Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1179

Volume 1 Chapter 1179 Childhood Friend

Maki felt that her face was very hot when their cheeks touched each other. She quickly turned into tsundere mode and said, "D, don't get too close to me!" She pushed him away and glared at him while folding her arms.


"You were the one who pulled me over, alright?" Haru was speechless and retorted.

"Hmph! Forget it, I'm in a good mood today so I'll forgive you!"

Maki suddenly laughed, especially after she had seen Haru's silly expression. She subconsciously rolled the ends of her hair, and said with a blush on her face, "W, what are you looking at?! Come and look at the telescope! The telescope is very big, if you pay attention next time, we won't encounter the same situation as before!"

"What if I want us to encounter the same situation as before?" Haru asked with a smile.

Maki's face felt very hot and she quickly said, "J, just look at the star!"

"OK then."

Haru didn't have a complaint and he moved closer to the telescope, he leaned in front of the astronomical telescope and carefully to not Maki's face.

Maki smiled, but she quickly returned her face back to her usual cool expression. She thought for a while and asked, "Haru, your constellation is Aquarius, right?"


"Look quickly! Aquarius is here! The brightest star in Aqurius is Sadalsuud! Aquarius and Aries match very well!"

"Since you're Aries, so we're a match for each other?" Haru asked.

"I, I didn't mean that! Forget it! Forget it!" Maki was embarrassed and told him to forget what she had said before.

"No, I won't forget it." Haru didn't back away and stared at Maki in a more aggressive way. "It's good that we're a match for each other, right?"


If there was a visual effect, then Maki would let out a smoke from her head at this moment.

"But well if you want to forget it then I don't really mind," Haru said with a laugh.

Maki became annoyed and hit Haru's arms.

"Forgive me! Forgive me, Maki!"

Maki snorted and looked away. "L, let's just look at the star!"


Before long Maki had returned to her usual excited state, the faces of the two were very close to each other, but Maki who was excited didn't seem to notice it.

The slightly hot little face stuck to Haru and her purple eyes and Haru's black eyes were observing the same sky through the same astronomical telescope.

It was a very novel experience, and it was as if they had returned to their childhood time.

Haru remembered that his mind was very clear at that moment and he spent most of his time playing around. Playing with a boy was too bothersome, so he played with a girl and he usually played with Maki since he was often brought to the hospital where his parents were working at Maki's hospital.

At that time, Haru and Maki met and they quickly became friends with each other.

Haru wasn't sure, but he felt very complex at that moment. He felt happy, but at the same time, he felt sad since he couldn't see his parents again.

Maki usually didn't talk too much, but when she talked about contellations, she became very excited.

"Aquarius is very creative, friendly, dependable, and strong-willed! This is very much like you, Haru...."

But then Maki noticed tears dripping from his eyes. "H, Haru, why are you crying?" She panicked when she saw him like this.

"Sorry, I'm just happy that you don't change, Maki..." Haru hurriedly wiped the tears from his eyes and said, "It's just what we're doing right now remind me what we usually do when my parents are still with me."

Maki bit her lips and hugged him quickly.

"Maki?" Haru was a bit surprised by her actions.

"I, I have never changed, Haru-chan..."


Haru twitched his lips and said, "Don't call me that, I'm a man. You shouldn't call me by that cute nickname."

Maki laughed and said, "What's wrong with that? You didn't seem to protest when I called you that way when we were a child!"


Haru didn't say anything and his ears were red.

Maki knew that an Aquarius man was strong-willed and very stubborn.

They wouldn't show their weakness in front of someone so that trait was very similar to Haru at this moment.

Maki thought that this guy was very cute.

"Wait, let me see the star again." Haru escaped from Maki's embrace to watch the star calm himself. He was wondering whether childhood friends would always give this special feeling.

Maki laughed and said, "Then I'll prepare a drink for you."

"Thank you."

Haru continued to watch the star and really thought that he should make a space company soon.

In the bedroom, Maki poured herself and Haru a glass of Evian mineral water, she came to the balcony with two cups of glass on both of her hands, then leaned against the door frame, quickly watching Haru's back, and then her thought began to recall one of her memories, and pictures appeared before her eyes.


"Mom! Mom! Let's play cards together tonight!"

"Sorry, Maki-chan. Mom has to deal with work tonight, you should find children to play with!"

"Daddy! Daddy! Take me to the amus.e.m.e.nt park tomorrow!"

"Daddy has to go to work tomorrow, how about you ask the uncle driver to accompany you tomorrow?"

"Maki-chan is cute, but her family is too powerful.... I, I'm afraid to play with her...."

"Because her mom and dad are the bosses of our mom and dad, she is very arrogant and I don't like her!"

"Yes, don't play with her!"

In the park, Maki hid behind a big tree, secretly observing the group of children playing.

After a moment of hesitation, Maki raised her small fists to cheer herself up, muttered something in her mouth, and then pretended to be calm, and walked toward the group of children.

"Wow, a real princess is here!"

The children ran away, leaving Maki standing alone at the park, and the autumn wind swept up the fallen leaves, blowing her skirt. She kept maintaining her expressionless expression, and decided to go back since she didn't have time to play with such stupid children, but her hands clenched hard on her skirt and she tried to hold back her tears.

Maki tried to calm down and quickly returned to her home, but it was at that moment that her parents introduced herself to Haru.

"Maki-chan, I've brought you a friend to play!" Maki's mother said with a smile.

"Why are you introducing me as if I'm a pet?" Haru spat.

Mother's mother laughed and patted Haru's head. "What? You're not happy? Then I'll tell your parents that you're very naughty later."


Haru was speechless, then kept quiet. He was a child after all and he couldn't fight this woman since this woman was also the boss of his parents. Though, he snorted then looked at the little girl in front of him. Looking at this girl, he could tell that this girl seemed to be crying since her eyes seemed to be puffed.

"Hello, my name is Kasugano Haruka. Let's play together."


It was the first time that Maki had someone invite her to play so she smiled brightly and said, "Yes!" She excitedly pulled Haru's hand into her room and told him a lot of things.

Looking at her daughter who smiled happily, Nishikino Tsuki knew that it was a great idea to bring Haru to her house.

After their meeting, both of them often played together.

Maki was very happy that she wasn't alone anymore and at the same time, she realized that when Haru was beside her the other girls would gather around her. She thought that they wanted to play with her, but it seemed that they wanted to grab Haru from her which annoyed her.

In the end, Maki didn't care about any of those precocious children and continued to play with Haru during her elementary school time. The only time that he didn't play with him was when he needed to take care of his little sister.

Maki knew that Haru had a little sister, but she didn't like Sora since Sora often took Haru's attention from her.

Maki and Sora often fought with each other which made Haru feel very helpless.

So in the end, their relationship continued until they were in 5th grade of elementary school.

The relationship between Haru and Maki was really close, at that time, he stayed at Maki's house to play.

Both of them stayed on the balcony, looking at the stars together and suddenly a light flashed across the horizon.

"Wow, it's a falling star!"

Little Maki jumped happily, then hurriedly made a little wish. 'I hope we'll always be together!' Then she realized that Haru didn't make a wish. "Haru! Hurry up and make a wish!"

"Why should I make a wish?" Haru asked.

"You should make a wish!" Little Maki had tears in her eyes while looking at him.

Haru sighed and knew that these tears were lethal weapons. He decided to play along and prayed. He looked at her and asked, "What did you pray for, Maki?"

"I, I hope we will always be together!" Little Maki looked excitedly at him.


Haru was dumbfounded.

Looking at Haru's reaction, little Maki was stunned and started to cry. "Y, you don't want to stay with me?"

Haru coughed and said, "There are a lot of relationsh.i.p.s and we can even stay together as friends, siblings, etc."

"I, I want to get married to you!" Little Maki said with a smile.


Haru became even more dumbfounded at that moment.

Looking at Haru's reaction, little Maki thought that she had been rejected and she started to cry once again. "Y, you don't want to?"

Haru sighed and thought that it was only a child's promise so he didn't care much.

"Good. Let's get married when we have become older, alright?"

"Yes!" Little Maki smiled happily.

However, in a week, little Maki had heard that Haru would move away along with her parents. She thought that it was a joke, but it was real. She cried really hard at that time, but then Haru told her to pray to the falling star so he could go back quickly.

But back then Haru was only coaxing Maki so she didn't cry, but he didn't expect her to keep praying innocently at that time.

From then on, she kept praying at the stars and she also started to love stars.

Every night, she brought a big chair to the balcony. Even though it might be dangerous, it was the only way for her little body to be able to see the stars closer.

"Maki-chan, do you like watching the stars?"

"Yes!" Maki answered her mother's question without hesitation.

"Then let's buy an astronomical telescope!"

"Thank you, Mom, Dad... but can you tell Maki some stories about those constellations?"

"Sorry, Maki, mother is very tired from working all day. Mom wants to sleep soon."


Maki was depressed and asked, "Mom, Dad, when is Haru going to come back?"

Hearing their daughter's question, they could only say that Haru was going to come back soon.

Maki kept waiting until a few years later Haru had returned back. She was very excited and wanted to meet him to see the stars together, but Haru had changed. She frowned when she saw him with a girl, holding hands together. Her heart tightened and tears rolled from her eyes.

Maki didn't know what to do and she felt very hurt. She didn't have anyone to talk to and in the end she became like the way she was. She became cold and she didn't talk with anyone.

When Maki met with Haru again, she was very cold and only said a few words to him. She was happy, however, when she thought that their relationship would return he kept changing his girlfriends which made her think that something must be happening when he had moved at that time and wondering what had happened, however, it was hard to ask him considering her personality.

Then the relationship between the two of them started to become strained since Haru didn't have that much time to play with Maki.

Maki wasn't sure what to do and it was at that moment that she had heard that Haru's parents had died from an accident. She was startled and wanted to meet him as soon as possible, but she became quiet when she saw him hugging Sora trying to calm Sora down. Her heart cooled down and she became depressed once again. Looking at his face, she knew that he tried to force himself to calm down.

However, Maki couldn't stay by his side because she didn't know what to do.

Both of them hadn't communicated for a while, but she had heard that he had become a popular writer and suddenly she received his phone call which made her very happy.

Maki thought that this time, they would return to their childhood time, but it seemed that her wish hadn't been granted. She knew that he had a girlfriend and that girlfriend was the one who stayed with him when he had lost his parents.

Maki knew that she might be too late, however, the distance between them started to become further apart.

Haru became famous, billionaire, and reached the height that someone couldn't imagine in their life, but the one who stood beside him wasn't her, but someone else.

Maki could only stare from a distance and only imagined herself with him. She was wondering what would happen if he didn't move? What would happen if he didn't lose his parents... She thought about a lot of possibilities.

From then, Maki started to change her wish from staying with him together with him forever to returning to how they were, then she kept reducing her wish until she wished that both of them could watch the star together.

It seemed that her wish had been granted today.

Maki wiped the tears from her eyes. She tried to stop it, but it kept overflowing from the corner of her eyes. But then she shouted, "Haru, I've thought of a new song, do you want to listen?"

Haru, who fiddled with the astronomical telescope, said, "Can you do it later? I'm having fun watching the stars." He didn't expect that it would be so much fun watching the stars.

"Since you want to listen so much, then I'll play it for you!" Maki said with a smile before sitting down in front of the piano.


Haru rolled his eyes, he quickly gave up watching the stars and walked to the bedroom, sitting on the edge of the bed, watching Maki.

'Was she crying?'

Haru frowned, but he didn't bother Maki since he could see that she was very serious at that moment.

The piano cover was opened, Maki's purple eyes closed slightly, and the emotion was brewing for a while, ten slender fingers, softly, but forcefully pressed on the keys, and a touching music streaming from her fingertips!

Haru's expression changed since he didn't expect this song to be so beautiful.