, but she didn't care since she had become numb with the pain.

However, one thing for sure, she wanted to destroy Tartaros, the group who had robbed her identity and trampled her into nothing.

So when she saw the headquarters of the Tartaros was destroyed, she was very happy, but she knew that it wasn't over since Mard Geer hadn't been killed.

"Diamond Shield!!!"

Minerva's eyes became hazy and she passed out. She hoped when she opened her eyes, she would be able to see both Haru and Shinobu.


When Mard Geer sent out his magic, everyone on the spacecraft panicked since this spacecraft didn't have a barrier.

It was the same as Yajima, even though he believed in the durability of this spacecraft, but facing Mard Geer who was one of the strongest villains on the Fairy Tail, his expression became serious.

However, it was at this moment that Kuzuha protected everyone.

"Diamond Shield!"

Kuzuha makes a high and thick earth wall with a face in the center coming out of the ground. She had received a "Creation" ability from the world of Nanatsu no Taizai which allowed her to manipulate earth better. When she saw an attack from Mard Geer, she knew that she needed to do something and used all of her power to protect everyone.


This massive wall of earth protected the spacecraft from being attacked which made everyone relieved.

However, Yajima quickly reminded everyone.

"It's not over yet! We need to defeat the leader of Tartaros!"

Hearing Yajima's words, everyone became serious.

"Tabane, please!"

"Aye! Aye, sir!"

Tabane summoned two Infinite Stratos from her dimensional bag and sent them out to attack Mard Geer since she knew that this guy was very strong.

Kuzuha plopped on the ground and she was very tired at that moment. Her breathing was very heavy and she sweated a lot.

"Kuzuha-chan, are you alright?" Wendy asked Kuzuha with a worried expression.

It might be because Kuzuha and Wendy were loli and they quickly became friends.

Even Carla was looking at Kuzuha with a worried expression and also didn't expect Kuzuha to have such power.

"I, I'm alright. I only need to take a break..." Kuzuha felt very tired and it was very hard to maintain her consciousness. She wanted to go to sleep quickly, but she knew that the battle wasn't over.

"W, wait for a moment..." Wendy quickly used her magic to make Kuzuha feel better. She was a Dragon Slayer magician and she wasn't very good with vehicles, but her magic could heal her motion sickness.

Though, that wasn't the case for both Natsu and Gajeel since from the beginning both of them had slumped on the ground and puked several times. Their health wasn't good and they wanted to quickly come out from this spacecraft.

"Gray, help me get Natsu and Gajeel. We also have to join the battle," Erza said.

"Alright." Gray didn't have a complaint since he also had seen how powerful Mard Geer was. The sheer size of that wooden beam also startled him. He knew that he needed to get serious and used all of the power of their guild to defeat the leader of Tartaros. He also knew that Mard Geer was also one of Zeref's demons which meant the existence of Mard Geer was the same as Deliora that had robbed everything from him.

Gray needed to defeat Mard Geer no matter what. He grabbed Gajeel and jumped out from the spacecraft ready for the battle.

Erza also did the same while bringing Natsu with her.

Not only Gray and Erza, but Laxus also came out since he also didn't really want to stay in this spacecraft any longer.

Everyone on the Fairy Tail also hastened their steps to go out ready to fight Mard Geer.

This time, they would show them the power of friendship that they felt proud of.

Yajima also felt curious about the power of friendship since no matter how many times that he had read Fairy Tail, he didn't think that it was very logical for the members of Fairy Tail to be able to defeat one after villains on the story with the power of feelings and friendship.

"Master, we'll go out too," Orga said.

Yajima looked at Orga, Rufus, and Yukino before giving them a nod since he knew that he needed to go all out to defeat Mard Geer. It seemed that he had underestimated Mard Geer and hoped for Korosensei to come back as soon as possible.

"Be careful."

They nodded and came out from the spacecraft.

"Yajima, you should continue to attack it," Tabane said.

"What about everyone on the battlefield? If we attack Mard, by using this spacecraft, they might be attacked too," Yajima said.

Makarov also frowned looking at Tabane.

"Don't use a missile. You can use another weapon, right?" Tabane looked at Yajima with a speechless expression.

Yajima slapped his forehead and only remembered that this spacecraft also had another weapon.

"Captain! Ready for an attack!"

The captain nodded and gave an order. "FIRE!!!"

The spacecraft began shooting down Mard Geer with a number of beam guns.

*Boom! *Boom!* *Boom!*

Their battle had started and it was a battle between two guilds against the founder of Tartaros, Mard Geer.