Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1159

Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group Volume 1 Chapter 1159 - End of Tartaros 4

Mard Geer couldn't contain the rage within his heart. The plan which he had planned for a hundred of years had been destroyed by the group of bugs in front of him. His headquarters were destroyed, his subordinates had been defeated, and the only one left was his being.

"How dare you?!"

Mard Geer was almost defeated by the creature which he despised in his heart. This was something that he couldn't accept in his heart and it was also the reason why he was blazing in rage.

"I'm Mard Geer Tartaros! I'm the Underworld King, and the definitive demon!!"

Mard Geer transformed into his true form. His body became more muscular, and his skin darkened and gained the ragged pattern of his cloak. He gained long, dark horns on his forehead, jagged teeth, and retained his ponytail. Mard Geer's fingers were replaced with claws and his ears became elongated and elf-like. He gained large, bat-like wings that were both light and dark in color. Feathers also sprouted from his wrists and collar.

"I'll kill all of you!"

However, it seemed that those bugs showed resistance which made him even more furious.

His existence was above them and when he wanted to kill them then they should let themselves be killed by him.

"Fire Dragon's Roar!"

"Iron Dragon's Roar!"

"Lightning Dragon's Roar!"

Three combination attacks from Dragon Slayer magicians attacked Mard Geer at the same time.


Mard Geer raised his hand and sent out multiple thorns from his surroundings. The thorns were so powerful that it could easily destroy the combination roar from Natsu, Gajeel, and Laxus.

Their attack turned futile and they were trapped by a thorn.

"Bastard! Let go of me!" Natsu shouted angrily. His mood wasn't good, especially when he needed to stay at the vehicle for a long time.


Mard Geer clenched his hand and tightened the thorns on their bodies, but suddenly....

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

A bombardment of various weapons attacked Mard Geer at the same time.

Tabane, who was at the top of Stealth Cruiser, sent out her Infinite Stratos to attack Mard Geer. She used almost all of her weapons, except her nuclear and hydrogen bomb. She thought that it was better to attack using an Infinite Stratos since it was more efficient and there were a lot of her allies in this battlefield.

Tabane also sent out a number of missiles towards Mard Geer. She knew from the manga Fairy Tail, Mard Geer was a very powerful character, but this guy was easily defeated by the main characters which made her underestimate this character.

Mard Geer's power revolved around his Thorn Curse.

Thorn Curse is a Curse that involves the creation and manipulation of thorns. Through the use of several hand gestures, the user is able to create, as well as manipulate, thorns at their own will.

However, that wasn't enough to describe Mard Geer's power. Once he transformed into his true form, with a mere swipe of his hand, he was able to create something such as an extremely size-augmented tree branch, one whose width alone dwarfs regular humans.

Mard Geer was without doubt a very strong opponent, but if it was that Thorn Curse, then Tabane was confident that she would be able to defeat Mard Geer, but Mard Geer had an unreasonable magic which was known as Memento Mori.

Memento Mori is a Curse which erases existence.

With this power, Mard Geer was capable of producing a dark paralytic mist around the target that enveloped them, creating a massive beam of dark spirits that reached towards the sky. Known as the ultimate Curse and the "memory of death", this Curse was created to destroy the immortal being Zeref, as the victims of this Curse were no longer alive nor were they dead, but were simply erased, becoming nothing for eternity.

That power was simply unreasonable and Tabane was sure that her existence might be erased with that power, however, the power of Dragon Slayer was also unreasonable, especially when the power of friendship increased their power.

However, it wasn't easy to access that power of friendship.

Tabane knew that for Natsu, Gray, Erza, etc to access the power of friendship, all of them needed to be battered and injured from the attack of the opponents. And that wasn't the only condition since the user also needed to be in critical condition before they awoken their power.

Tabane didn't have time to join their joke and she also didn't want to depend on FairyTail since she didn't feel safe to trust her life and quest to them. Thinking about the past, she felt that she might have underestimated this quest. She thought that each quest would be very peaceful and very easy to solve, but...


Tabane sighed and regretted that she didn't bring Haru with him. She wanted to stay with him, but when she thought the situation would turn worse, she heard this voice....

"You don't need to worry!

Why? Because I'm here!"

All Might entered the battlefield!


Mard Geer laughed and destroyed everything in front of him. He fought all of them alone by himself and the injuries on his body quickly healed.

"Useless! Useless! Useless! You weak human should just lay down and accept your fate! Die!"

Mard Geer made a simple gesture by swiping off his index and middle fingers, creating a rose composed of Curse Power directly ahead of him that completely engulfed its nearby vicinity in a destructive explosion.


The members of Fairy Tail were blown away and their bodies were riddled with wounds.

"No! I won't give up!"

When some of their members fainted, Natsu, Gray, Erza, Laxus, and the main members of Fairy Tail stood up one by one ready to continue their battle.

"You...! How dare you defy me!"

Mard Geer was ready to use his strongest magic, but suddenly someone stopped him and gave him a powerful punch!


Mard Geer felt that he was being hit by several tons of force and he was blown away toward the mountain behind him. The power of this attack was so powerful that it cracked the mountain itself.

Everyone was stunned and saw this huge figure.

His huge figure gave them a sense of security and the cape behind his back was blown away by the wind which made his appearance become very cool.

"You don't need to worry!

Why? Because I'm here!"

All Might turned toward everyone and gave his trademark smile.


"All Might!" Yajima was very excited when he saw All Might enter the battlefield. He was very helpless in this situation and his Stealth Cruiser couldn't be that much of a help. In this hopeless situation, he could only wait for Korosensei since he knew that Korosensei was the only one who could reverse this situation, but he didn't expect All Might to appear and save everyone.

"Yajima, who is he?" Makarov was also amazed by All Might's figure and power.

"He's the strongest hero, All Might," Yajima said with full confidence.


Toshinori had been observing the battle to know the power of his opponent and as expected, that Mard Geer was very strong. He felt that Mard Geer might be even stronger than All-For-One.

Toshinori then decided to enter the battle to save everyone, and didn't hesitate to use all of his strength to defeat Mard Geer. He sighed in relief and hoped that this battle was over, but suddenly...

Mard Geer appeared right in front of Toshinori and gave him a powerful blow right into Toshinori's face.


Toshinori gritted his teeth and was almost blown away, but as a hero, he needed to protect everyone and he couldn't lose. He almost fell, but he clenched his fist and sent out a counter.


Mard Geer had prepared himself, but Toshinori's strength was bigger than he had thought. However, he didn't despise Toshinori since he didn't think that this guy was a human.

Toshinori in his All Might's form had become taller and he was around 220 and his weight was around 255 kg. In simple terms, Toshinori was a humanoid Schwerer Gustav!

Then both of them started to exchange blows and no one was able to get close to them.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Their fight was so fierce that it caused a shockwave that shook the earth itself.

Everyone watched this fight with serious expressions and some of them became All Might's fans, especially Happy and Natsu since they thought All Might was very cool.




With each second, All Might sent out a hundred blows toward Mard Geer. His health had returned to its peak condition with the help of Haru and Tsunade. At his peak, he could destroy All-For-One and all of his minions easily. His strength was undoubtedly known as the strongest in his world.

Mard Geer also felt that he was going to be defeated, but he wasn't going to lose.


Mard Geer was wondering whether Zeref had created a new demon or All Might was the E.N.D., but even so, he wouldn't forgive any existence which tried to defy him. In the end, he used his magic to trap All Might since he knew that he would lose if this continued.

All Might was trapped and he was in quite a troublesome situation, but it didn't mean that he couldn't escape.

However, in that very moment, Mard Geer decided to use his strongest magic to erase all of the existence in front of him.

"Memento Mo---"

Mard Geer was about to use his magic, but suddenly he lost his life.


Mard Geer's heart was punctured then his body turned into small pieces.


Everyone was stunned and they saw someone unexpected since no one would expect this strong enemy to be defeated by this person.

"I'm not late, right?" Korosensei said with a smile with both Sting and Rogue on his side.

Sting and Rogue had a pale expression since Korosensei's speed was too fast which made them sick.


At this moment, no one cared about anything and they hugged this bipedal octopus at the same time since this guy was very handsome at that moment.

Though, the only people who hugged him was a male which made Korosensei sad at this moment.

But that didn't really matter since everyone knew at that moment that Tartaros had been defeated!