Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1176

Volume 1 Chapter 1176 Mother In Law's Help


Haru could only laugh awkwardly, but of course, he couldn't respond to Maki by response.

He pondered for a while before stretching out his finger and writing a "no" on Maki's smooth calf.

Maki's body trembled and a touch of ruddy quietly climbed onto her face, and then she gave Haru a fierce kick!

But Haru reacted very fast and grabbed her little feet in his hands!

Maki struggled hard twice, but she couldn't escape.

'What this guy doing?!'

Her delicate little feet were held by Haru's rough hands, and Maki could only feel a stream of heat rising from the soles of her feet.

That strange feeling made her embarrassed and anxious at the same time!

"What's wrong with you, Maki-chan?"

Nishikino Tsuki looked at her daughter strangely.

"No, nothing."

Maki hurriedly stopped, tried to act as normal as possible and nothing happened.

After he felt that she had calmed down, Haru let go of Maki's little feet.

"I felt very strange from the beginning, why are you sitting on the bed like this?" Nishikino Tsuki continued to ask since she felt strange by her daughter's behavior.

Because Maki tried to cover up Haru's figure as much as possible, although she was sitting on the bed at this moment, her legs were arched as high as possible and being opened as wide as possible, which made her look quite unnatural.

"B, because I have to read a book before I go to sleep!"

Maki took the book from the bedside table and pretended to read it. "I will go to sleep after reading the book for a while, mom, you can go back to sleep too."

"Why? You don't like your mother? So you want to drive your mother away?" Nishikino Tsuki made a fake sad expression on her face.

"N, no, I don't hate you..." Maki thought very hard and explained. "I'm just... if my mother is here then I can't focus on my book."

"Do you really need to read a book in this situation?" Nishikino Tsuki put away her joke and said anxiously, "The thief may still be in our house, so I think, we, mother and daughter are still safer to stay together, at least we need to wait for the police to come."

"Huh?!" Maki was dumbfounded.

Haru, who was under the quilt, had a headache. It was impossible for him to have a mother and daughter. He only wanted the daughter alone and quickly patted Maki's thigh, giving her signal to reject her mother's request.

Though, Haru might be addicted to touching Maki's smooth thigh and calf since it was so smooth.

However, Maki's body became very stiff at this moment. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-help_48217289924861934 for visiting.

"What's the matter?" Nishikino Tsuki asked her daughter again since she felt that her daughter's behaviour was really weird.

Maki regained her mind, pretending to be calm, and said, "But I think, after the thief has done such a big thing, he should have left a long time ago? Why should he stay at our home and wait for the police to arrest him?" At this moment, she glared at the thief who was hiding under her quilt.

"Well, that's true.. but just in case... even if there is one if thousands of chance..."

However, Nishikino Tsuki could see her daugher's behaviour and in the end, she agreed. "After your father calls the police, I'll leave, alright?"

Her mother had made a compromise, Maki knew if she didn't agree then her mother would suspect her, so she agreed with tears in her eyes....

"It's just that we, mother and daughter, haven't talked for a long time, so let's take this opportunity to have a good chat."

Nishikino Tsuki looked around, then walked towards the corner, preparing to move the chair closer.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Maki quickly lifted the corner of the quilt and angrily said, "Don't move!"

"Maki-chan, what are you talking about?"

It might be because Nishikino Tsuki had very good ears, so even if Maki lowered her voice, she still heard her daughter say something.

"No, nothing."

At this time, Nishikino Tsuki also came toward Maki with a chair, sat down on the side of the bed then sighed, "We have been very busy with work these days and rarely talk with you, you don't hate us, right?"

'If you leave now, then I will love you to death!'

Maki thought so in her heart, but she said, "Of course, I don't hate you, mom. After all, you work hard for me, so I can understand it."

"You really are a good daughter!"

Nishikino Tsuki was overjoyed, but when she looked at her cute daughter, she felt that it was too wasteful to give her daughter to such a bad man such as Haru. She remembered that Haru was very cute during his childhood time, but she was wondering how he could grow into such a perverted young man, but at the same time, she had to admit that he really became a fine young man.

'If only he wasn't a playboy...'

Nishikino Tsuki wanted to caress Maki's head, but after she reached out her head, she remembered that after Maki entered middle high school, because of her tsundere personality, she refused to let them touch her head.

As soon as Nishikino Tsuki and her husband stretched out their hands to touch their daughter's head, Maki had already complained and moved her head sideway.

However, at this moment, Maki didn't complain nor did she move her head sideway, she only sat there in daze, letting her mother touch her head.

Nishikino Tsuki became even happier, and couldn't help but say, "My daughter is getting cuter and cuter now! You're already in high school, is there a boy that you like?" She thought that it would be good if Maki liked someone other than Haru. "There are several doctors in our hospital, and they seem to like you very much!"

"Huh?! I don't like them!" Maki hummed softly and folded her arms.

"Huh? I remember that I've asked you that question before Maki-chan, but your answer isn't like this!" Nishikino Tsuki mimicked Maki's voice and said. "Don't mention those things to me!" She smiled and said, "Didn't you answer me like that before?"

"This... is there any difference?" Maki's voice stuttered a little.

"Of course, something is wrong!" Nishikino Tsuki had a serious expression on her face and said, "You said that you don't like 'these people', which means that you have someone you like, right?"

"No, there is nothing at all...!!!" Maki was a tsundere and she wouldn't admit it no matter what, especially when that hateful guy was under her quilt at that moment, listening to the conversation between daughter and mother.

Maki retorted loudly and at the same time, because of her excitement, her body swayed slightly, and the delicate skin on her thighs once again came into close contact with Haru's face.

"Is it Haru?" Nishikino Tsuki asked.


Looking at her daughter's exaggerated reaction, Nishikino Tsuki knew that her daughter had fallen into Haru's claws. She sighed and said, "Maki-chan, it isn't that I want to stop you, but Haru already has a girlfriend after all."


Maki's face was very red since Haru was under her quilt right now! She was very helpless, but she didn't know what to do at that moment. Her body was very hot and she might explode soon!

"Even if Haru is handsome, has a bright future, and is a very talented young man, very strong, and he even dares to kill a bear to protect his girlfriends.... well, if mom is 20 years younger than I might be eaten by him now..." Nishikino Tsuki sighed with a blush and she had to admit that Haru was very attractive to him.


Maki didn't expect that her mother would be this shameless.

"But that guy is too---"

At that moment, the wooing police sirens sounded outside of the villa, and Nishikino Tsuki breathed a sigh of relief. "It seems that the police are here, Maki, don't walk around, I'll take a look."

After she spoke, she stood up and prepared to leave.

Maki and Haru sighed in relief at the same time, but at the same time, a familiar melody sounded in the bedroom.

"I say...

Hey, hey, hey, START:DASH!!

Hey, hey, hey, START:DASH!!"

Listening to the familiar ringtone, a drop of cold sweat dripped from Haru's forehead....