Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1160

Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group Volume 1 Chapter 1160 - Victory Celebration

Minerva opened her eyes slowly and saw that she was in an unfamiliar room.

"You've woken up?"

Minerva then saw an old lady with pinkish hair looking at her with a stern expression.

"This is...?"

The old lady was about to say something, but suddenly someone disturbed them.


Minerva saw Sting, Rogue, Rufus, Orga, along with an old member of Sabertooh enter the room with an excited expression.

"It's good that you're safe, princess!"

"Where have you been? We have been searching for you!"

"Princess, are you alright?"

Minerva wasn't sure, but her eyes felt wet at that moment.

"Shut up!"

However, the old lady was furious when everyone caused a ruckus into her house.

"Get out for me! She needs a quiet place!"

In front of this old lady, everyone became sullen and they nodded. They went out together and told Minerva to join the Infinite when she had become better. They also told them that they were having a party nearby and she should join when she was alright.

Minerva wasn't sure, but she nodded. However, in her heart, she was quite disappointed since the figure that she wasn't to see didn't appear in front of her. At the same time, she was glad that he didn't appear since she had become a demon and her appearance was very ugly.

"If it's about your body, you don't need to worry."


Minerva looked at the old lady with a confused expression.

"I've restored you to how you used to be. You're not a demon. You're a human," the old lady said. She wanted to say that she hated humans, but she stopped herself. She also gave Minerva a mirror to see her appearance.


Minerva was shocked since she didn't expect that her appearance would be restored and she would become human once again. Tears rolled in her eyes and she was grateful to this old lady. She knew that she could return back to her true home and she could chase something that she had been wanting for a long time.

The old lady nodded and said, "You should take a rest. You should be able to get out tomorrow since your body is quite durable."

"Thank you very much," Minerva said.

The old lady nodded and when she was about to go out, she stopped when she saw rabbit ears appear right outside of the window.


Minerva noticed there was something strange about the old lady then followed the direction of her eyes.


Minerva was also stunned when she saw rabbit ears right in front of the window inside the room.


Minerva and the old lady were stunned and they weren't sure what it was since the rabbit ears were quite big from the norm.

Then suddenly someone entered this room with a bright smile.

"Hello! Hello! I'm everyone's idol, Tabane-chan!"

Tabane made a cute gesture while introducing herself.


Minerva and the old lady were too speechless to say anything. They had never encountered this situation before and they weren't sure what to do at this moment.

"So who is Minerva-chan?" Tabane asked while blinking her eyes.


"Who are you?" Minerva asked. Her personality was quite cautious with a stranger and she didn't know who this strange woman was.

"My name is Tabane! I'm everyone's idol!" Tabane said with a smile.


The old lady massaged her head and said, "If you're done, please get out." She left the room directly.


"You're Minerva-chan, right? You're very cute. I can see the reason why Haru likes you," Tabane said with a smile.

"Huh? Haru?" Minerva was surprised and asked, "Where's he?"

"He isn't here, but he has entrusted me with a letter. You can read it slowly. I'll return to the party. Bye, Minerva-chan! Let's see each other again! I'm sure that you'll be suitable in a maid uniform!"

Tabane gave the letter to Minerva and Minerva accepted it with a dumbfounded expression.

Before Minerva said anything, Tabane left directly from the window and returned to the party.

Minerva blinked her eyes and looked at the letter in her hands. She opened it directly and was curious what the content of the letter was.


When Minerva read the content of the letter, she smiled sweetly and tears welled up again in her eyes. She also made a nod before laying on the bed while hugging the letter.

The content of the letter was quite simple.

"Have you found your home?"

It was a very simple question, however, Minerva understood everything. Her experience in the past year told her everything and right now, she had found her true home. The only thing that she lacked was a husband and one or two children too!

Minerva had made up her mind and she was going to enter the Infinite!


When Tabane returned, she went to Kuzuha who was talking with Wendy, Lucy, Erza, Lisanna, and Marijane.

"Hey! Hey! I'm back!"

Tabane sat beside them and drank juice since she didn't really like to drink alcohol.

"Where have you been Tabane?" Lucy asked curiously.

"Meet Minerva," Tabane said simply. She looked at the female members of Fairy Tail and had to admit that they were all beautiful. She was wondering why Haru didn't really want to have that much interaction with the beauties on Fairy Tail since they were all cute, beautiful, and s.e.xy. She smiled and moved toward Lucy.

"Lucy, your b.o.o.b.s are very big, is it real?"

"Of course, it is real!"


Toshinori was very popular, especially among males and some women too. He also had his share of experiences with women, but he had never had a chance to make a relationship since he was very busy with his job so it was the reason why he was still single.

"All Might! All Might! Tell me about your experience again!" Natsu asked with an eager expression.

Happy also sat beside Natsu with an eager expression.

They knew that Toshinori was a hero which made them very excited, especially when they heard about Toshinori's experience which made their blood boil.


Korosensei sat beside Yajima, Makarov, Macao, and Wakabe. The five of them were known as a group of perverts.

Korosensei was Mirajane's fan, or rather every girl on the Fairy Tail guild, since they were very beautiful, except Wendy since he was on the Big B.o.o.b.s faction.

The conversation was very exciting and they talked to each other with lewd expressions.

Korosensei thought that his haul would be good and he could enjoy a life full of p.o.r.nbooks after he returned later.

After the fight with Tartaros, everyone decided to open a party on Magnolia, right on Fairy Tail's headquarters since it was very close, but at the same time, Makarov, who was laughing happily with everyone, had made up his mind on something, but he could think about it later since it was time to enjoy their victory!

"Cheers for the victory!"


Everyone was having a party and had fun that night forgetting everything.

Only the female members returned back to their home, though, there were some of them who were sleeping right on the ground such as the female hooligan, Cana Alberona.

So with the defeat of Tartaros, all of the members of Group Chat who participated in this quest knew that their quest was over and they were quite anticipating what kind of reward that they would get this time.