Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1173

Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group Volume 1 Chapter 1173 - Amend the Relationship Between Two

When Haru was about to chase after Maki suddenly the rain started to pour which made him speechless. He was wondering how a sunny bright sky could suddenly turn into a downpour.

'Is this a television drama?'

Haru didn't really care since he wanted to talk to Maki, but then he heard someone's voice.

"Haru! Wait! Don't run too fast!"

Haru stopped then he saw Nozomi who was chasing after him. He looked toward the sky and it started to rain harder. "Come here!" He told Nozomi to enter the candy shop which he happened to be nearby.

Nozomi's stamina was quite good, especially when she always worked out every morning and evening. At night, she also often worked out with Haru. She entered the candy shop to take shelter from the rain with him.

"Why did you suddenly chase after me?" Haru asked.

"Why not?" Nozomi asked with a smile. "Well, enough joking, but is it alright for you to chase after Maki? Don't you think that Eli might misunderstand you?"

"It's alright. I'll do something tomorrow," Haru said.

"Well, if you say so..." Nozomi nodded and decided to believe in this guy. However, she was curious about what had happened earlier. "So why did Maki suddenly run away?"

"She was half-asleep and said something embarrassing to me," Haru said. He didn't mind telling Nozomi what had happened to Nozomi, but he didn't tell her the details.

"Oh? Did she confess to you?" Nozomi asked.


"Really?" Nozomi was startled.

"Yeah." Haru nodded.

"So what are you going to do?" Nozomi asked curiously.

"I'll talk to her," Haru said.

"That isn't what I mean...." Nozomi stared at Haru and asked, "Are you going to accept her confession?"

"Depending on the situation, I can't give you a clear answer now," Haru said.

Nozomi nodded and asked, "But is she alright with your relationship? You've got a lot of girlfriends after all." She knew that Haru had five girlfriends beside her and all of them were very beautiful.

"She knows about it," Haru said.

"Ohh...." Nozomi was surprised then she became happy. "So she decided to confess to you even though she knew that you had a girlfriend?"


Haru glared at Nozomi, but she didn't care much and continued with her nonsense.

"Isn't that good? You've got another harem member!" Nozomi said happily.


"Is it something that you should be happy about?" Haru asked with a helpless expression.

Nozomi smiled and said, "Why not? You should be happy, right? As I've told you before that if you want I'll help you to get all of the girls on Muse!"


"Haru... don't you feel tempted? Umi is the personafication of Yamado Nadeshiko! Kotori is very cute! Rin's butts are very shapely! Hanayo-chan is very soft to hug! Eli is very beautiful! Maki is very elegant! Honoka is very cheerful! Nico is... Nico is.... Nico is Nico-chan!" Nozomi said with a smile, but then her forehead flicked.


"Don't say something stupid, alright? I know that I'm a sc.u.mbag, but I still have a bottom limit," Haru said.

If he had an interest in a girl then he would take responsibility for it and he wouldn't leave them after he had eaten them.

"I know..." Nozomi smiled and moved closer to him, wanting him to hug her, but she didn't give up her thought to make him date all the members of Muse.

"Did you feel cold?" Haru asked and hugged her.

"No, it's warm now." Nozomi smiled.


Haru thought for a while and said, "Well, I'll go to Maki's house later tonight." He knew that after that half-asleep incident Maki's state of mind wasn't right and she might not want to meet him when he came to her house later. He thought to come to her house later at night silently the same as he had done to Kirari in the past.

"Oh! You want to go to my house now?" Nozomi asked with a smile.

"My clothes are in your house, right?" Haru asked.

"There should be some." Nozomi nodded and said, "But if you do this then without doubt, you're sc.u.m."


Haru felt that he was the worst kind of sc.u.m when he thought that after he had fun at Nozomi's house, he would go to Maki's house to talk with her which might develop to further deepen their relationship. He took a deep breath and said, "I'll go back."

"Huh?" Nozomi was surprised.

"Thanks for reminding me, Nozomi." Haru patted Nozomi's head.

"Well, if you want to do that then I don't mind. I can give you that service later," Nozomi said.

"Now that you mention it, you've made that promise with me before." Haru looked at Nozomi and asked, "So what kind of big service have you prepared?"

"It's a secret. I'll let you know after you make up with Maki," Nozomi said and suddenly remembered something. "Don't forget about Eli too!"


"So how are you going to get back? The rain is very hard," Nozomi said.

"Well, my car is going to come soon."

"Your car?"

They were waiting for a while then a black Maybach Zeppelin stopped in front of the candy shop.

"Let's go," Haru said.


Looking at Haru, Nozomi only realized how rich this guy was.


Haru sent Nozomi back first then he talked with the member of Muse who chatted on him on "LINE" then suddenly he received a chat from Korosensei.

Korosensei: "Haru, are you free? Can you accompany me to my world?"

Haru: "I'm free in two days. I'll accompany you there."

Korosensei: "You should be prepared."

Haru was confused by Korosensei's chat and asked, "What do you mean?"

Korosensei: "Well, you're going to meet Kanzaki when you're going with me to my world....."

Korosensei: "So are you prepared to be stabbed?"


Haru felt cold all over his body and ignored Korosensei's remark. However, he needed to prepare for the worst.


When Haru returned to his house he was laying lazily on the bathup while looking at the scenery outside. There was a large special glass within his bathroom which made him able to see the outside, but it was impossible for the outside to see inside.

"Are you going to get a new girl tonight?" Megumi asked.


"W, why do you think so?" Haru asked.

"You have these melancholy eyes when you're going to get a new girl," Megumi said.

'Do I have those kind of eyes?' Haru was speechless.

"So who is it? Is it Sakura?" Megumi asked.

"No, she isn't." Haru shook his head and said, "Well, let's not talk about that matter, tell me how your game is?" He was curious about the progress of the School Days since he wanted to play the game.

"It's good. Eriri came yesterday. Should I introduce her to you?" Megumi asked.

"That might be good, but let's do that later," Haru said.

"That's true, I need to remind her that my boyfriend is a wolf so she might be eaten suddenly." Megumi nodded and felt that she almost sent her friend to the mouth of the wolf.


Haru was speechless, then licked Megumi's neck. "Delicious... this wolf want to eat you now..."

Megumi shuddered and blushed. She was wondering why it took a lot of time for her to realize how dangerous her boyfriend was.

Though suddenly he realized his deep exchange with Megumi wasn't that much different from what he almost did to Nozomi.


At night, Haru left his house and went to Maki's house to amend their relationship between the two of them. It had been few years, but it seemed that girl still cherished that promise, even though he said that promise to stop her cry in the past.

Haru rubbed his face and now he was on his way to meet Maki.