Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1167

Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group Volume 1 Chapter 1167 - Overnight Trip with Sakura 1

Sakura was standing in front of the train station while holding a quite large bag in her hands. Her face was full of smiles waiting for someone to come.

"Sorry to make you wait."

Sakura was familiar with this voice and she quickly pouted. "How can you make a girl wait so long!"


Haru was speechless and said, "I've come 15 minutes before the appointment time." He pointed at the public clock near the train station, showing that he wasn't late or rather he came earlier than the appointment time. He didn't expect that this girl would come too early and wondered whether she really anticipated this outing.


Sakura blushed and asked, "Huh? Is that all the luggage you brought?" She thought about changing the topic of conversation since she felt embarrassed when this guy found out that she came earlier than him, though, she was curious why this guy only brought a small plastic bag, but at the same time, her eyes brightened when she saw his style.

Haru wore a black t-shirt, denim jacket, and denim pants.

It might be because the size of the jeans pants were just right that it made his long legs become even more attractive.


Haru didn't think too much and nodded upon hearing Sakura's question. He brought a book along the way so he could read it along his trip on the train.

"What about a change of clothes?" Sakura asked.

"Clothes?" Haru raised his eyebrow and asked, "Why do I need that?"

"Huh? Well, we're going to have an overnight trip! We're going to go back tomorrow so it is necessary for you to bring more clothes." Sakura remembered something and asked, "Is it alright for you just to come out like this?"

Unlike in the past, Haru's identity had become bigger and stronger since he had become the richest in the country.

"It's alright. No one is going to think that a billionaire is going to appear at this train station and I also wear my disguise," Haru said. He was wearing a baseball cap and glasses at the time. Even though he was famous, he was sure that no one would recognize him at this moment, but then, he remembered that he almost forgot to ask the most important question.

"That's great!" Sakura was happy and said, "Well, for your change of clothes, we can buy it on UNIKLO over there. Let's go."

"...Are we really going on an overnight trip?"

"Of course!"


Looking at her bright smile, Haru was helpless.


Inside the train, Haru was eating a bento that he had brought to the train station.

There was something special about bento on the train station in this country since each place was special and each of them also had their own specialities.

Haru felt that it was too wasteful to not buy it.

"Moo! How can you eat a bento and leave such a beautiful girl like me alone!" Sakura was annoyed.

Haru and Sakura were sitting next to each other on the train.

Haru was helpless and asked, "Do you want to eat too?"

"Yes!" Sakura nodded and opened her mouth. "Ahh...."


"What are you doing? Is this a new exercise to cure your pancreas?" Haru asked innocently.

"Geez! Geez! Geez! How can you treat a beautiful girl like this?!" Sakura was annoyed and when she was about to say something her mouth was being fed by Haru.

"Is it good?" Haru asked and continued to eat.

Sakura blushed, but then she slowly chewed and nodded. "It was delicious! Let me eat more!"

"No! You should buy it yourself earlier!"

"Ehh...?! You're stingy! Let me eat more!"

Both of them started to bicker with each other and in the end, Haru gave up and shared some of his bento with this girl.


Haru drank green tea and looked at Sakura who was writing something on the note. He suddenly realized something and said, "I'm amazed that your parents let you go on this trip with me." He was a male and it was quite surprising for Sakura's parents to let her go on a trip with him alone.

"An overnight at that."

"I told them that I was going with Kyoko." Sakura looked at Haru and said, "If I tell my parents I have something I want to do before dying, they'll usually tearfully agree, but a trip with a guy is probably a bit too far."

"Your parents are going to cry when they know that their daughter is lying on them," Haru said.

"If that happens then I'm going to ask for your responsibility. Be prepared, alright?" Sakura said with a laugh.

"I haven't done anything for their daughter and I should be the one who should ask you for responsibility..." Haru sighed and said, "If my girlfriend knows about our trip then....." To be honest, his girlfriends knew about this trip, but he needed to act after all.

"Hehehe, if that happens then I'll introduce you to another girl. Kyouko also seems to be still in love with you after all," Sakura said with a laugh.

Haru raised his eyebrow and asked, "How about you?"

"Me? I can't. I'll die soon after all," Sakura said while sticking her tongue cutely.


Haru only looked at this girl, but didn't say anything to refute it. However, he then changed the topic of the conversation and said, "Oh, don't write my name on your note. If you die, the police and your parents might call me in the future."

"Ehh? I don't care! I'll write your name on a lot of it on my note!" Sakura said with a smile, but then she became curious and asked, "So in order to go on a trip with me, what did you say to your girlfriend?" She was curious after all. She remembered Haru's girlfriend was probably that beautiful girl that she had seen in the hospital's park before.

"I've said that I'm on a business trip," Haru said simply.

Sakura sighed and said, "Before I die, I guess, I know how a billionaire is fooling his girlfriend behind his back."


Haru twitched his lips and couldn't say anything back since he was really fooling around with another girl after all.

"Well, if you're really being dumped by your girlfriend then I'll take responsibility for you," Sakura said while patting her chest.


Haru raised his eyebrow and asked, "Didn't you say that you're going to die soon? And what about your boyfriend? Your boyfriend is going to cry when he knows that you're going on a trip with me."

"Hehehe... I'm single now so you don't need to worry," Sakura said with a smile.


"Let's talk about something else." Haru didn't really want to talk about Sakura's relationship and asked, "So why do we go to Yokohama?"

Yokohama is the second-largest city in Japan by population, and the most populous municipality of Japan. It is the capital city of Kanagawa Prefecture. It lies on Tokyo Bay, south of Tokyo, in the Kant region of the main island of Honshu. It is a major commercial hub of the Greater Tokyo Area.

In Yokohama, Haru owned a baseball club and some of his business was located in this city so he wasn't unfamiliar with this city.

"Why not? I heard that you bought a baseball club in Yokohama. Let's go and watch a baseball match!" Sakura was eager to try a lot of things.

Haru shook his head and said, "It's impossible."

"Huh? Why?" Sakura was startled by Haru's answer.

"There's no match today after all," Haru said. His answer was very simple, but it was so powerful. He could enter Yokohama stadium without trouble, but he didn't want to let anyone know about his location so he didn't intend to do that.

However because of his answer, Sakura's body seemed to be deflated since she felt disappointed that she couldn't visit the Yokohama stadium, but then her head was patted.

"Don't worry, there are a lot of interesting things in Yokohama. We can slowly see it together," Haru said.


Sakura looked at Haru for a moment before looking away then suddenly started to write something on her note.

Sakura's action confused Haru then he decided to ask, "What did you suddenly write on your note?"

"I'm writing a note on how you usually deceive an innocent girl," Sakura said with a snort.


Haru rolled his eyes and said, "I'll take a break. When we arrive, please wake me up, alright?"


Sakura nodded then continued to write on her note. When she noticed that he was sleeping. She took out her smartphone and secretly took a picture of him with a smile.


Sakura felt that today was very fun and she really anticipated her trip with him.