Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1174

Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group Volume 1 Chapter 1174 - Courageous Girl

Haru looked at Maki's house in front of him. He was wondering what he should do after this. He had a feeling that she wouldn't let him meet her when he came directly to her house or rather she would directly reject him.

Even though it wasn't his first time to be here and everyone at her house from maid, security, etc also knew him, however, this time, he felt that he needed to meet her secretly.

Looking at the four or five meters high wall, Haru took a deep breath and made up his mind.

In this world, Haru usually would refrain from using his power beside "Kenbunshoku Haki" or "Knocking" technique which he learnt from Teppei.

Usually it would be impossible to climb this four or five meters high wall. Not because of its height, but because the surface of the wall was so smooth that it was impossible to climb it. There was no footing nor anything which he could grasp from this wall.

However, Haru could use his gravity magic or jump directly to the top of the wall itself. He thought for a while and decided to jump directly to the top of the wall, but before that he hacked the security camera of Maki's house so no one would notice that he had come suddenly. He also hacked the alarm so that it wouldn't ring when he touched something wrong.

Haru had to admit that Maki might be one of the richest girls that he had met, though, there was still a long gap between her with Erina and Kirari, but compared to everyone on Muse, she was the richest, though, the net worth of her family might be overtaken by Eli's family soon since Eli's father was his financial advisor and the one who took care of his Longinus Invesment which made his net worth also very high.

It was at this moment that he had made up a blunder.


Haru used his "Haoshoku Haki" directly which made the security inside this place pass out. He was speechless and sighed. It seemed that he was too relaxed in this world which made him create this kind of silly blunder.

Haru gathered the security that had passed out in one room before he called his grandpa to help him with the police. He was sure that someone could call the police so before he talked with Maki, he hoped his grandpa would be able to stop the police.


Kasugano Taichi was wondering why his most favorite grandson would call him so suddenly, but didn't expect that Haru had asked him to stop the police so it wouldn't disrupt his process on coaxing a girl.


"Can you help me, grandpa?"

Kasugano Taichi sighed and said, "I'll help you. This is very easy after all." Of course, he knew about Maki's family and compared to Maki's family, the power of Kasugano's family was stronger after all and it was easy to help his grandson in this matter, especially when his grandson had become the richest man in this country.

Their conversation ended, and Kasugano Taichi called his friend on the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.


It might be because he was playing too long that it was already nine o'clock in the evening.

The dark night was quiet, the dark clouds in the sky obscured the moon, and only the street lamps on the roadside shone pale yellow light.

Because Maki's house was located in a high-end villa area, so few pedestrians would pass around, only one or two clear frogs croaked could be heard from time to time in the villa pond.

Overall, her house was very quiet.

Haru had entered Maki's house and the only thing he needed to do was to climb to her room. He hoped her parents weren't in the house so they wouldn't panic when they knew security had passed out.


It was a red-themed bedroom. In this large room, except for a bed and desk, the rest of the room was filled with various musical instruments and bookcases.

The most noticeable thing within the room was the Steinway piano that was placed in the center of the bedroom.

The piano exuded a dazzling white light in the dark.

The Steinway piano, which was known as the king of pianos, was naturally very beautiful, but that beauty was pale compared to the red-haired girl who seemed to be asleep on the piano.

The slight night wind blew in from the balcony, rolling the pink curtains, gently blowing on the face of the red-haired girl, making her red hair flutter gently in the air.

The red haired girl seemed to be having some bad dreams, her slender brows were frowning, and her mouth was muttering something from time to time, as if she was cursing something.

If you moved closer, you would probably hear what this girl was saying...

"That bastard!

There were many people who came to confess to me!

It's just that no one deserves me!

Haru, go to hell!"

At that moment, there was a muffled sound coming from the balcony. The sound was similar to the sound of a blunt instrument hitting the iron railing, which was very loud.

Maki's brows frowned deeper, and her slender eyelashes also trembled slightly.

*Dang!* *Dang!*

There were two muffled noises in row, Maki finally couldn't sleep anymore, her purple eyes suddenly opened, and there was a strong anger on it!

Being awakened from sleep was a very irritating thing, not to mention that she wasn't in a very bad mood today, so she became even angrier.

Angrily, she walked to the balcony, originally wanting to scold someone who would make this noise at night, but when she saw there was a hook on the railing, she suddenly let out a cold sweat.

A thief was coming to her house!

In an instant, such a thought came up in her heart.

Maki wanted to call for help, but she was deep in the villa and when the security arrived, she might have been kidnapped!

Thinking of the tragic experience of the kidnapped beauties in the news, Maki suddenly felt a chill in his heart!

'Haru, where are you? If you can come rescue me now, then I... I'll forgive you and... and I might agree to marry you....'

At the most critical moment, the first thing Maki thought was Haru.

But even if she knew that Haru was a superman or had a superpower, it was simply impossible to help her in such a short ten seconds.

The only thing that she could do was to beat the thief alone!

After all, Maki was also a very courageous girl and after she made up her mind, her eyes became firm, and she quickly thought of an idea to defeat this thief.

Maki went back to her room again and when she appeared on the balcony again, she already had a baseball bat in her hand!

Maki held the baseball bat tightly with her sweaty little hand and when a figure appeared on the balcony, she slammed the baseball bat on her hand as hard as she could without thinking about the consequences!


A scream sounded in the night sky, followed by the sound of heavy objects falling...


Maki blinked her eyes when she heard the voice of the thief.

"Why does this voice resemble Haru's?