Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1165

Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group Volume 1 Chapter 1165 - Nozomi's Story 2

Haru looked at Nozomi's room. The size of her room was small compared to his room, but somehow it was more lonely than his own. He looked around and there was nothing beside a bed, small table, cupboard inside her room. However, there were two photos which stood out from everything inside this room. He saw a photo of everyone during the BBQ party that was being held last Sunday and also his photo with her that was taken when he was sleeping on the shrine.

"Ah! You can't!" Nozomi wanted to take the photo from his hand, but Haru didn't let her. He raised his hand so she couldn't reach the photo, but she didn't give up.

They kept fighting to each other until they realized that the distance between them was very close.

Haru could feel two soft things pressed into his chest and his body became hot. He stared at Nozomi with eyes full of desire.

Nozomi blushed and looked away, but her body became giddy.


Haru gave back the photo back to Nozomi and said, "You don't need to be embarrassed, right? I've seen everything about you after all."

Nozomi became embarrassed again and hit his chest since she felt a bit annoyed.

"But you really love Muse, huh?"

Haru didn't see the photo of Nozomi's family in this apartment, the only thing that he could see was a photo of Muse.

Nozomi nodded and said, "Yes, I love Muse. I even want this to continue forever."

Haru patted Nozomi's head and said, "Even if you've graduated, you can perform from time to time together with everyone and I'm sure that everyone's feeling is the same."

"Do you think so?" Nozomi asked.


Haru felt that everyone's feelings toward Muse were very strong and didn't even lose to Nozomi, however It might be because of her lonely nature that she felt that her feeling toward Muse was stronger, but he didn't think so since he could see everyone's feeling toward Muse was the same and all of them treasured every moment when they were together whenever it was training, playing, performing, etc. and that was also the reason why he couldn't wait to see their performance next Thursday.

"Haru, do you know how happy that is when I am together with everyone?" Nozomi asked.

"Do you really feel that happy?" Haru asked.

Nozomi nodded and told him about her past. She told him that in her childhood because of her parents' job, she always transferred from time to time. It was because she didn't have a friend and she didn't have anyone to talk with. Her personality was also quite awkward that it made it hard for her to communicate with someone.

"So what made you change?"

Haru felt a bit curious. He didn't think that Nozomi was such an introvert, especially when he met her for the first time or rather she was very upbeat and open at that time.

Sitting between Haru's legs, Nozomi rested her body on Haru and she felt very relaxed, telling him about her past.

"It was because of Eli."


"Yes." Nozomi looked at Haru with a smile and said, "If I didn't meet you then I might become a lesbian."


Haru couldn't laugh at Nozomi's joke.

"Enough joking."

"Was that a joke?"

"Of course! I like you after all," Nozomi said with a smile.


Haru would be lying if he didn't feel happy. "So what happened?"

Then Nozomi told him, how she met Eli for the first time. Unlike her, Eli was unable to compromise and because of that Eli often had a lot of conflict with everyone. It was also the reason why Nozomi was attracted to Eli and wanted to become Eli's friends at that time.

Haru and Nozomii talked to each other. It felt very short, but they didn't expect that they would talk to each other for an hour or so.

"Cough! Cough! That's why I want everyone in the Muse to date you together," Nozomi said. She loved everyone in the Muse and she also loved him. She had heard about "Hare-kon" and she also knew about Haru's capability, it was possible for him to date everyone and she was sure that he would be happy if he could date all of them together.

Nozomi thought it would be wonderful to have everyone to be together forever so he wanted him to date everyone. She felt that such a future was something that she had always anticipated, but she didn't expect such an answer from him.

"Impossible," Haru said.

"Why?" Nozomi was surprised.

"Stupid. Do you think that I'm a playboy who is going to go after any girls as long as they're beautiful?" Haru asked with a frown.

"You're not?" Nozomi was surprised.

"Of course not!" Haru was almost mad when he saw Nozomi's answer.

Nozomi smiled and said, "I was joking. I know that you're not going to date everyone, but you must promise me that you shouldn't hurt Eli, alright? I'm fine with not being your first, and even becoming your mistress, but...." She was about to say something, but her mouth was being kissed by him.

Unlike previous deep and sloppy kisses, this kiss was so hard that Nozomi felt that Haru was trying to imprint his existence inside her, but she didn't hate it and even hugged him tightly. When he parted his lips from her, she breathed very hard and her eyes were misty staring at him.

"Don't be stupid. I love you."

It was Nozomi's first time to hear him saying "I love you" to her which made her want to cry at this moment.

"It is also the reason why I've accepted you."

Haru wiped the tears on Nozomi's face with his thumb and said, "I know that I'm sc.u.m and I've a lot of girlfriends, but my feeling toward you is true. I love you. I can tell you that no matter how many times you want and that feeling won't change."

"Haru.... I love you...."

Nozomi hugged him tightly and didn't want to let him go.

It was at this moment that their eyes were staring at each other. Their feelings were uncontrollable and there was no hesitation anymore.


Nozomi laid on the bed weakly with a satisfied expression. Her breath was very heavy, but she kept staring at him who was wearing his clothes and had to admit that he was really hot. She licked her lips and said, "Is this the feeling of a mistress? I can understand their feelings now." It was quite a complex feeling.

Haru rolled his eyes and said, "I'll go back." He needed to go back after all since he was sure that Sora, Utaha, and Megumi were waiting for him.

"Hmm... I'll help you."

Nozomi wanted to stand up, but her lower body was very weak.

"Just lay down."

Haru put Nozomi back to her bed and kissed Nozomi's forehead. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="#&apos;s-story-2_48146400399124258">#&apos;s-story-2_48146400399124258</a> for visiting.

Nozomi smiled and said, "If Eli is also your lover then we have a threesome then I won't be lonely when you leave me at night like this."


"Don't forget my words! Don't hurt Eli! Date her even if you have to leave me since she really likes you," Nozomi said with a serious expression and didn't care about his stupefied expression.

"Just sleep!"

Haru was wondering why it was so hard being a harem protagonist.

"Promise me!"

But it seemed that Nozomi didn't give up.

"I won't," Haru said.

"Why?" Nozomi asked.

"I've said that I like you, right? I've made a promise to you and I won't leave you," Haru said.


Nozomi felt that she wanted to cry, but she held it. "You... don't be too gentle with a girl. If this continues then you might really make all of the members of Muse become your harem."


Haru was speechless and kissed Nozomi's lips so this girl could shut her mouth.

"I'll go back now."

"Hmm.... wait for me to fall asleep," Nozomi said with a spoiled tone.

"I know." Haru nodded and held her hand.

Nozomi smiled and then closed her eyes before long, she started to fall asleep since she felt really tired. In her dream, she saw the future when she was happily living with everyone happily

Haru didn't know what this girl was dreaming, but he could tell that it was a very good dream since she could see a bright smile from her face. He kissed her forehead again for the last time and said, "Good night."