Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1175

Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group Volume 1 Chapter 1175 - Thief?

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I really didn't know that it was you, Haru!"

In Maki's bedroom, Haru was laying on the top of bed with a miserable appearance.

Maki took the medicine box while bandaging him, and apologized repeatedly.

Falling from the balcony, Haru didn't suffer any serious injuries, but the one which had caused him an injury was the baseball bat that was slammed by Maki on his forehead. There was a trace of blood seeping out from there (in truth, he was using Life Return so Maki would feel sorry for him).

Originally there was a lot of dissatisfaction with Maki's heart, but when she saw Haru's bleeding head, the dissatisfaction on her heart turned into guilt and distress.

So after helping Haru to enter her bedroom, she pushed him onto the bed regardless of how dirty Haru was (his body was covered in dust).

Then she got the medicine kit and applied medicine to Haru herself.

Haru had to admit that Maki really deserved to be born into a doctor family, and her bandaging skill was very good. In just a few moments, she bandaged Haru's wounds and tied it similar to a bow tie which made it look very cute.....

It was a pity that there wasn't a mirror here, otherwise, Haru would tell her to not tie the bandage in this kind of manner since it was too shameful.

"Well, you don't need to apologize anymore. It is also my fault to come to your house without noticing you."

After laying on the bed for a long time, Haru stood up and prevented her from apologizing to him.

Maki pursed her lips when she saw Haru's exhausted face. She still felt a little uncomfortable and she couldn't help but ask some questions, "Why did you come here?"

This question had already arisen to her heart after Maki discovered Haru had come to her house. Of course, she wouldn't think that he came here to steal something, but she didn't understand why he would use such a thief-like method to sneak into her bedroom secretly.

'Could it be... he wants.....'

Maki stopped thinking, and her pretty white face instantly turned red like an autumn glory.

Haru was quite embrassed since he knew what he had done was a very stupid thing. He was really wondering whether his IQ had been lowered. He didn't notice the change in Maki's emotions, but after a moment of hesitation, he blushed and said, "Surprise!"


Two people were staring at each other.

Even if Haru was shameless, he could also get embarrassed. He took a deep breath to calm himself and the stare from Maki's eyes started to hurt him.

However, when Maki heard what Haru had said, she couldn't help but complain in her heart.

'Surprise? You're giving me a scare?!'

When the hook suddenly appeared on the railing, she was really scared to death, but through Haru's words, she could guess that he came up with this method out of consideration in order to apologize to her.

Suddenly she felt warm inside her heart and an inexplicable emotion filled her heart, making her feel that her chest was swelling, as if something was about to burst...

However, she was tsundere, and it wasn't so easy for her to be honest with herself.

Turning her head quickly to hide her shy expression, Maki played with her red hair and hummed softly, "I don't know what those security guards are doing! How can they let you sneak in so easily! I will let daddy fire them all!"

Haru felt guilty about the security guard and said, "Well, don't be hard on them since they are facing a me. Even if I'm in front of Pentagon, I believe that I can do the same!"

Entering the secret laboratory of IS in the world of IS was harder than entering Maki's house, but he wouldn't say it outloud.

Seeing that Maki didn't seem to be angry or annoyed at himself, Haru also completely relaxed and he was in the mood to make a joke.

Maki was speechless, hearing Haru's joke. She wanted to scream and complained to him, but suddenly a rush of footsteps sounded in the corridor!

"Maki-chan! Maki-chan! Are you in the bedroom?!"

The voice of a mature woman could be heard by both of them.

After hearing this voice, Maki's face suddenly changed. "It's my mother!"


Haru was speechless and knew that he created a lot of mistakes when he entered Maki's house. he let out a cold sweat on his back. In the middle of the night, if Maki's parents saw him on their daughter in bed together, he was sure that Maki's mother would force him to marry Maki directly and even if they didn't do anything, Maki's mother would think that they were doing something perverted.

Maki obviously had the same thought as Haru. Her anxious tears were about to flow out and she kept muttering. "Hurry up and hide"!

"The key is where should I hide?" Haru couldn't help but ask.

"I, it's too late!"

It was such a short conversation. Footsteps had already arrived in front of the door, Maki's eyes condensed and jumped onto the bed. Before Haru could react, she pulled the quilt and covered the two of them!

"D, don't move!"

Feeling Haru's head rubbing against her thigh, Maki's shy voice was trembling!

A feeling that she had never felt before rose from the bottom of her heart, making her so soft that she almost collapsed on the bed!

"Y, you're going to kill me!" Haru tapped Maki's thigh to loosen her thigh. His neck was being clamped by two thighs which made it hard for him to breathe.

Maki's heard such words and also quickly let go of her thigh, which made him sigh in relief.

At that moment, the door creaked and was pushed open.

"Maki-chan, are you okay?"

Nishikino Tsuki entered Maki's room with a face full of anxiety. Only after she saw that Maki was alright, she sighed in relief.

"Of course, I'm okay." Maki stabilized her heart and deliberately complained, "Mom, why did you enter my bedroom so suddenly?"

"If you're alright then it's nothing."

Nishikino Tsuki patted her chest and said with lingering fears, "Maki-chan, you didn't know what terrible thing happened just now! Your father went to the backyard to water the flowers and he discovered that our security guards were all knocked out! Even the security cameras in the villa also stopped working!

"A thief must have sneaked into our house... Your father has already called the police, and I'm worried about your safety, so I come to see whether there is something wrong with you... Maki-chan, Maki-chan? Are you alright? Why don't you speak?"

"I... Of course, I'm fine. I was just shocked by your words, mom."

Maki was really scared!

Of course, Maki knew the culprit who was coming to her house and that culprit was hiding in her bed right now. However, the question was how did all of the security guards at her house be knocked out by Haru alone?

Then Maki remembered that this guy had defeated a bear alone. The legs under the quilt kicked Haru lightly, which meant asking him a question...

'Did you do it?'