Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1163

Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group Volume 1 Chapter 1163 - Haru's Talent

Next Monday, Muse will perform a concert.

This concert was a bit special since it was the first time that everyone would perform together.

In the past, Muse only had three members and that was Honoka, Umi, and Kotori, but those members started to grow and became nine members.

Haru also anticipated that concert and today, he was watching them training together right in the courtyard of his shrine. His shrine had become their headquarters, but he didn't really mind since he was their producer. Looking at nine girls who worked out together, he had to admit that this scene was very amazing and he needed to burn this image into his brain.

Nozomi smiled and moved faster, trying to tempt her producer.

"Nozomi, what are you doing? Your movement is a mess!" Eli reprimanded.

"Y, yes!"


'What is that girl doing...?'

Haru sighed and shook his head before he entered the shrine since that girl was temptress. He thought that he should go to her apartment later since she had invited him. Though he was wondering what he should do with Eli and Maki.

Looking at two girls, Haru had a million ways to get both of them into a bed, but....

Haru was quite hesitant for some reason, but he knew the same as a business. If he wanted to get a girl then he needed to be bold and it was better to attack first rather than wait.


Haru scratched his head and thought that he was really sc.u.m. He laid on the tatami floor and thought about his girlfriends in this world.

'Sora, Megumi, Utaha, Kirari, Eriri, and Nozomi..."

Haru had a feeling that this number would increase in the future, and it was at this moment that his thought was broken when he heard a scream.


Haru stood up hurriedly and saw that the girl seemed to surround Rin.

"What's wrong?"

Haru walked toward them and everyone had a worried expression on their face.

"Rin, are you alright?" Hanayo asked with a worried expression.

"I, I'm alright. M, my leg hurts a bit.. that's all..." Rin was about to get up, but she plopped on the ground again since her leg was very painful.

It seemed that Rin had sprained her leg during the training.

"What should we do? The concert is going to start next Thursday?!" Nico panicked when Rin sprained her leg.

"I, I'm alright! You don't need to worry, Nico-chan." Rin smiled while trying to hold the pain in her leg.

"Anyway, we should bring her to the hospital first. Let's stop the training." Eli made her decision right away since with Rin's condition it was impossible to continue the training.

Everyone nodded and agreed with Eli's decision.

"I'll call the ambulance," Maki said and took out her smartphone.

"...I'm sorry..." Rin felt quite depressed since she didn't expect she would sprain her leg during the training. She also knew that she might also mess up their first concert which made her scared.

"Calm down. Let me check on her," Haru said.


Rin didn't have a chance to respond and suddenly her body was lifted by Haru.


Rin's head went blank since she didn't expect that she was being carried in princess carry. She began to panic and her face flushed red.

"W, what are you doing, nyaa?!"

Rin tried to move away and escaped, but stopped when her leg felt hurt. "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!"

"Just stay still. Don't move," Haru said calmly.


Rin blushed, but nodded. She didn't dare to move and she was really confused at this moment since it was the first time that she was treated as a girl.


The eight girls who were a bit panicked earlier were looking at Haru with a stunned expression since this guy's action was so smooth.

"W, wait!"

No one knew what Haru was about to do and they started to chase after him since they were afraid Rin might be eaten without leaving any bones by this wolf.


Haru put Rin on the tatami floor and let her lay down. He looked at her and said in a gentle voice, "Relax. Let me check your sprained leg first."

"Um.. umm...." Rin nodded with a blush.

"Excuse me," Haru said before he started to touch Rin's leg. He could feel that her leg was tense because she was nervous. "Relax, alright? I'm not going to do something weird to you and there are eight girls who are staring at me, right?" He looked at the eight girls beside him who stared at him intently.


The eight girls became embarrassed and looked away.

Haru shook his head and decided to check Rin's leg. He knew that he needed to cure her as soon as possible since the concert was very important for them. Fortunately, he had received "Cookie" which made him receive various knowledge about massage and it was very easy for him to cure a sprained leg.

Haru moved his hand slowly, kneding Rin's leg to make it relax. He had to admit that Rin's body was small, but her body was very toned and her butt was very supple. However, he knew that he needed to be serious since he was their producer. He needed to set aside his hunting time and his time as a serious producer.

Everyone was staring at Haru, thinking that he was going to do something weird, but it seemed that they were thinking too much since they could see his serious expression. Though, there was something that disturbed them.

"Ahn... D, don't touch me in that place, nyaa! I, I'm sensitive, nyaa!" Rin m.o.a.ned.

"Hold on. It's going to be over soon," Haru said calmly.

"I, I can't hold it, nyaa!"


Everyone blushed and looked at this perverted guy.

"H, Haru.... Y, you're not doing anything bad, right?" Hanayo asked with a timid voice. She was afraid that Haru was going to do something bad to her best friend.

"It's just a simple massage. What am I going to do?" Haru asked with a speechless expression.

"Hmm... so touching the girl's leg without her permission is not something bad, Haru?" Nozomi asked with a mischievous expression.


"It's urgent, right? Believe me. I'm going to cure her," Haru said with a serious expression. He knew that he couldn't win an argument against eight girls at the same time so it was better to show his technique as soon as possible. He took off Rin's shoes swiftly and massaged the area where she sprained her legs.

Rin tried to hold her pain, but slowly it felt very good and she tried to hold her m.o.a.n. However, her thought was broken when she heard his voice.

"How is it? Try to stand up," Haru said.


Rin blinked her eyes then tried to move her sprained leg. She was surprised and stood up.

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Maki was surprised and asked, "How did you do it?" She didn't know that Haru was knowledgeable about massage.

"I'm a very good masseur," Haru said. He was too lazy to tell the details to them.

"Oh? You're a very good masseur, Haru?" Nozomi asked with a smile.


Haru could see that Nozomi was planning something bad, but he nodded. "Yes."

"Then how about you massage all of us," Nozomi said with a smile.

"What?!" Everyone was startled by Nozomi's words.

Haru twitched his lips and said, "No, you're all girls. I can't touch you carelessly." He knew that he was a hypocrite when he uttered these words, but he didn't want the situation to turn chaotic.

Nozomi raised her eyebrow and still remembered how Haru had tossed her around, but this guy dared to utter those words. "Really? But I think a massage is necessary so we can perform better during the concert, right, Eli?"

"Huh?" Eli was startled when she was being asked so suddenly, but when she thought about Haru's massage ability. She nodded and said, "Yes, massage is important, especially since we have done a very arduous work out every day. Our body needs to relax." It might be because of her selfishness, but she also wanted to try Haru's massage technique.

"I agree," Maki said.


Kotori, Umi, and Nico didn't expect the situation would turn into this.

Kotori was embarrassed, but her curiosity was better.

Umi blushed and she felt that it was too shameless.

Nico sighed and felt tired. She thought that she might really need this massage.

"Why not? It seems fun!" Honoka said with a smile.

Smoke came out of Hanayo's head and she passed out. "M, massage..."

"Kayo-chin!" Rin hurriedly caught Hanayo since her leg felt better. Though, at the same time, she was also curious about Haru's massage.

"As a producer, you need to take care of your talents, right?" Nozomi said with a smile.


Nine girls stared at Haru at the same time.

Haru sighed and said, "Only this time, alright?"


Some of them cheered and some of them were too embarrassed to say anything.

Haru stared at Nozomi who had caused this situation and wondered whether this girl would really help him to get all of the eight girls in front of him. Though, he needed to punish this girl later when he came to her house later.

"Alright, who next?"