Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1182

Volume 1 Chapter 1182 Realistic Girl

Since their school was different, Haru sent Utaha, Sora, and Megumi first to go to their school before he went to the school with Kirari.

Kirari slept on his shoulder while holding his hand.


"Hmm?" Kirari opened her eyes, looking at him.

"Don't you need help to take care of Miboumi?" Haru asked. Even though Miboumi had come to him and had asked him not to trouble him during the revolution against Kirari, it didn't mean that he would do what Miboumi asked him.

Kirari was his girlfriend and there was no way that he wouldn't help her and he wasn't familiar with Miboumi, even if that guy begged him, he didn't care much since there was no relation between two.

"It's alright. It has been a while since someone tried to defy me. I want to see whether this person has that ability or not," Kirari said.

"Well, if you say so..."

Haru would help, but he wouldn't help that much since Kirari could grow by facing a lot of problems in front of her.

"Right, are you free in the summer?" Kirari asked.

"What's wrong?" Haru asked.

"Can you meet my family? I want to introduce you to my grandmother," Kirari said.

"Yes. I can come to meet your family," Haru said.

"Thank you." Kirari smiled and kissed him.

Haru smirked and asked, "Do you want to do it here?"

Kirari blushed and hit this perverted guy's arm. "Later at night, I'll go to your home again."


Kirari rested on his shoulder again since she knew that tonight, she would do a lot of things.


In the afternoon, it was time for a break for everyone in Hyakkaou Private Academy, Yumemite Yumemi was in her classroom, checking her appearance in the mirror, she had to admit that she was beautiful and cute. However, she still felt that it wasn't enough.

"Saori, what do you think? Am I cute enough?" Yumemi asked her only friend in this school.


Saori sighed and said, "You've asked this question 10 times."

"But I'll meet him after this!" Yumemi couldn't hide her excitement. Her dream was to become a popular actress in Hollywood, but Saori suddenly invited to become an idol. At first, she was reluctant, but she thought that it might be good to use her popularity as an idol then when she graduated she would become a Hollywood actress.

Yumemi didn't come from a family which had a lot of connection nor power in the entertainment business, and even if her family was quite well, it was impossible to support her to become an actress in Hollywood.

Yumemi also knew how cruel an entertainment business was and how much sacrifice that she needed to make so she could enter Hollywood.

In the entertainment business, there were a million handsome men and beautiful women who stepped into this business, but only a few of them could make it into third tier or even become a background character in Hollywood movies.

In most cases, those people who didn't do well would even change their job into a p.o.r.n star or even enter the prostitution industry.

There was even a rule known as the "red carpet" which made the actor or the actress need to sleep with either producer or .director.

So in conclusion having a backer was very important, even if someone had become popular, it didn't mean their popularity would stable since there were a lot of popular actresses or actors who had disappeared since they couldn't maintain their popularity.

The entertainment industry is beautiful, bright, full of dreams, however, under that dream, there was a deeper, deeper darkness which was very ugly.

Yumemi knew that, but she had prepared herself and even if she threw away her v.i.r.g.i.nity, it didn't mean that she was going to throw it at random people. She could throw away her v.i.r.g.i.nity, but she wanted to throw it at Haru.

If it was someone else, then Yumemi might feel disgusted, but she didn't feel disgusted toward Haru and even wanted him to look at her.

Yumemi also felt that rather than trusting an old man or strange guy that she didn't know, it was better to get to know Haru who was very close by, especially after she had been invited as a member of Student Council. She also had heard that he was very good at his people and he also happened to be her type.

Yumemi knew that she needed to have a good impression of him and if possible she wanted to tempt him.

"What do you think, Saori? I need to go to the Student Council after this," Yumemi said.

Saori sighed and said, "You're beautiful, Yumemi."

"That's good!" Yumemi smiled and said, "Do you think that I can tempt Kasugano-senpai?"

Saori raised her eyebrow and said, "Yumemi, don't you think that is bad? I've heard that Kasugano-senpai is Momobami-senpai's fiance."

"I know." Yumemi nodded.


"I mean, I still can become his mistress or something, right? Anyway, it isn't rare for someone rich to have one or two hidden lovers," Yumemi said with a proud smile.

In truth, what Yumemi did wasn't something uncommon and it wasn't something bad either since she wanted to secure her future.

Life in Japan was very hard, especially when this country was being hit by several financial crises one after another, everyone was afraid to get fired from their companies and they could only bite their thumbs to stay alive, even if their life was hard.

Usually for young men, their dream was to work in a big company until their retirement time. They didn't care much about cars, houses, etc and the only thing which they needed was a stable job so they could stay alive.

Unless that young man was coming from a rich family, then without hard work, they could only work as a part-timer or in a restaurant where the wage was very limited and working hours were a lot.

For girls, it would be hard for them to work in society and even if they did, it would be hard for them to raise their rank in the company since Japan was patriarchal nation.

So for a girl, their dream was to marry someone rich since being in poverty was really hard.

Saori sighed and nodded. It wasn't something uncommon after all for an actress to have a rich man as their backer.

"But Yumemi, you know how the Student Council President is... if.. if she gives you revenge then...." Saori was afraid of Kirari since Kirari was very famous in this school.

Yumemi shuddered, especially when she thought about the "house pet" in this school. She took a deep breath and said, "Don't worry, I'm prepared. Everything is for becoming a popular Hollywood actress and winning the Academy Award!"

Looking at her friend, Saori had to admit that she was moved and she would do anything to support her.


Yumemi looked at the student council room in front of her. She took a deep breath and put on her best smile.

*Knock!* *Knock!*


Yumemi entered the room and she saw several people inside. "Good morning, president."

Kirari nodded while looking at Yumemi and asked, "You're not dressing in your idol's clothes?"

"Of course not, president," Yumemi said while pouting. Her eyes glanced at everyone at a very fast speed, but she frowned since she wasn't the one that she wanted to meet.

"Let me see your dress later," Kirari said.

Yumemi was a bit surprised and asked, "Do you have an interest in idols, president?"

"No, but my fiance is. I've heard that he's playing as a producer on an idol group," Kirari said.

"Eh? Really?" Yumemi was surprised, but at the same time, her heart became annoyed and wondered who those ugly thieves were that dared to steal a march from her.

"Oh, right. Let me introduce all of you. Her name is Yumemi Yumemite. She's a new member of our Student Council," Kirari said.

Everyone nodded and didn't say too much.

"Yumemite, sit down first. We'll start the meeting soon," Sayaka said.


Yumemi nodded and walked to the empty seats to sit down. She looked at everyone and she had to make sure that everyone would have a good impression of her. Though, at the same time, she really needed to know who was this idol group that had received Haru's support.


At this moment, Haru went to Otonogizaka since he needed to prepare a lot of things. On this Open Day, Muse would have their first concert with nine members so of course, he wouldn't miss it and at the same time, he would record them and make an MV of this concert.

Haru could see that there were some people who entered the school and knew that they were students in their 3rd middle school, checking Otonogizaka since they would be in high school next year.

Haru looked around and saw someone who was waiting for him at the entrance of the school. He thought that it was only one or two people, but he didn't expect that all of the members of Muse would come to welcome him.

"Why are you all here?"

Nine Muse was startled when they heard this voice, then they saw a tall man wearing a black t-shirt, black cap, and glasses.


"Hurry up or else, you'll be caught!"

His hand was being pulled so suddenly without him understanding what was happening.

'What's happening?'