Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1177

Volume 1 Chapter 1177 Struggle

"This Haru..... what the hell is going on! Even if you want to spend time with your other girlfriends and don't go home, you should notify me in advance!"

In the living room, Utaha was sitting in the living room, with her smartphone in one hand, and her other hand tapped on the keyboard violently.

Sora didn't say anything, but her mood wasn't good.

Utaha's smooth legs, which were wrapped in a black pantyhouse, were shaking fiercely, showing the owner's uneasy heart.

Suddenly, the ringtone which was waiting to be connected changed to the kind of short massage which told the owner of the smartphone was busy and no one answered her call.

"He didn't even answer my call!"

Usually, Haru would answer her call and this time, he didn't answer her which made her annoyed.

Sora sighed and asked, "Megumi, is he with Kirari, Erina, or Sakura?" From what she knew, Haru should be with either of the three of them.

"I'm not sure, but it should be a new girl?" Megumi answered unsurely.

"Hmm... we need to investigate it!" Utaha said.


Sora and Megumi looked at Utaha's exaggerated action.

"Besides Kirari, Erina, or Sakura, who is this new girl?" Utaha asked. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_48218478020196156 for visiting.

"If I'm not wrong, it should be a member of his idol group," Megumi said innocently. Unlike Utaha, she grasped the information of her boyfriend.

"Oh, are those three girls?" Utaha remembered Honoka, Kotori, and Umi. She was wondering whether Haru was eating the three of them.

"If I remember well, the number of idol groups has increased to nine members," Megumi said.


Utaha and Sora were speechless.

"Hmph! Let's see whether he can handle us after he has taken nine girls at the same time." Utaha showed an arrogant expression and said, "Sora, Megumi, tonight, don't give him mercy and let's milk him dry!"


Utaha and Sora were speechless once again, but they nodded and thought that it was a good decision.

This time, they were confident that they would be able to win against him!


After that small episode, let's turn the attention to our protagonist.

Utaha might not realize how much physical damage her previous phone call had caused to Haru!

Yes, it wasn't a mental injury, but a real physical injury!

This was how things began....

First, let's adjust the time backward by two or three hours, and change the location to Maki's bedroom.

At the moment Haru's smartphone rang, the whole bedroom turned into a dead silence!

The expression of Haru and Maki turned pale at the same time!

Nishikino Tsuki, who had already walked to the door, turned her head and looked at Maki with a puzzled expression. "What sound is this?"

"Oh... oh! I just changed my smartphone's ringtone! The name of the song is Start;Dash!, mom, should you have heard it before? This is the first song of our Muse!"

Maki should be worthy of the name of a very smart student, and her head was turning very fast. She made up a reason on the spot in an instant.

"Then why don't you answer the phone?"

"I will pick it up right away!"

Maki hurriedly reached into the quilt and moved toward the source of the sound according to her intuition.

'Really smart and beautiful girl....'

Haru praised Maki's wit in his heart, and at the same time, he was also actively cooperating, waiting to take out his smartphone and passed it directly to Maki's hand.

However, his smartphone was in his trouser pocket, and because his posture was little weird and twisted, it was very difficult to take it out.

By this time, Maki had already reached her hand in and fumbled everywhere, making Haru who couldn't control his anaconda become even more agitated.

Haru had to admit that Maki had really good ears so she grasped the general position of the smartphone in an instant.

Her little hand moved slightly and when she encountered a hard object, she felt very happy that she had found that smartphone.

'But isn't it a bit too big?'

Maki felt weird at first since it was too big for a smartphone, but she didn't think too much, she opened her small hand, squeezed the "smartphone" tightly, and then pulled out with force!


Maki wasn't sure, but she seemed to hear a muffled voice that tried to hold a painful roar, she could tell that it seemed this person was crying and his voice was so pitiful that she felt bad for some reason. But at the same time, she felt confused, especially when she had already used all of her strength to pull the "smartphone", but it didn't budge and even became even bigger.

Luckily, Nishikino Tsuki didn't hear this muffled voice.

Subconsciously, she pinched this "smartphone"...

Then she realized that something was wrong....

She realized how a "smartphone" could be this long, big, and had a cylindrical shape!

As a young girl who was determined to study medicine, Maki still knew the structure of the human body very well and she realized what she had held in an instant!

Her face, which was pale, flushed instantly and the alluring blush spread to her neck!

Because she was extremely embarrassed, she even forgot to let go of her hand!

However, that was alright since in the next second, Haru's trembling hand, pulled her already stiff fingers away and then handed the smartphone into her hand.

Maki finally regained her demenour and pulled out her small hand in a thunderous manner, then pressed the hang up button on the phone, then put the phone on the ear opposite to her mother, and pretended to answer the phone call.

Because the color of Haru's smartphone was the same as Maki's smartphone, plus the same was also similar, her mother didn't realize that there was something wrong.

So after taking a casual glance, Nishikino Tsuki didn't see any flaws, she shook her head and walked out.

When the door of the bedroom was closed tightly, followed by the sound of slippers, Maki was sure that her mother had gone away, she violently opened the quilt!

Haru finally saw the sky again, but this time, he didn't have any joy in his face. On the contrary, his face was very pale at that moment!

The author believed that every man who reads this novel should understand the feeling of their little brother being pulled up like a carrot.

Maki originally wanted to question Haru why he had taken advantage of her hands and feet under the quilt to do something perverted, but when she saw Haru's painful expression, she couldn't help but soften...

However, when she thought about what had happened earlier, she couldn't help but blush and utter, "Hmph! You deserve it! Who told you to think something perverted all the time!"

Since she had decided to become a doctor, she knew very well that things were usually soft, and when the owner was thinking something bad it would harden!

However, she had to admit that it was really big which made her daze.

At the same time, when she thought Haru was under the quilt, seeing all the secrets under her nightdress, Maki became so shy that she almost fainted at that moment.