Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1170

Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group Volume 1 Chapter 1170 - Harem Members?

In the early morning, Haru was brushing his teeth while watching the scenery over Yokohama town and he had to admit that this town was quite beautiful to be seen in the morning too, especially the beach which was located nearby.

If it was in Tokyo it would be impossible to go on a beach and rather than watching scenery of the beach, he might see a corpse floating from the sea either from suicide or yakuza's fighting.

Haru thought that this morning was quite good. He looked at Sakura who was laying lazily while closing her eyes. It was then that there was a ring from Sakura's smartphone and he heard a scream from it.


"Sakura! Where the hell are you?!"

Hearing this familiar voice, Haru knew that it was Sakura's best friend and his ex-girlfriend, Kyoko.

"Good morning, Kyoko," Sakura said while yawning.

"You lied to your parents and said you were on a trip with me, right?! They called me, and it was a real pain to cover for you!"

Sakura stood up slowly from her bed and said, "Thanks, Kyoko. Knew I could count on you."

"What are you doing sneaking off all alone like you're some dying cat?"

"I'm not alone." Sakura looked at Haru and smiled.

Haru shugged his shoulders and asked, "Coffee?"

"Umm..." Sakura nodded.

"What? Who's that? Who's with you?!" Kyoko heard a male voice which made her agitated. "Your boyfriend? Wait, this voice?" She knew this voice since she dated him before or rather she couldn't forget this voice.



Haru rolled his eyes and didn't care much about Kyoko's words. He continued to make coffee for himself and Sakura.

Sakura sat on the counter seat inside the room and looked at his figure who prepared a coffee for her.

"He's not doing anything. I can't say anything to you right now, but I'll explain it to you someday. You might not accept it, but please believe me for now," Sakura said. She pointed at Haru's mouth telling him to wash his mouth quickly since she could a stain of foam from his mouth.

Haru nodded and went to the bathroom to clean the foam from the toothpaste on his cheek. He also pointed to the coffee which he had prepared, telling her that she could drink it.

Sakura nodded and continued to talk with Kyoko for a bit. Looking at his back, she smiled since she knew it wasn't a dream and last night it really happened. She was very excited and it seemed that she could stay longer with him.

When their conversation almost ended, Kyoko said, "Right, tell him this! If he plays you then he's f.u.c.k.i.n.g dead!"

Sakura laughed and said, "Did you hear it? You're dead if you're playing with me."

Haru only gave Sakura a thumbs up since he wouldn't play nor he would hurt her when this matter related to her life. He had made a promise with her so he needed to bring Sumire to his world as soon as possible.


After both of them checked out from the hotel, they continued to play in Yokohama until the evening before they decided to return to Tokyo.

Sitting next to each other, in a quiet compartment with only both of them alone, Sakura rested her head on Haru's shoulder and said, "Well, that was over quick."

"You can play anytime after you've gotten better," Haru said.

Sakura laughed and asked, "Really? Can we go somewhere together again?"

"Yes, anywhere you want to go, as long as it isn't Antarctica, Bermuda Triangle, Amazon Forest, or any dangerous place in this world then I'm alright with it," Haru said.

"How about the space? I want to go to Mars!" Sakura said with a smile.


Haru was speechless and said, "Well, I might develop a rocket company in the future. Just wait."

"Oh! I'll wait! But you need to do it before I die," Sakura said with a laugh since she thought that this guy was joking. Little did she know that he was telling the truth.

"Tell your parents about this matter. The doctor might come in two or three weeks, so in the meantime, you need to be prepared," Haru said, but then his hand was being held. He could feel her hand trembling, and he knew that she was scared.

"C, can you talk about that matter with me to my parents? I, I'm scared..." Sakura asked while looking at him.

Haru nodded and said, "In a week, I'll meet your parents."

Sakura suddenly laughed and said, "If you come then they might misunderstand you."

"What kind of misunderstanding?"

"They might think that you're coming with an intention to marry me," Sakura said with a mischievous smile waiting for his reaction.

"Well... marrying you isn't bad, but can you accept a harem marriage?" Haru asked.


Sakura was startled since she didn't expect that he would answer her with such a question. She blushed and felt happy, but then she thought for a while and asked, "Just in case, how many girlfriends do you have right now?"



Sakura was startled and said, "You sc.u.m! Pervert! Playboy! You are the enemy of women!"

"Do you have enough bad mouthing about me?" Haru twitched his lips. He also could feel hurt, but there was nothing that he could refute since it was how he was.

Sakura nodded and asked, "Did they know each other? Did they accept this relationship?"


"How?" Sakura was surprised, but then she quickly realized this guy's charm. "Well, I understand why they love you and can accept this relationship."

"So you want to marry me?" Haru asked.

"Well, let me think about it. I'm not a cheap girl after all. Hmph!" Sakura pouted while looking away, but she didn't let go of his hand.

"Is that so? Then I need to work hard to get your heart," Haru said with a smile.

Sakura blushed and had to admit that this guy was very dangerous. Once she let go of her guard then she might be eaten by him. She took a deep breath to calm herself and rested her head on his shoulder again. "When I'm all better, can you take me to climb Mt. Fuji?"

"Mt. Fuji? Why?" Haru didn't understand the mind of this girl.

"Since I'm all better, I want to conquer a lot of mountains! From Mt. Fuji, Mt. Everest, then lastly Mt. Olympus on Mars!" Sakura seemed to have become a shounen manga protagonist.

"It seems that you're still sleepy. You should sleep first," Haru said.

"Eh? I don't want to! Let's continue to talk!"

Haru sighed and continued to listen to her nonsense, though, at the same time, he could tell that he was really happy at this moment.

"Next year... Next year, let's climb Mt. Fuji together."

Sakura smiled and said, "Yes!"


"I'm back."

Haru entered his house and then he heard a loud step moving toward him.



Sora and Utaha jumped and hugged him at the same time.

"Sorry I didn't realize it!"

"It must be hard to hold it by yourself!"

Sora and Utaha began to cry and said something that he couldn't comprehend.

"What do you mean?" Haru asked, but then noticed Megumi. He understood instantly that Megumi had told them, but he didn't mind about it since soon, Sakura would be alright.

"H, how is she? Is her condition alright?" Sora asked.

Utaha was also curious since she didn't expect him to have a harem member who had an incurable disease.

"Let's talk slowly, alright?"

Hugging the three of them in his arms, he brought them to the living room and had to admit that he was fortunate to have them. Including Erina, Kirari, Sakura, and Nozomi, of course.