Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1161

Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group Volume 1 Chapter 1161 - Reward 1

Yajima, Korosensei, Toshinori, Kuzuha, and Tabane gathered together the next day.

Yajima had accepted Minerva to become a member of his guild and he smiled when he thought that his guild would become even more rowdy in the future, but he loved that and at the same time, even though they were in happy occasion, he also needed to prepare himself and his guild since the war against Alvarez Kingdom would start next year.

Yajima knew that he needed to face Zeref sooner or later, and frankly, he felt that it was very hard, considering Zeref's ability to manipulate the time and this guy also couldn't die because of his immortality. He was sure that when they had defeated Mard Geer, Zeref came and stopped the time to grab the book of E.N.D., and they could do nothing about him.

"This Zeref is troublesome," Toshinori said with a serious expression. Even if he was strong, it was almost impossible to defeat someone who had the ability to manipulate time.

"Well, there's another year and I'm sure that everyone is going to become stronger at that time," Yajima said. He knew that they might not be able to defeat Zeref now, but next year? He believed that they could defeat Zeref.

Everyone nodded at the same time, especially when they thought about Korosensei, Teppei, Kouha, Esdeath, Luffy, and Haru who were the strongest members of the Group Chat.

"So how about we open the rewards now?" Tabane said. She had this unable to wait expression on her face and wanted to open her reward as soon as possible.

Everyone agreed and wanted to open their reward.

"Who is going to open their reward first?" Kuzuha asked.

Everyone subconsciously looked toward Toshinori at this moment.

Toshinori had changed his clothes into a loose t-shirt, pants, and sneakers. When he was being looked at by everyone, he was a bit startled and pointed his finger at himself.


Everyone nodded at the same time.

"Well, I don't mind." Toshinori nodded since he was also curious what kind of reward that he would receive for this quest. He had heard that there were various things from ability, items, points, etc. His heart was full of anticipation and he directly opened his reward.

The reward lottery started to move and it stopped on something.

[Ding! Congratulations, you've received the Battle Lover's Bracelet]


"Battle Lover?"

Everyone raised their eyebrows since they had never seen this kind of reward.

Then everyone noticed suddenly there was a cute silver bracelet with a "heart" shape of accessory on the middle of it that appeared right on Toshinori's right wrist.

"Why don't you try it, Toshinori," Tabane said, wondering what kind of reward that Toshinori had received.


Toshinori nodded. He wasn't sure what it was, but he felt that this bracelet was quite powerful. Suddenly the bracelet on his hand started to shine and he started to transform. He wasn't sure, but suddenly this sentence came out of his mouth.

"We are the heirs to the throne of love! Sparkling Prince, Battle Lover Scarlet!"


Everyone was startled since Toshinori suddenly shouted. When the transformation had ended, they saw Toshinori's figure that made them flabbergasted.

Toshinori wore a frilly white undershirt that barely peaked out of his upper clothing, a pair of white silk gloves, white shorts (which had red bordering at its base), and a pair of medium length white boots wherein the upper part was shown to be red in colour, flipped upside down onto either side. His medium length boots also had a red heart shaped jewel with wings embedded into them. He also held a cute wand with a heart emblem on the top of it.


Korosensei and Yajima wanted to puke at the same time since they didn't want to see a muscular man in a mahou shoujou (magical girl) attire.

Kuzuha and Tabane raised their eyebrows and felt weird.

"Oh, oh... d, don't look at my thigh... I haven't done my squat... my quadriceps and hamstrings are in a bad state at the moment," Toshinori said with a blush.

Kuzuha, Tabane, Korosensei, and Yajima looked away at this moment. They wanted to barf, but they held themselves since they were afraid to hurt Toshinori's feelings.

"Love Out!"

Toshinori then deactivated his Battle Lover bracelet and sighed in relief. He looked at the cute silvery bracelet on his wrist again and felt a bit conflicted by his reward. From the description of this bracelet, it was owned by Yumoto Hakone from Defense Club.

"Your reward is amazing," Korosensei said with a thumbs up.


"Is this reward something normal?" Toshinori asked with a helpless expression.

Yajima, Korosensei, Kuzuha, and Tabane nodded since each reward was quite unique. They also told him that there were a lot of things in this universe so they told him not to think too much.

Toshinori nodded and didn't think too much. He had received his reward so it was too late to regret. The only thing that he could do was to enjoy his reward. When he returned, he was going to test the ability of his reward again.

"Then, it is my turn this time," Yajima said.

Everyone agreed and let Yajima open his reward.

Yajima took a deep breath and opened his reward.

[Ding! Congratulations, you've received a Nudist Beach uniform]


Yajima looked at the reward which he had received and wasn't sure what to do.


Everyone also didn't say anything and looked at Yajima's reward.


Everyone had to admit that Yajima's reward was worse than Toshinori's reward. They weren't sure what to say at that moment and hoped someone would save the situation.

"Don't worry," Korosensei said while patting Yajima's shoulder.

"Umm....." Yajima nodded and took a deep breath. He felt that it was better to get a point rather than receive this N.a.k.e.d Beach uniform.

The N.a.k.e.d Beach uniform consisted of black underwear with a number of pockets around it.

Yajima took a deep breath and gave his reward to Tabane. "Tabane, give this to Haru when you've gone back."

"O, oh..." Tabane nodded and received Yajima's gift. Looking at this perverted uniform, she was wondering what kind of people were wearing this kind of uniform. Though she was also curious about Haru's appearance when he wore this N.a.k.e.d Beach uniform, and she felt that this uniform wasn't that simple.

However, Tabane wasn't in a hurry and could check it later when she returned.


Toshinori and Yajima didn't say anything and sat on the side with sullen expressions. It wasn't that they didn't like their rewards, but it was too hard to wear such a reward in public, especially that N.a.k.e.d Beach uniform since everyone would think of that person as an exhibitionist once someone wore that N.a.k.e.d Beach uniform.

Suddenly the atmosphere of this opening reward event became serious since Toshinori and Yajima had received quite a weird reward.

"W, who is next?" Korosensei asked nervously. He was wondering whether he would also receive such a strange reward.

"M, me! I, I'm the next one!" Kuzuha raised her hand and showed her bravery.

"You sure, Kuzuha-chan?" Tabane asked worriedly and said, "You might get a strange reward too.''

"I, it's alright. I, I'm not afraid!" Kuzuha took a deep breath and opened her reward. There was no hesitation in her eyes and waited to see what kind of reward she would receive at this moment.

[Ding! Congratulations, you've received a Palette Suit]