Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1171

Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group Volume 1 Chapter 1171 - Stage Preparation

After his outing with Sakura and his night activity with his girlfriends, on Sunday, Haru went to Otonogizaka High School to help with the preparation of concert during the Open Day of Otonogizaka that would be held tomorrow.

When Haru came to Otonogizaka, it was only 8:20 in the morning, and there was 40 minutes before the appointment time, but he found that beside him, there were two people who had also arrived earlier.

"Hanayo-chan, Rin-chan, good morning. I didn't expect both of you to come so early." Haru waved his hand and greeted the two girls.

The two girls were exercising together, they were doing a buddy back stretch, stretching each other's backs.

Haru wasn't sure why all of the members of Muse loved to do this exercise method, but he didn't complain since this exercise would make the clothes of the girls became tight, so he, who was by their side, could watch their fit body that was wrapped in their tight clothes, especially when he could see Hanayo's soft and Rin's toned body.

Seeing Haru coming, the two girls stopped their exercise.

Koizumi laid tiredly on the ground as if she was about to die soon, while Rin seemed to be very energized and it seemed that she could continue her exercise.

While drinking mineral water, Rin explained, "Because Kayo-chin is the one who takes care of the alpaca, she comes every morning to feed it. As her good friend, I'll naturally accompany her!"

Haru nodded, but at the same time, he was wondering why this school would keep an alpaca within the school. Though, if he remembered, Kirari also wanted to have a huge aquarium within the school which was enough to keep a whale, however, she stopped that plan since it was too troublesome to take care of the whale.

Haru looked at two alpacas which also stared at him. He smiled which made the two alpaccas tremble and didn't dare to move. He chuckled and had enough to tease the two animals.

Unlike humans that were unable to perceive Haru's aura, an animal was very keen on Haru's aura and two alpacas knew very well that this guy was a wolf in sheep's clothing.

The three of them chatted for a while before Nozomi, Eli, and Nico arrived one after another.

Seeing that Haru came earlier than herself, Eli who was the president of the student council, obviously felt a little embarrassed since Haru wasn't even the student of this school. Little did she know that Haru had bought this school, but he would keep it a secret.

His hunt in May was huge and he had too much money so buying a school or two was nothing for him.

"Haru, is it alright for you to skip school tomorrow?" Eli asked worriedly.

"It's alright. I may not look like it, but I'm ranked 1 in the entire school," Haru said.


However, the moment he uttered those words, the five girls seemed to be looking at him with a skeptical expression.

"What? You don't believe me?" Haru twitched his lips.

The five girls laughed when they saw his reaction.

Waiting for everyone to arrive, Nozomi teased Eli who secretly bought an amulet and prayed at the shrine even though she was confident about the concert tomorrow.

Nico complained why everyone hadn't arrived yet even though she was very busy.

During the weekends, there weren't any students in the school, however, it wasn't peaceful. On the contrary, it was quite rowdy.

They waited for a while, and at about 8:50, Honoka, Umi, and Kotori arrived together.

Not surprisingly, it was Honoka who overslept at home.

Umi and Kotori waited for a long time and when Honoka didn't come out, they only realized that this idiot had forgotten to set the alarm clock and had made up a plan to sleep until the afternoon like how she usually spent her weekend.

Even from far away, Haru could hear Umi reprimanding Honoka fiercely, Honoka could only apologize while crying, and Kotori who was by their side was smiling and persuaded Umi to calm down.

"Have you eaten breakfast, Haru?" Eli asked.

"Well...." Haru wanted to say that he had eaten, but it seemed that this girl brought something in her bag. "Not yet."

"Well, do you want to eat this?" Eli took out a bento box from her bag.

"How about you? Have you eaten yet?" Haru asked.

"Cough! Cough! As long as Haru is here, we're transparent in Eli's eyes." Nozomi made a deliberate sigh, but her eyes were looking at Eli with a teasing gaze.

"Wh... what do you mean?" Eli blushed.

"So did you also prepare breakfast for everyone too?" Nozomi asked.


Eli's face was red since she only prepared breakfast for Haru.

"Now, now, Nozomi. Don't tease Eli. It's hard work to prepare breakfast in the morning," Haru said.


Suddenly everyone was looking at Honoka who was staring at the bento box with predatory eyes.

Honoka realized her mistake and shook her head. "Ah.. It's alright! You can eat breakfast! I, I'm not hungry!"


Eli sighed and looked at Haru.

"Can I share this with everyone?" Haru asked with a sigh.

"Sure..." Eli also knew that it was almost impossible for him to eat the breakfast which she had prepared alone.


Everyone seemed to be very happy when they received Eli's permission and ate breakfast together.

Nico, who was eating octopus sausage, folded her arms and said, "So, only Maki hasn't arrived yet? What the hell is that girl doing?"

Hearing Nico's words, Haru knew that Maki would arrive soon and he was even sure that she would bring a surprise.

After a moment, a sound of a "rumble" truck rang outside of the school gate, followed by the sound of the negotiations between Maki and the security of the school.

After a while, the guard opened the gate of the school, and a large Mitsubishi truck drove in.

Haru wasn't a student, but he was the owner of this school so it was very easy for him to enter this school.

Then, in the stunned eyes of eight members of Muse, Maki jumped out of the car from the passenger seat and directed the employees who came out of the cargo box to carry out numerous items.

There were herringbone ladders, various banners, flower decorations, and even vacuum cleaners, electric drills, dust-proof clothing, etc....!

It wasn't until the truck driver drove away that Haru asked, "Did you buy all these things?"

Maki glanced at Haru then she snorted, turning her head to ignore him.

'Have I done anything?'

Haru didn't remember that he had done something which annoyed her.

Luckily, he wasn't the only one who was curious, since Eli also asked the same question.

Maki nodded and said that it would take a lot of tools to set up the stage background, and she was afraid that the tools of the school weren't complete, so she bought some.


Haru was speechless and realized this girl had too much money.

"Maki, with the money you spend on those things, you can hire a decoration team to decorate the stage itself," Haru said.

This time, Maki didn't ignore Haru, but she snorted. "It's our first concert, of course, we need to arrange the decoration of the stage by ourselves! How can we entrust it to someone else!"

This kind of reason was very stupid in Haru's mind, but it unexpectedly received full support from all of Muse members.

Umi: "That's a good idea!"

Kotori: "Leave the decoration to me!"

Rin: "Rin is full of energy now!"

Hanayo: "Even though I'm not that strong, I'll work hard!"

Nozomi: "Sounds very interesting!"

Eli: "It's great to be able to set up the stage for our first concert!"

Nico: "Although it will be very hard, it is worthwhile."

Honoka: "Since everyone agrees, let's do it!"

Facing the enthusiasm of the Nine Muse members, Haru only felt physically and mentally exhausted. He understood that the group of young girls in front of him didn't understand the meaning of suffering, except Nico who also understood that it was very hard to set up the stage, he was very helpless facing the eight girls in front of him.

"So who will use the electric drills?" Haru pointed at the pile of tools and asked, "Among us, no one should be experienced using these things, right?" Most of the tools that had been bought by Maki were usually being used by a professional, and he didn't think that a group of girls were able to use those tools.

In the next second, Haru felt that he had asked this question for nothing, because when his voice had just fallen off, the nine pairs of eyes immediately focussed on him.

Nozomi: "A boy like Haru, should be very good at electrical appliances, right? If you don't know, you only need to read the manual, right?"

"This is a very dangerous tool, alright?" Haru was speechless. He was able to use all of those tools, but at the same time, he knew that they were going to make him set up the stage by himself.

Honaka: "We believe in you, Haru!"

Haru: "Don't abuse your trust in me during this kind of situation!"

In the face of pleading with the Muses, Haru wanted to refuse, but at this moment, Nozomi whispered something in his ear. "After we go back, I'll give you a big service."


"Not enough," Haru said while shaking his head.

Nozomi raised her eyebrow then said, "Then I'll use my secret weapon!"

"Huh? Secret weapon?"

Then Nozomi pushed Eli toward Haru.

"H, Haru... p, please help us..." Eli asked with teary eyes on her clear blue eyes.


Eli's voice was so soft it made him shudder for a moment. "Good, leave it to me! As your producer, no, as the only man in this group, I'll do my best."


Everyone was excited and happy at that moment.

Haru looked at the several parts of the stage with a sigh and knew that he needed to work hard.

When Nozomi and Maki saw Haru's reaction, they let out a sigh and quickly turned their attention toward Eli since when this girl showed such a cute expression, the result was very destructive.